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I really loved this one It is the third book in the Texas Tyler Family Saga series and we meet sexy Harlan Boyd and find out all about Sage Tyler.Harlan was completely unexpected Sage didn t appreciate the intrusion he made in her life but at the hands of her brothers she had no choice But soon that feeling would change whether she liked it or not Sage s life was in a bit of a whirl wind Things were changing unexpectedly and returning home was something that made her happy But it also made her a bit nervous Being part of the Tyler family was something special The love was endless But for Sage she continued to struggle with finding her spot within it She was always the little sister, the little brat in the eyes of Lucky and Chase But she has changed and she desperately wanted them to see her for woman she has become As Sage works hard at finding that spot where she belongs within the family business, she is blindsided by Harlan Returning to her family home she finds her family has already welcomed into the family fold But she won t be so accepting and she resists him at every juncture I loved gettingtime with Lucky Devon and Chase Marcie view spoiler and their little ones hide spoiler This was definitely a one of a kind story Brown combines work, home, and romance in a seamless manner to present a realistic view of life The intricate plot combined with the twists and turns of fate kept me hooked throughout I will admit that there were a few times when I stopped and said hunh Really then remembered that this novel was originally published in 1991 Keeping in mind that technology, etc has changed drastically in the past 20 years this was a fantastic story.Sage really comes into her own as a character in this instalment of the series There werethan a few times where I wanted to have a chat with Sage and tell her not to look a gift horse in the mouth Yes, she is who she is, but at times she takes it almost too far However, Brown has developed her character in such a way that it s easy to understand and empathize with her Match her with an alpha type, very caring male lead and you have a fantastic couple to get to know Overall, this was a comically enjoyable read It wrapped up the Tyler Family saga nicely. Mystery can takethan one form In this book the mystery is all about the stranger who travels from job to job, place to place, helping fix businesses that are in trouble His past is the mystery in this oldie romance But, I have to say, his past wasn t all that difficult to guess and it ended up being a clich too Still, I enjoyed the ride.When Sage Tyler experienced the worst moment of her life she is appalled to discover there was a witness She has just been jilted by her fianc and now she is face to face with handsome Harlan Boyd, a Tyler Drilling Company employee sent to bring her home Not a pretty start to this relationship Sage is beyond humiliated and takes it out on poor Harlan That he found the whole thing vastly amusing is just another strike against him.The Tyler Drilling Company is having difficult financial times and Harlan has some ideas on how to turn that around Educated, but not one to stay in one place very long, Harlan has developed a way use unused drilling equipment for a new purpose He has never met a woman who could hold his attention for long, until Sage.Together in their purpose of saving Tyler Drilling, Sage and Harlan set out to find customers for their new endeavor What they find is a passion for each other and the key to the mystery of Harlan s past. 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O carte de nota 10 He Was Everything She Despised In A Man So Why Couldn T She Stay Out Of His Arms This Had To Be The Worst Night Of Sage Tyler S Life First Her Fianc Jilts Her Then She Has To Fly Home With Harlan Boyd, The Arrogant, Drop Dead Gorgeous Stranger Who Overheard Every Word Of That Humiliating Episode And Enjoyed It All Sage Wants Is For This Sexy, No Account Drifter To Keep His Distance And Keep Her Broken Engagement A Secret But Harlan Boyd Has Desires Of His OwnShe Was The Most Beautiful, Exciting, Unpredictable Woman Harlan Had Ever Met, And He Could Barely Keep His Hands Off Of Her Yet He Tried To Stay Away, Tried To Remember That Sage Tyler Needed A Man Who D Convince Her Of Her Own Worth, Not A Man Who D Be Moving OnThen Sage S Family Business, The Tyler Drilling Company, Came Under The Threat Of Ruin, And Sage And Harlan Suddenly Found Themselves Fighting Side By Side To Save It In Quarters Too Close To Keep Passion At Bay Can Spoiled, Headstrong Sage Find Love With A Man Who Seems So Easy To Get And So Hard To Keep 3.5 stars Sage, what a spitfire Loved her grit Audio book was really well read Another 4 stars to Sandra Brown. Re read Sage Tyler cannot believe it dumped By the mama s boy she d invested time and energy into making her husband And to make things worse In front of the arrogant shiftless, cowboy sent by her brothers to pick her up for the birth of her nephew.The only thing she s ever wanted was for her brothers to see her as a mature woman able to contribute to the family business, now she has to face them with this a failed relationship Harlan Boyd, recently hired by Tyler Drilling, has a difficult time not teasing the spitfire youngest sibling to the men who employ him and keeping his thoughts as well as mitts off of her Sure she s a handful, but he s just the kind of man to make her happy especially in bed Still, he s determined not to wade into those tricky waters despite the immediate heat between them.Thrown a curve ball, Sage is ready to lay all her troubles at the feet of the swaggering cowboy who stumbled into the middle of the wreckage Little does she know that, together with him, they ll be the key to saving her family s business.Loved LOVED these two together Sage is definitely high strung and quick to blame someone else for her problems, but she s got confidence and determination and I loved watching the slow hipped, sexy Harlan Boyd bring her down a few pegs I also loved that he fell for her just the way she was kind and strong, if a bit bratty.Texas Sage ended up being my favorite I re read itoften then the others P Not sure why I love this trilogy so much I just do.