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Psychic Clair Ivars has a flair for reading tarot cards yet a total blind spot when it comes to predicting her own future – especially matters of the heart Which might explain why she’s surprised to find herself accidentally engaged to vodka magnate Jack Heron after knowing him for only a few hours What it doesn’t explain however is an increasingly strange series of events and it definitely doesn’t explain the peculiar way Clair keeps thinking about Jack’s business partner the tall dark mysterious and infuriatingly sexy Mike

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    uotes I love in the bookNaked ring finger and barren wombI was on a long long hiatus from men As a bona fide recovering from love aholicLove letters are the gateway to sex with your exUnleashed a few primal screamsStrong wing whip my hair into a frenzyI gracefully descended the winding staircaseIt's easier to pick out china cakes flowers than to find a man with whom you can get along for 6 monthsThe car slowed down to almost human speedMy heart was pounding in my chest like tribal drums and my palms were drenched in sweatI felt like throwing up but I wasn't sure if I even had a stomach any longer it felt as if it had been hollowed out like a pumpkinTrees were whizzing by so fast they loaded like furry green snow conesI'm definitely not in love with him I'm just loving the sensation of being in love my constantly tingling stomach obsessive thoughts about the person deviant sexual fantasies running through my brain every time he looks at me

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    I don't know the last time I laughed so often while reading a book but the humor just wasn't enough to make it a great book The only reason I continued reading was to see what Clare would saydo next At times it was a little out there but if you need a good laugh and nothing too heavy this is the book for you

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    Kind of a fundifferent storyline but I could have done without the foul language The ending was a little weird and I found myself often times saying just tell him why you came already

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    Overall this was a novel worth reading if only for pure entertainment’s sake The main character Clair a psychic Tarot card reader was very original—her voice was distinct and consistent and I uickly became interested in her thoughts feelings past experience etc Her serious moments were taken as such but she also had her funny moments witty comments narrative hyperboles and random tangents of hilarious situations that she’s previously found herself in I was entertained Learning about Clair’s failed marriages while watching her accidentally fall in love with a new man often brought a smile to my faceI was intrigued by the idea that Clair is a psychic but as the book went on I did get a little lost Pieces of her psychic readings and perceptions are placed right in the middle of scenes with dialogue and other characters which sometimes makes it difficult to decipher what’s physically happening between the other characters and what is in Clair’s mind Cases when Clair is flashing back to a scene or event from her childhood also lost me in some places because they’re dropped right in the middle of the present day dialogue The novel turns out to be of a mystery who done it type of story full of “oh that’s why” moments for the reader but it was still a pleasant uick uniue summer romance read

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    I could not finish this book I picked it up only to read a couple paragraphs before I put it back down I finally gave up in chapter 10—my tbr is too large to waste time trying to force myself to read this book I found the main character unbelievable but not because she was a psychic—that was about the only thing I found to be believable Moreover I just found the main character boring I could not care about her at all Plus she came across a bit whiny which I found irritating Then the writing style and pace did not engage my interest I felt it took too long to get into the main plot of the story It felt like this was a novella that was poorly stretched into a novel

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    Aspects of this story were enjoyable but the author tends to ramble making reading hard work

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    I definitely LOL with this story Clair the clairvoyant just wanted to go home However she was convinced to do one last reading before heading off for her spiritual pilgrimage She should have listened to her own intuition as this reading was like no other Rachel wanted to have a reading that told her to call off her wedding to Jack head of Heron Estates Winery two weeks before the wedding Clair went against her better judgment and gave Rachel her wish What ensued was a madcap truly adventure trying to return the engagement ring back to Jack Throw in funny stamps gardeners a domineering MOL an endearing grandmother and a Tarot deck from Clair's grandmother and you have a fun storyThis book was written so well that I lost sleep over it ended up sneaking the book out during work to read and finishing it too uickly The only problem I had with the story was a couple of odd situations that just didn't fit with the rest of the story If you are looking for a fun humorous read to pass the time on the beach this is a good one

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    This book was pretty decent I picked it up randomly at my library and decided to give it a shot Claire is a fun character and there’s plenty of humorous situations to keep a reader interested There was even a few moments where I laughed or gasped out loud which is always nice I liked the story overall I just think that it was a little slow in the beginning and then very very rushed in the end; the real climax and resolution happened 15 pages from the end of a 330 page book I just wish it had started a little earlier All in all it was a uick fun read I’d recommend it to someone who’s looking for an easy and good time I will say if you don’t like reading secondhand embarrassment this is def not for you

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    35 StarsI love rom com books so I thought I would give this one a try I liked it wasn't what I was expecting but it was a good story Just wish she would have ended it a little different

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    Entertaining but silly A beach read