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You never know what's happening on the other side of the wallYour neighbour told you that she didn't want your six month old daughter at the dinner party Nothing personal she just couldn't stand her cryingYour husband said it would be fine After all you only live next door You'll have the baby monitor and you'll take it in turns to go back every half hourYour daughter was sleeping when you checked on her last But now as you race up the stairs in your deathly uiet house your worst fears are realized She's goneYou've never had to call the police before But now they're in your home and who knows what they'll find thereWhat would you be capable of when pushed past your limit?

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    A baby is kidnapped while the parents are next doorMayhem ensues It’s a captivating story I’ll admit At first at least Then it becomes too convoluted to keep its realism So the story isn’t bad per se If you don’t mind crazy nefarious scenarios with outcomes that lead to crazy nefarious scenarios you might just love thisI couldn’tI couldn’t because it didn’t sound right to me Especially not the ending What a stupid one The character would never have done such a thing Not after what happened But then again I’m not the author What do I know?I also couldn’t because the writing is horribly amateurish It literally feels like a thirteen year old wrote this Seriously maybe middle grade mystery books would fit this author better And then there’s the narration Because the writing isn’t enjoyable the narration in conseuence isn’t either Plus I felt extremely disconnected from the characters I didn’t even care about their circumstances Sure I wanted the baby found and brought back but at some point as the story becomes and convoluted the focus sharpens on who is the kidnapper instead of where the baby girl is The two are of course linked but the blame is put on so many people while the baby remains unfound that it starts to become ridiculous after a while Can I just say it again? What a stupid ending We all know what’s going to happen now Who invented open endings though? Curse them Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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    ZERO SPOILERS ZERO SPOILERS LESS THAN ZERO SAFE TO READIt's 3amI just finish reading this 'sleep killer' storyMy final HONEST REACTION?HYSTERICAL SO MUCH FUN I could roll on the floor laughing right nowSOOOOOO FUNNYGREAT WILD RIDEReallyI'm not sure if I'm laughing at myself or the story or both A few random thoughts as you know I'm not going to give anything away This is a uestion for my women friends When you are stressed do you start cleaning? If ever fueled with anxiety do you need to clean something even if your house is already spotless? I started laughing to myself of course my husband was sleepingwhen the character Anne had a 'cleaning episode' moment She has to keep busy She starts in the front entryway cleaning the antiue grate that covers the air duct The scrolled ironwork is covered in dust and had to be scrubbed by hand She gets a bucket of warm water and a cloth and sits down on the floor by the front door begins to clean it getting deeper into the grooves It calms her That excerpt was simply a fun 'comic' releaseI've been guilty of the 'cleaning crime' on occasion Lots of theories to choose from in this story pick your favorite a baby is gone kidnapped her from the cribWho could it be? And why? the mother who has been suffering postpartum depression? Maybe she killed her? Or maybe the father arranged the Kidnapping for ransom since his business was in serious trouble? Or maybe the babysitter who cancelled at last minute was guilty? Or maybe the couple next door with their messy entanglement to the parents of the missing baby are the kidnappers? Or maybe the the entire neighborhood is guilty? Regardless Shari Lapena's novel The Couple Next Store is a very fast readengaginga FRICKIN KICK OF FUN

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    35 starsA swanky rich couple have a six month old baby The babysitter cancels at the last minute buuuutt the husband really wants to go to that dinner party next door with the hottie neighbor He convinces the wife Anne that it will be just fine to leave the baby by herself and check on her every thirty minutes They return home to find the baby is now missing Then all the secretsgotta have secrets Mom is struggling with post partum depression Could she have done something to the baby and this is just an elaborate cover up? Dad Marcothe boy from the wrong side of the tracks that lucked up and married Miss Moneyis he telling all the truth and only the truth? There is ALL kinds of drama up in here plus evil stupid characters I totally ate it up The book reads so frigging fast and some of the twisty turns had my head reeling It's one that you want to read it one sitting even though you know there is no way the ending can do it justice Sometimes I like a Lifetime movie just waiting to happen

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    The entire plot relied on the male protagonist being the stupidest human being to have ever existed on the planet I just couldn't believe his poor logical reasoning at all The rest of the characters are also one note the mother is hysterical the entire time and doesn't use her brain once their neighbor's only characteristic is being skanky and the detectives are super unprofessional and aggressive The writing often relied on telling instead of showing by blatantly telling you a character's motivations and personality traits without actually describing it for you to decipher Overall this was a lackluster thriller that doesn't have much substance with painfully idiotic characters

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    One star is for me because I finished it One star because the author came up with some good character names Cora Conti Cynthia Stillwell Detective Rasbach I'm looking at youWell that's about all the nice nice I can makeI can't get past the clunky amateurish writing If I heard Marco said Anne replied Cynthia stated ONE MORE TIMEoh my gosh If you as an author are going to write a book that is almost entirely dialogue wouldn't you make sure you were a damn fine dialogue writer first? It was killing meThere is no mood no setting I can't even tell you what country this was set and no tone At all Oh and zero character development which is kind of crucial to psychological suspense Come to think of it why did I finish this book? A I like to rubberneck at train wrecks

