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Traveling Secretary Hattie Davish Is Taking Her Singular Talents To Washington, DC To Help Sir Arthur Windom Greene Research His Next Novel But In The Winding Halls Of The Nation S Capital, Searching For The Truth Can Sometimes Lead To MurderHattie Is In Her Element, Digging Through Dusty Basements, Attics, And Abandoned Buildings, Not To Be Denied Until She Fishes Out That Elusive Fact But Her Delightful Explorations Are Dampened When She Witnesses A Carriage Crash Into A Carp Pond Beneath The Shadow Of The Washington Monument Alarmingly, One Of The Passengers Flees The Scene, Leaving The Other To Drown The Incident Only Heightens Tensions Brought On By The Much Publicized Arrival Of Coxey S Army, Thousands Of Unemployed Men Converging On The Capital For The First Ever Organized March On Washington When One Of The Marchers Is Found Murdered In The Ensuing Chaos, Hattie Begins To Suspect A Sinister Conspiracy Is At Hand As She Expands Her Investigations Into The Motives Of Murder And Closes In On The Trail Of A Killer, She Is Surprised And Distraught To Learn That Her Research Will Lead Her Straight To The Highest Levels Of Government Praise For A Deceptive Homecoming A Well Written Historical Mystery That Brought The Period To Life Mystery Scene A March to Remember is Anna Leon Wilsey s latest, last, and liveliest historical mystery featuring traveling secretary Hattie Davish The setting is Washington, D.C., and the time period is the spring of 1894 when a protest march by unemployed men, led by Ohio businessman Jacob Coxey, reached the nation s capital The first of two murders takes place when rumors about Coxey s Army are circulating in the city and the second happens at the height of the army s march through the city.Hattie s position as secretary and researcher for Sir Arthur Windom Greene allows her to travel and to support herself with meaningful work It also allows her to pursue her interest in collecting rare plant specimens and to indulge herself with the occasional new hat Sir Arthur and Hattie are hosted by Senator Smith, his wife, his son, and his secretary Through her fianc , Walter Grice, Hattie makes the acquaintance of his sister and her politician husband She makes multiple visits to Washington s red light district and she attends a meeting of the Washington Wives Club Her experiences in the city are unendingly varied, affording her an opportunity to observe behavior, to gather clues, and ultimately to solve both murders.The book begins and ends at the White House where first lady Frances Cleveland hosts first an afternoon soiree and later a wedding There are a host of suspects and there is plenty of political intrigue in this well plotted story that is rich in detail and description The author s well researched and well written narrative illustrates vividly the nature of life in Washington near the end of the nineteenth century and personalizes Coxey s Army with dialog and back stories about the characters who are participants.I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical mysteries, especially those set in the United States during the Victorian era I have enjoyed following Hattie s travels, adventures, and sleuthing from Arkansas to Rhode Island to Illinois to Missouri While I will miss Hattie, her typewriter, and her uncanny knack for solving mysteries in each town to which her work takes her, I look forward to reading future books by Anna Loan Wilsey Note that I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review This did not influence my opinion about the book and I did not read other reviews prior to writing my own.A March to Remember A March to Remember is the 5th Hattie Davish historical mystery by Anna Loan Wilsey, and it is wonderfully predictable Predictable may sound a lot like boring, but the Hattie Davish mysteries are anything but that No, predictable here refers to the fascinating history and characters each of these mysteries contains Anna Loan Wilsey does her research and it shows What is especially appealing to me is the predictability of those amazing back stories of history, an education of the lesser publicized events in a story that captivates Hattie Davish, the traveling secretary in this series, herself is a study into women s roles that didn t necessarily follow the norm in the 1890s Hattie has opportunity to use her intelligence and ingenuity like few women did in that era In A March to Remember, Hattie travels to Washington, D.C in March April of 1894 with Sir Arthur Windom Greene, her principal employer and mentor, so that Sir Arthur can do research on another of his books Well, it is usually Hattie doing the research, or copying documents from the files of historical papers, so that her employer can peruse the information at his leisure Hattie is at her best, ferreting out this information The timing of their visit coincides with the arrival of Coxley s Army, a large group of unemployed men from around the country who have marched from Ohio and other points to represent the grievances of thousands of the unemployed who face starvation for themselves and their families after the bleak economy of 1893 The plan is to speak at the Capitol, as a protest to the deplorable conditions and in support of a new roads bill that could employ a major part of those currently destitute and desperate Of course, Hattie becomes involved She and Sir Arthur are staying with Senator Merriweather Lewis Smith and his wife Mildred, and the senator is against the roads bill Hattie s involvement with the Coxley camp begins when she witnesses a carriage accident in which a young woman, who