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Demons Like Rara Are Supposed To Cause Mischief In The Mortal World And Draw Humans To Darkness They Re Not Supposed To Help Mortals And They Re Definitely Not Supposed To Fall In Love With Them But That S Just What Happens When Rara Enters High School, Where A Hot Guy Named Retsu Aku Calls Her Gaba Kawa While Demons Gain Power By Causing Mischief, The Opposite Is Also True If Rara Uses Any Of Her Powers To Help Mortals, She Ll Immediately Lose That Very Power If She Loses Enough Power, She Ll Disappear Poor Rara What S A Gaba Kawa Demon To Do This is one of the cutest manga that I have ever read It made me laugh out loud, made me say aww It was just super cute my only complaint was that it was too short, I want from this story. This is very cute Usually when I say a manga is cute, I mean it in a bad way, but not in this case A nice light short story with cute art Where have I not seen this before Oh wait Still, it s nothing extraordinary but it s tolerable Don t expect deep life lessons or overwhelming emotions, though. This one volume manga follows the story of the demon, Rara, and her experiences in the human world Because she is a demon, Rara is not allowed to fall in love with a human, however, she ends up falling for her male classmate, Retsu Aku, a handsome, athletic boy who has a paranormal sixth sense The book tells of Rara s romantic quest relationship with Aku and how she deals with the consequences of falling in love with him.Age Young Adult Reader Ages 15 18 Rating 4 out of 5 stars for Art Excellent art definitely giving 4 out of 5 stars mostly for the art Takada has a very unique, distinct style that sets her work apart from other manga kas She has an incredible talent at inking darker tones, developing believable character expressions, and talent at drawing action scenes motion and chibi figures Found a huge portion of my time reading this novel just staring at the artwork.Writing The character s personalities leaned toward the stereotypical side hyper, love struck girl and cool, aloof guy , however, their comical spontaneity is what makes this book worth the read Not many overly deep emotions play out in this book, but it has a special, unpredictable charm to it nevertheless If you enjoy campy cross world romantic comedies, definitely give this book a go Recommended to mostly teens who enjoy reading light hearted, teen romantic comedy manga. I really liked this Manga It was cute and had me giggling to myself on many occasions I wish there was to it I ll just hope for a sequel. I used to be of a fan of this mangaka than I am now Great artwork though, cute but sometimes juvenile storylines. Before getting this book you should know it is rated teen with romance themes and the occasional implications of death after all the main character is a demon but nothing so overt to make this a bad choice for anyone.Gaba Kawa is an interesting read about a demon girl mind you demons are different between Japneses and Western cultures who comes to our world to create a little havoc to impress a demon boy who was already making waves over here The only problem is she ends up meeting another boy who she discovers is human and falls in love Now anytime she uses her powers to help the human she loses them one after another and gets weaker What i a poor demoness supposed to do in the face of love at first sight The artwork is really cute and the main character Rara is really adorable as she deals with her feelings versus her nature to do bad things to humans The end of the book is a bit of a twist that I am not a hundred percent what happened but I think happened not going to spoil it but I was still happy for the characters in the story as it concluded.Personally my favorite part of the book is when Rara is watching Retsu while invisible and he accidentally runs into her into creating one of the most interesting kiss scenes I have seen in quite a while If you like quirky cross world romance stories this is not a bad choice to add to add to your shelf. Rie Takada is known for shorter shoujo series such as Punch and Happy Hustle High Gaba Kawa is a stand alone volume about Rara, a demon sent to cause mischief on Earth When Rara falls in love with a human and starts helping people with her powers, she begins to lose those demon powers Falling in love with a human also means that she will disappear, unless she kills the human who stole her heart This one off is cute and fun and worth than one read through While being mildly charming, this manga isn t quite as good as Takada s other books and the art and characters in Gaba Kawa are very similar in style to those in her other volumes, which makes the book feel not so fresh Despite this mishap, it is still a fun read and Takada s works are all worth at least reading through once And it s a one off manga, it will only take about 45 minutes of your time if you need something nice and quick to read. This Was So Cute I found myself saying awww and then right after saying that burst out in laughter Gaba Kawa is a very funny read The characters were not exactly original but they were still able to keep me entertained and smiling Rara was just hilarious Her stupid ideas to be with her love and the embarrassing situations she got herself into were priceless She had a very awkward, funny, and sweet personality her being a demon just makes it even funny The love interest, Retsu was nothing special but I did grow fond of him His love for Rara was cute when he did confess to her The rest of the characters were all hilarious with all their stereotypical but loveable personalities I felt like gathering up all of them for a big group hug The story was not something I have never seen before but was very cute and executed well I very much loved reading about Rara s goal to get Retsu to fall in love with her The only thing that bothered me was the insta love that took place but that is easily forgotten I think what made me love this manga so much was because of all the comedy The comedy would just come at the most random times and I would crack up I can not say how much I loved all the comedy Gaba Kawa really took off when the conflict was introduced The ending confused me though because Rara personality seemed to change drastically but it was a happy ending Although it was not the most meaningful substance Gaba Kawa had a very light and enjoyable story The art was so cute and amazing The mangaka had such a talent of putting just the right expression on the characters The stupid and funny faces when the comedy happened, the cutesy OMG expressions when something cute and romantic happened, and the amazing art when the time called for it were all just amazing The character designs were all great and I sometimes found myself just staring at some of the character s designs The art in Gaba Kawa is definitely something to look for Gaba Kawa is a very light and enjoyable story that had me smiling throughout reading it Although it is not the most original manga it is definitely a cute and funny one. My experiences with manga particularly shoujo manga have been few and far between, but this was very cute The story ticks along at a rapid pace, is easy to follow without being simplistic, and is unexpectedly compelling and heartwarming It s great fun if you don t read too much into the whole girl falls extremely madly in love with boy thing, and at any rate the book takes the piss out of itself at every turn in a very charming way.