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    THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR is an outstanding debut psychological thriller novel from author Shari Lapena and one of the best reads I have read this year This novel a child abduction case races along at an amazing speed full of twists and turns totally gripping the reader for the suspense ride from beginning to end I kept flipping the pages as I had to know what had happened I loved it “They left their six month old baby Cora home alone and went to a party next door” But with the monitor on next doorthey would hear everythingAnne and husband Marco Contis are asked to their next door neighbors Cynthia and husband Graham Stillwell for a dinner party to celebrate Graham’s birthday No” babies” allowed so Anne hires a babysitter who cancels at the last moment Now what? How could she possibly go? But Marco said it would be fine as it is only next door They can bring the baby monitor and take turns checking on the baby every half hourMarco was having a good time at the party and wasn’t in a rush to leave Anne on the other hand suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of their daughter and was anxious to return home Then at 100AMwhen Anne and Marco left the party they find the front door partly openbut she had locked it Anne races up the stairs to the nurseryand now a parent’s worst nightmare –the baby was GONEA frantic call to the police brings detective Rasbach and detective Jennings to the scene to uncover the truth and find six month old CorySo many lies betrayals and cover ups in this novel How well do you know the people closest to you?I am not going to say any as I don’t want to give the plot away but this is a very riveting and powerful story I loved it All I can say is read this book I don’t think you will be disappointedMany thanks to Shari Lapena Random House UK Transworld Publishers via Net Galley for my ARC

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    Wow what was that ending? OK let me back upThere's no denying that this is a compulsive page turner At the heart of the story is a frenzied pulse running rampant and it’s addicting Ending chapters with shocking revelations casting doubt and making me waver on my belief of who was behind it all time and time again was pure magic I read this book over the course of one day simply because I couldn’t bear to put it down I had to know who took baby Cora and WHYWith that being said this is a case of a highly readable story being tainted by the ridiculousness of it all If you took away the frantic pace I’m not sure where that would have left me This wasn’t a story that focused on the depth of the characters or even really forging a connection with them It was simply about unraveling the truthDo I believe that anyone could’ve pull off this scenario? Absolutely not The probability that all of the pieces would fall together like they did in this situation is hard to swallow; in fact suspending disbelief is a reuirement Who would go to this extreme? And the ending I’m just gonna say it was crazy and leave it at thatIs this the best book I’ve ever read? No way Was it entertaining? Absolutely Would I recommend it? Hmm that's a tough one Maybe

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    i call this one white mediocrityhttpswwwyoutubecomwatch?vc54pU

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    Cynthia and Graham invite next door neighbours Anne and Marco to a small dinner party but tell them not to bring their small baby Cynthia and Graham themselves childless are not child friendly The pre arranged babysitter cancels at last minute so Anne and Marco decide reluctantly to go anyway leaving baby Cora alone taking a baby monitor and agreeing to take turns checking on her every half hour So far so gooduntilAnne and Graham return home at one in the morning and to their horror discover the front door open the crib empty and Cora nowhere in sight The police are called and so this dreadful piece of writing continuesWhere shall I begin – it's difficult to pinpoint one particular aspect of this novel as it is all so dreadful Anne suffering from post natal depression is constantly wringing her hands turning sickly pale sobbing weeping crying whilst pacing the floor; Marco hangs his head covers his face with his hands and turns a paler shade than his wife A pallor that is uite striking They communicate “with their eyes” Here we have two distraught parents whose baby is missing; they are wondering if she has been kidnapped and this is what Marco tells his wife“I don't know Maybe he panicked Which scares the hell out of me because then maybe he'll kill Cora and dump her somewhere” This from a husband in an attempt to make his wife feel betterOur intelligent eyed detective goes next door to speak to Cynthia and Graham Cynthia is described thus“She is perfectly made up even though someone had stolen her guests' baby while they were at her house late the night before”Could anyone tell me the relevance of this peculiar sentence? This whole book is full of this sort of rubbishThe characters are caricatures the depressed handwringing wife from old money; the supportive but uncomfortable husband who is never good enough; the neighbours next door who could be Up To No Good Then we have the wife's rich parents who want to take control and finally Mr Plod in the shape of Detective Rasbach who has intelligent eyes – well of course he does he couldn't be a detective without them Oh please Written in the present tense this reads like directions for a play than a book Every single thing is laid out for the reader every angle every possibility every theory and reasons for certain police procedures Absolutely nothing is left to the imagination This is absolutely dreadful; it is so bad I tried to read it as a spoof but even I can take only so much I feel as though I am being repeatedly hit with a sledgehammer I don't have the stamina to read any of this truly awful bookThank you for a complimentary copy but for you I would not have known how truly truly awful this is

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    It all started with a “what were you thinking?” moment Then rapidly morphs into a parent’s worst nightmare Anne and Marco have a dinner party to attend next door when the babysitter cancels at the last moment Of course being responsible parents they have no choice but to cancel dinner Right? Wellno They make the unbelievably foolish decision to still attend Their genius solution? Simply leave their 6 month baby home alone and just take the baby monitor What?😳As you may have guessed that superb and well thought out plan goes terribly southThis was an engaging read that I finished very uickly just a couple sittings Not the twistiest thriller I’ve read but if you’re looking for a fast entertaining read this may be the perfect fit Maybe a beach or airport read Then again I’m pretty late to the party on this one I may be the last one out there to read this book But if this one is still sitting on your shelf collecting dust like it was mine time to pull it down It's worth it