is employed at a house of prostitution, drowns after being thrown into a pond Her gentleman friend who was with her in the carriage flees the scene without trying to rescue the young woman and before he can be identified Two of Coxley s men come upon the scene and one attempts to rescue the young woman to no avail Thus, Hattie s first encounter with two of the men seeking a voice in the nation s capital for their cause With Hattie s detective skilled mind, she uncovers missing buttons from the vest of the man who fled, and the mystery solving begins.Dr Walter Grice, who is in love with Hattie and she him, also arrives in Washington to visit his sister, another senator s wife, and to spend time with Hattie There is much for Hattie to see and do with and without Walter, as she meets President Cleveland s wife, goes to a senate meeting, and explores the darker side of the city s offerings Curiosity is a large part of Hattie s character, and it is little surprise that she had actually seen the accident victim a day before at a house near Union Station, where she was to meet Walter Politics is never simple and always at the forefront of what goes on in Washington City Hattie discovers connections between Coxley s men, senators, prostitutes, and the society of the senators wives The day of the May Day march by Coxley s Army brings large media coverage L Frank Baum covered it and it figures into his book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz something I discovered in further reading about the event , as it is the first march on Washington, but it also brings fierce resistance from the government and law enforcement The attempt by Coxley to speak on the Capitol grounds is thwarted by police, who arrest Coxley for trespassing on the grass and who also wield an unrestrained show of force There is another unexplained death, a murder of one of Coxley s men, when the smoke clears and another puzzling piece for Hattie to try to solve Who is behind all the mysterious deaths and events Signs point to those in the high levels of government and to those from the Coxley camp It is a quagmire of confusion that only our resourceful Hattie will be able to discern Anna Loan Wisley has such talent as to presenting actual historical events surrounded by mystery and story that envelop the reader in a learning experience without realizing how very much you do learn Her descriptions of the Washington, D.C in 1894 are exceptional, even the fascinating ride on the elevator of the Washington Monument The White House is also part of the setting that is so thrilling to picture at that point in time The characters are so well drawn out that you become invested in the minor as well as the major players The author s words give life to the people and the place, so that the reader easily become ensconced into the world at hand Learning that this book might be the last in the Hattie Davish series is quite a blow Anna Loan Wilsey has such a gift for writing historical mystery that is seems a mistake must have been made My hope is that events occur to make the continuation of this series possible Of course, I look forward to any future books from Anna.I was given a copy of A March to Remember by the author, but it in no way influenced my opinion. A March to Remember is a mystery to remember Traveling typewriter Hattie Davish goes to the nation s capital in 1894 at the time of the first major protest march Even as her romance with her doctor beau Walter heats up or does it Hattie becomes involved in politics, helping ladies of the night and murder, of course Characters and costumes are richly drawn, and the history comes alive on the pages but not at the expense of the story Loan Wilsey s best mystery yet, I couldn t put it down and you won t want to, either. A MARCH TO REMEMBER is the rich fifth installment in the Hattie Davish mystery series This outing finds traveling secretary Hattie in Washington City known today as Washington, DC in 1894, and her visit coincides with the arrival of Coxey s Army , a group of unemployed men who march in the streets of the city to draw attention to their plight This serves as the backdrop to Hattie witnessing the drowning death of a fallen woman and, during the march itself, the stabbing of one of the protestors The Hattie investigates, the secrets and hypocracy she discovers Caught up in the power and intrigue of politics, Hattie wonders if her efforts are for nothing In addition to playing sleuth, Hattie is consumed by gaining her employer s blessing to marry Dr Walter Grice Historical mystery is one of my favorite genres so I was excited to read Anna Loan Wilsey s latest work Hattie is a sensible protagonist, but full of empathy and depth Ms Loan Wilsey writes with vivid, meticulously researched attention to detail, and I felt like I was walking alongside Hattie through the streets of Washington If I had a lesson about Coxey s Army in school, I sure do not remember it I came away from A MARCH TO REMEMBER feeling like I really learned something Loan Wilsey incorporates facts into the story with ease, and the real life bits are never boring or dry The mysteries are also well developed and logical, with plenty of plausible suspects and motives.It is always a privilege to spend time with Hattie Davish, and I will miss her adventures I am sad to learn that this is the final book in the series Even though, as readers, we will no longer share her life, I have no doubt that Hattie, Walter, and Sir Arthur will get into plenty of trouble Highly recommended I received and ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review This did not influence my opinions expressed here.