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The seuel to 'Columbus Day' Colonel Joe Bishop made a promise and he's going to keep it; taking the captured alien starship Flying Dutchman back out He doesn't agree when the UN decides to send almost 70 elite Special Operations troops hotshot pilots and scientists with him; the mission is a fool's errand he doesn't expect to ever return At least this time the Earth is safe right? Not so much

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    SpecOps Expeditionary Force #2 by Craig Alanson narration by RC Bray is another awesome book I lingered on I have the wonderful audible version so I can hear the creative and hilarious narration that adds soooo much to this already awesome series I have not read such a good space opera series like this ever I am laughing so hard or snickering and then the next they are in battle but still something funny comes up Then other times out of no where he punches me with a new emotion I wasn't ready for There is also so many fun battles and I do mean fun These are not normal battles if Joe and Skippy are involved I can't describe just how exciting these books are Fun creative strange creatures hilarious tender great science adventure wonderful and witty dialogue crazy capers a Majestic AI named Skippy a crew that is incredible and adaptable and many close calls I have bought the whole series just trying to get time to get to them

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    Disappointing and Poor Effort In Seuel SpecOps Book 2 the seuel in the Expeditionary Force series is a very disappointing and poor effort The flaws of Book 1 a book that was entertaining and a decent SciFi read have totally sublimated the storyline and grown making Book 2 barely readableThe storyline has near future humanity suddenly thrown into intergalactic conflict between various alien races of different technological levels teetering on the razor's edge of extinction The lead character in alliance with a rescued super intelligent AI along with SpecOp forces from various earth militaries take a captured alien star cruiser on an expedition to prevent warring aliens from returning to earth find ancient artifacts from the ancient race of Elders that created the AI and help it reconnect with the CollectiveThe AI has saved humanity and is damaged missing memories personality disorders and severely emotionally stunted Herein lies one of the multitude of issues that make Book 2 so bad sentence after sentence paragraph after paragraph page after page of boring sophomoric snarky stupid unfunny dialogue between the lead character and the AI It totally misses and made it difficult to fully read the book and not just stop If the author had included in the crew an artificial intelligence expert and a psychiatrist specializing in abnormal psychology maybe it could be pulled off maybeThe formatting proofreading editing and writing are all amateurish immature unprofessional and not worthy of a public commercial distribution The cartoonish narrative one dimensional characterizations plodding pace unending repetition plot twists created by deception of the reader and a lack of writing talent suffocate any potential story merits The list of examples are so long that it would take too much time to enumerate allI liked Book 1 gave it a 4 star rating with a caveat regarding flaws The lazy unprofessional and inept execution in Book 2 makes it wholeheartedly NOT recommended The eBook author should be embarrassed to publish such a garbage effort

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    Just barely 3 starsI was hoping for maturity in the second book However even though the ideas are interesting this book just doesn't come through Every single problem or crisis goes something like this actually precisely like thisHey you're just a stupid monkey go back to your trees and leave the thinking to the advanced entity OMG I can't believe you thought of that and I didn't I hate my life How could a monkey outthink me I'm so embarrassedI hate my life”The only reason this book got a third star was because of the interesting supporting characters and the compelling plot line However interesting or compelling I just can't get over the increasingly boring interactions between our main character and his advanced entity sidekick

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    Repetitive and repetitive It also repeats the same themes and themes get repeated repeatedly I love the characters and the banter except for how repetetive the banter that I love becomes This book would have been much better if it had been less repetitive Now at the risk of repeating myself I felt this book probably repeated things I repeat this book is repetetive

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    Had some laughsReaaaallly slow compared to the first oneToo much of the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over againEverything just went too well all the timeSkippy seems too much of an incompetent for an AI that can run billions of years of processing in seconds Some ideas he could not think of were really obviousI'm kind of getting tired of JoeStill gonna try the third one because this one brought up some interesting mysteries which spark our curiosity Hopefully the next one will provide answers and be packed with unrepetitive jibber jabber

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    Talk about beating up a dead horse I wish I could count how many times he used the word Monkey Yes I get it Skippy the computer thinks humans are monkeys but I bet you on average EVERY page made reference to humans as monkeys It got very tiring Same jokes same lines I get this is the 2nd book but how much do we have to explain the first book in the 2nd book Come on does anyone really read the 2nd in a series without reading the first Then the author seems to have forgotten that what he was explaining AGIAN happened in the 2nd book so no need to spend 2 pages telling us about the previous chapter What Alanson did that was clever was come up with a new way to use the same gimmick time after time The Monkeys get into an inescapable situation AI Skippy says they are going to die and then Monkey Joe comes up with an idea Humm lets see how many ideas can Joe come up with One time another Monkey came up with the idea but otherwise it is always Joe It is kind of a fun read but I suggest read the first book stop there I might read the third but not for a while like anything somewhat painful I have to give this time and maybe then I will only remember the fun times I had

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    An enjoyable read except for the childish snarky millennia old AI

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    25 stars Too much repetition needed a little editing

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    Too much Skippy He completely made book 1 However about 13 thru this one I found myself aching for a break from him There was a great chunk without him and about the humans just in time

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    If the story is interesting if the tone of the story is always fun this second volume suffers from the same major flaws as the first without it's originalityThe author systematically favors dialogues monologues and summaries So on the 500 pages of the book there are nearly 200 pages of useless chatter boring technical presentations repetitive dialogues between Joe and Skippy and sometimes a summary of previous chapters Through repeated rehearsals Skippy becomes horrifying over the pages by overuse of sarcasms and monkey's jokesThe situations are also very repetitive with each insoluble problem a brilliant and innovative solution is found often by Joe to the dismay of SkippyThe most important scenes clashes fights are most often retracted with a small summary which is uite staggering in a book so talkativeAll the other novel's characters are ectoplasms so much the author is riveted on the Joe Skippy relationshipSpecOps could have been an excellent 300 page novel It's a painful novel of 500 pages I want to know the rest of the story the mysteries of this universe but despite all the goodwill of the world I will not read the three thousand pages that follow maybe much The author has humor ideas but his narrative techniue is poor and his work is sorely lacking the work of a competent editor