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Humphrey Westcott Earl of Riverdale has died leaving behind a fortune that will forever alter the lives of everyone in his family—including the daughter no one knew he hadAnna Snow grew up in an orphanage in Bath knowing nothing of the family she came from Now she discovers that the late Earl of Riverdale was her father and that she has inherited his fortune She is also overjoyed to learn she has siblings However they want nothing to do with her or her attempts to share her new wealth But the new earl’s guardian is interested in AnnaAvery Archer Duke of Netherby keeps others at a distance Yet something prompts him to aid Anna in her transition from orphan to lady As London society and her newfound relatives threaten to overwhelm Anna Avery steps in to rescue her and finds himself vulnerable to feelings and desires he has hidden so well and for so long

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    Someone to Love by Mary Balogh is a 2016 Signet publication I loved the Survivor Club series but of course all good things must come to an end So I began to eagerly anticipate the start of a fresh series and couldn’t wait to dive into Westcott number one Anna Snow grew up in an orphanage but has been anonymously supported by someone She became a teacher and settled into a life of peace and relative contentment until she receives a summons and at long last finds out who her parents were It would seem her birth was legitimate and her father who is now deceased was a bigamist meaning his second marriage was never legal and his other children are illegitimate which means Anna is his sole heirSo overnight Anna becomes an heiress with a vast fortune and is totally overwhelmed by the reversal and feels awful about her misplaced half siblings who decide to keep their distance from her Taking pity on Anna Avery Archer the Duke of Nertherby takes it upon himself to help Anna make the necessary adjustments to fulfill her obligations and live within society proper In the process he is stunned to discover he actually LIKES Anna as a person is drawn to her in a way that goes beyond physical attraction But those closest to Avery wonder if Anna is a good match for him Will he become bored with Anna or can their love grow deeper once the ‘honeymoon’ phase is over? As always Mary Balogh creates wonderful characters and addresses real life relationship problems which proves it’s not always hearts and flowers and couples must face and overcome highs and low for the relationship to grow I love the maturity of her characters and the way she provides just the right amount of angst and conflict and give them a chance to grow and learn Anna is a character that shows real fortitude as she is swiftly whisked away into a world she struggled to adapt to Her humble attitude is admirable as she hopes to eventually return to her old life and her concern for her extended family is a nice touch Although while her character was developed she I thought she could use a few moments of fire or passion which she seemed to lack in my opinion She wasn't terribly exciting but her story was very touching and heartwarming all the same Avery on the other hand is a very uniue hero He’s very closed off has unconventional looks and keeps things pretty close to the vest Anna comes along and leaves him totally flummoxed as to why he’s so smitten by her I actually enjoyed his flamboyance and dialogue and his occasionally stern countenance which made him very interesting and was highlight of whole story for me The story does have a few problems such as the introduction of too many characters which slowed down the rhythm and flow and could be confusing at times While I enjoyed learning about Avery’s deepest secrets his story was too complex to have been tacked on in such a hurried fashion in the last chapters of the book Other than that I am pleased overall with this first installment in the Balogh’s new series and will definitely be continuing on with the series 35 rounded to 4

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    For a book that has stirred up so much controversy this was surprisingly bland While it was enjoyable to read both the advance publicity the book has enjoyed and the brouhaha over whether there is a sub conscious racist bias frankly no there isn't had created a Wizard of Oz like shadow that the actual book doesn't live up toThere are excellent reasons to pick it up of course The writing is never less than literate this is Mary Balogh folks and the McGuffin unknown legitimate daughter dispossesses her father's second family has huge potential which I look forward to seeing released in future books in the series Anna the heroine is one of Balogh's solemn girls whose principles are set off by the shallowness of high society Avery Duke of Netherby is an unusual hero in a genre dominated by tall muscular men his slight build and medium height are an anomaly he reminds me of Gilly in The Foundling in that regard even if his ennui and efficient secretary are closer to the Maruis of Alverstoke Frederica They make an attractive coupleI have a couple of problems with the story however One is probably inevitable in the first book in a series ALL the series characters are introduced Several times Their relationships to each other and their salient characteristics are described Several times The method does work I am now clear about who is related to whom and from the various reactions to Anna their characters are or less fixed But it does take time to do this effectively and it's time that comes at the expense of the main relationship For example one of the elements of Balogh's writing I particularly enjoy is her immersion in her characters' point of view the heroine will ruminate again and again on the hero say but each time her thoughts subtly alter What appears at first sight to be repetition is actually cunning development That's almost completely lost in StL Instead Anna's thoughts are rather clumsily accelerated by the inclusion of occasional letters to a friend The letters are jarring because they are the opposite of the subtle approach I've admired Anna almost blurts out her thoughts in a way that's at variance with her poise in real life The Duke too is rushed in a not altogether convincing way into loveBut I think the main reason for a 3 star rating is that for Anna and the Duke there is just not enough at stake emotionally It was all just a little too easy whereas I wanted everything to matter to them So I don't think this will go on my To Re read pile

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    I've given this a B at AAR so 45 starsI don’t know where the time is going but it seems hardly any has elapsed between turning the last page of Only Beloved the final novel in Mary Balogh’s Survivor’s Club series – and reading Someone to Love the first story in her new eight part series about the Westcott family The story revolves around an orphan who discovers she is an heiress and tells of her interactions with her new family and the highs and lows contained therein Its underlying themes are surely to do with the importance of self and family; about remaining true to who one believes oneself to be under even the most difficult of circumstances and the importance of having those around us who love understand and comfort us These unwritten truths of the human condition are exactly the sorts of things that Mary Balogh explores so well within the pages of all her books; she isn’t much given to melodrama or high adventure preferring to work upon the smaller canvas of her characters’ experiences and emotions – good and bad – in ways that are relatable and familiar to readersHumphrey Westcott Earl of Riverdale has recently died and has left his heir to the guardianship of Avery Archer the Duke of Netherby After the reading of the late earl’s will his widow asks the family solicitor for his help on a delicate matter She knows that her late husband had been supporting an illegitimate child born before their marriage and she would like to make some kind of final settlement upon her Lady Riverdale asks the family solicitor to seek out this young woman and then to make her and Avery aware of the results of the searchAnna Snow is twenty five years old and has lived almost all her life in the orphanage in Bath at which she is now a teacher She enjoys her life and her job she has good friends around her and is content Completely out of the blue she receives a letter from a solicitor she has never heard of informing her that he is sending a chaise to take her to London for a few days Anna is puzzled having no idea what awaits her but arranges a leave of absence from the school and travels to the capital with the companion provided for herOf course Anna is the late Earl of Riverdale’s daughter but unfortunately for the family the solicitor’s inuiries have revealed much than her identity and location and this information is going to change the lives of the Westcott family foreverFor the child believed to be a by blow is actually legitimate the issue of the earl’s marriage to the daughter of a country parson  His wedding to Lady Riverdale took place a few months before the death of his wife meaning the later marriage was bigamous and the son and daughters who believed themselves to be members of the nobility are nothing of the sort  The repercussions of this discovery are huge  The earldom and entailed property pass to the viscount’s cousin Alexander who has absolutely no desire to be an earl far preferring his life as a country suire; the eldest Westcott daughter is jilted by her fiancé and the family is suddenly presented with Anna Snow – really Lady Anastasia Westcott – sole heiress to the earl’s unentailed property and almost the entirety of his fortuneThe Duke of Netherby watches all this from the sidelines presenting a calm voice of reason amid all the turmoil  He is the first person to appreciate that Anna’s pleasant demure manner hides a steel backbone and he is surprised to find that he rather likes and admires her for it  He is one of those archetypally ennui laden aristocrats often found gracing the pages of historical romance; he doesn’t like to exert himself overmuch and pays great attention to his clothes but he’s sharp as a tack and far from a fop  Unlike the typical romance hero however he’s not tall dark and handsome; he’s of average height slightly built and almost angelically beautiful and yet he possesses an aura of power held in check and there’s an almost overwhelming self confidence and masculinity about him that means that he’s the centre of attention in any room he enters and that people generally fall over themselves to please him  He’s also witty and charming to those he allows close enough to discern that about him and the relationship that develops between him and Anna is an unlikely friendship underpinned by a completely unexpected mutual attractionThere is uite a lot going on in this story and I admit to having been just a little bit overwhelmed by all the different family members and connections that are introduced  I suppose that this is because Someone to Love is the first in a series and there is a lot to be set up but I still had to stop a few times to remind myself as to who was who  The two principal characters are well drawn and Avery in particular is very intriguing especially given he is so unlike the standard romance novel hero  Being small and somewhat feminine in appearance as a child he was horribly bullied when he was younger and although he tried everything he could to fight it nothing worked  But a chance encounter in his teens helped him to overcome the bullies and I really appreciated his unusual backstory and loved learning how he gained his incredible self possessionAnna is perhaps a little too good to be true but I liked her for her insistence on retaining her own sense of identity in the face of her sudden change in situation and enormous external pressure   Faced with a group of very determined ladies of the ton she recognises their superior knowledge of society and its conventions and allows herself to be guided by them – but only up to a point  Her delight at the discovery that she has a family something she’s dreamed of all her life is bittersweet given that family’s reaction to her but I admired her ability to have empathy for them even when their actions were deliberately hurtfulThe romance is fairly low key but perfectly in character for both Anna and Avery who are not people given to histrionics or great flights of passion As it turns out both are looking for Someone to Love – even Avery who has cultivated aloofness and detachment to such an extent that he finds them difficult to shed and I enjoyed the glimpse Ms Balogh gives us into what happens to a new marriage after the honeymoon period and the difficulties faced by a fledgling husband and wife in adapting to their new stateI enjoyed Someone to Love very much and I am looking forward to learning about Harry Alex Camilla and the other characters introduced in the course of the story Once again Mary Balogh’s ability to create interesting characters and plotlines shines through and her great strength in exploring the emotions and motivations of those characters is much in evidence  My final grade takes into account the fact that the book suffers somewhat from “set up itis” but it’s nonetheless a strong start to a new series from this much loved author

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    What an unusual hero He's not tall he's not huge; he's sophisticated and almost dainty At least on the surfaceBut oh boy he's totally opposite inside I loved his unpredicatbility The way he made everybody respect him without even trying How he made his opinion clear without even braking a sweat But our heroine is just what he needs She's opinionated and with a will of steel Nothing he can do will make her dance to his tune And not only he but also all the othersShe's in a situation where a lesser human being could make a lot of wrong decisions do a lot of harm or simply suander all the money in a stupid way But not her She knows what she wants and how to get it without offending anybody just explaining her opinion as simple as thatI admired both of them And they made this book special

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    I have always enjoyed Mary Balogh's work When I first discovered Historical Romances her books were ones that I fell in love with I have read several series by her so when The Westcott series popped up I bought book one immediatelythen waited for a couple to come out before I startedIn Someone to Love I fell in major love with the heroine this time I can't often say that in many of my romance reads but Anna was a very uniue and likeable character She was raised in an orphanage and then grew up to become a teacher there To her surprise she receives some mail that will change her life forevershe must go to London to find out what has happenedWhen she ends up in London she finds out that she is no longer considered an orphanbut indeed she is a very rich woman There are a ton of family members who wish to whip Anna into shape so that she can start acting like a real lady should When she meets a Duke named Averyher life will change once againAvery is not your typical herohe is smaller built but with very handsome facein a delicate way for lack of a better word I actually pictured him built like Brad Pitt with that same pretty faceLOL Avery has always been curious about love and Anna gives him a run for his moneyalso she makes his boring life very interestingThis was a great journey that I found very amusing and an all out feel good story My only complaint was that I often felt that the author repeated a lot of information An example would bewhere we would read about what Anna was doingthen a few pages later she would write her friend in detail about what she had done So I was reading what she had done twiceThat happened than once and I ended up skimming the second time the info was relayed Other than that I highly recommend this series I can't wait to have Alexander's book I really liked his character and I hope he will fall in very deep love LOL

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    Even though Anna Snow grew up mostly happy in the orphanage that was her home the last twenty years she’s always longed for a family to call her own Finding out she has a fortune in addition to a family sounds like a dream come true Unfortunately Anna’s immediate family wants nothing to do with her and transitioning into the life of a lady is overwhelming Anna’s used to freedom and independence hardly possible for a society woman caged in by all of the expectations of the ton Anna’s determined to keep her identity intact though To Avery Archer the Duke of Netherby Anna is unexpected and unlike any other woman he’s known Usually bored by the trivialities of London society Avery is surprised that he feels compelled to help Anna navigate her new life She’s so unlike any other woman he’s been attracted to but there’s something about her that fascinates him I liked that Anna had a mind of her own and yet a soft heart She could’ve been very bitter over the way her family treated her when they found out who she was but instead Anna continually worried over their situation and tried to help when she could I’m very interested in their future stories As for the romance the pull between Anna and Avery was immediate; they just seemed tuned into each other Once it was acknowledged things moved pretty fast but I liked that There was no dancing around the subject of will they or won’t they which allowed time to explore the mystery behind how Anna ended up in an orphanage to begin with and the feelings that brought up Mary Balogh has become one of my favorite historical romance writers Her stories are moving with interesting and complex characters Someone to Love kicks off what I expect to be a wonderful series and I’m already eagerly anticipating Camille and Joel’s story Even though Camille didn’t leave me with the best impression here I can definitely understand her feelings and reactions A copy was kindly provided by Signet in exchange for an honest reviewThis review is also posted at The Readers Den

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    I am so disappointed Balogh is a perma auto buy for me This book has a great premise btw It's a stellar way to setup a series But this book reeks of orientalismYou see the hero learned an Eastern martial art Which one? Who knows It's never named He wears a white uniform when he practices but it's not karate because his teacher was an elderly Chinese gentleman who spoke with a heavy accent and taught him deep thinky lessons These don't seem to include any actual traditional Chinese values like filial piety or courtesy or TaoismThe Chinese man I can't even tell you his name because he doesn't get one is a cipher who exists only to provide the white male lead with power over his adversaries This would be a less glaring offense maybe if there weren't a dozen well drawn orphans running around with names and speaking linesWhat a great opportunity Balogh had to include a character of color with a great story What made him decide to help a poor little rich boy? How did he come to leave the Middle Kingdom for Britain? In what ways are his values consistent or not with English ones?She blew it

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    This is the other kind of five star reading experience—the kind that is almost impossible for me to review It's been about two weeks since I finished it and I'm still not able to articulate details even to myself This is a completely emotional response and probably a deeply personal one So I'll just say that this hit me right in the feels and that I loved the protagonists unreasonably and completely Avery's responses to Anna often reminded me of Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side when one of her family expressed their need Well alright then It meant that her resources and efforts are now engaged on your behalf and that she has your back After all the well meaning and even loving aunts have explained why Anna needs to hole up in her home until well until and Avery turns to Anna and asks would you care to accompany me for a walk in the park This was his well alright then It meant that he could both see what she needed and that he was willing to put himself behind that need despite what anyone else thought they should do He did this a handful of times and after every one I fell that much deeper in love with himAnd that's only the most obvious thing that engaged me I loved the setup with Anna being the faux orphan and the family that lost everything because of it and the rest of the family that accepted the reality and worked together to make the best of it they could—including supporting Anna emotionally I got the feeling that they started off willing to love and embrace her and that they truly did so sooner rather than later They weren't as good at it as Avery but I liked that their motivations really seemed to be a sincere desire to help and support and love AnnaAnyway I'm stopping here The story was lovely but both Avery and Anna were very understated characters so I can see why others may not connect I really loved that uiet support and devotion between them Add that this introduces a huge extended family that is all up in each others' business and it'd be easy to lose Avery and Anna if you weren't as invested as I was Then add that the book starts chapters before most authors would have I thought it excessive at first but rethought that once the two get together and that groundwork was leveraged for deep connections that couldn't have happened without it and that's a recipe for people going meh on this book I can see that But my response was very much the oppositeA note about Steamy I forget how many explicit sex scenes there were but I'm assuming standard for Balogh I remember that it was the middleish of my steam tolerance at any rate

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    and someone to love them backMy fellow historical romances readers you will be horrified to learn that I sometimes hate a historically accurate historical romance Yes I'm one of those dreaded readers who would rather be sheltered from the realities of the past I don't even mind when an author takes a little historical license and gives the heroine an opinion and the hero less of a you are my property feel So while I truly enjoyed Someone to Love I also struggled with it a lot It was just a little too realAnna Snow was left in an orphanage at the age of four years It wasn't the worst place to grow up but there was always that nagging feeling of abandonment and lack of someone to love Years later and Anna has taken on the position of teacher at the orphanage and she's relatively happy with her lot in life Yes she had dreams of being found and returned to a loving family but she was also very realistic and resigned herself to being alone Imagine her surprise when she is summoned to Londonand has a familyand is rich beyond her wildest dreamsThe Westcott's appear to be a very snooty and spoiled bunch so basically a very historically accurate portrayal of an aristocratic family Their world is shattered when the rug is ripped out from under them as the truth of Anna Snow's existence comes to life It was horrible to observe these ladies and gentlemen act in such a mean spirited way to a woman who can not should not be blamed for the sins of her fatherThe Ton turn on the Westcott's and Anna Snow's uiet existence is definitely a thing of her past Anna must learn to all the ways of being a proper lady knowing that she will be judged I absolutely loved that Anna took all of her education in her stride but was determined to keep a little of her old self intact She does not want her hair short She does not want her dress to have flounces She does not want to keep uiet when her family is disrespected Soshe doesn'tThroughout all of this one man is witness to all of the drama by his connection to the Westcott's He is intrigued by the plain and slight woman who holds herself in a dignified and calm way She's not at all his type of woman but there's something about her that draws him in Someone to Love is not a story of insta love or even insta lust There is an attraction but it appeared as if it baffled them both Anna and Archer with what they are feeling With time together they soon realise their attraction is than just physical They actually like each other and may have even found their very own Someone to LoveI really enjoyed listening to this story and while a lot of it can be attributed to Mary Balogh's beautiful writing some of my enjoyment must be credited to Rosalyn Landor's narration She is one of my favourite narrators and I find her voice very easy to listen to If you haven't listened to Ms Landor narrate a historical romance you are missing a treat She portrays each character with their own voice and I never struggled with identifying who is whoI'm so glad to have finally started the Westcott series and I will definitely be back for in the future

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    Review to come ARC courtesy of Berkley via NetGalley