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Alastair needs help overcoming issues with touch and physical intimacy in order to clinch a business deal with some demonstrative Italians who prefer hugging to handshakesMartin his assistant has the perfect solution His mother runs cuddle workshops which could help Alastair overcome his fears if he's brave enough to try Alastair is nervous not only about the workshop but also because he will be sharing a room with Martin who's starred in his fantasies often than an assistant shouldAlastair reluctantly decides to give it a try so they head to a commune in Wales where Martin grew up The weekend at the commune with Martin proves to be transformative in ways than one NB All royalties from sales of this story will be split eually between two LGBT charities The Human Rights Campaign in the USA and Stonewall in the UK

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    This one's sooo adorable and a little bit sexy too Why Love Matters is a short story about Alastair who is uncomfortable with human touch and his assistant and friend Martin who grew up on a hippy commune where his mother still lives and runs cuddle puddle workshops Martin doesn't shy away from hugs and he's been crushing on Alastair for a long time On a weekend away the men finally connect I loved the epilogue

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    I bought this and you should tooAll royalties from sales of this story will be split eually between two LGBT charities The Human Rights Campaign in the USA and Stonewall in the UKhttpswwwdpB01H2BUKEK?httpswwwallromanceebookscomprodhttpswwwcoukdpB01H2BUKEK

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    This is an ex Merlin fanfiction story that I pulled to publish to raise money for charity Please see the announcement on my blog for details Thanks to everyone who supported this venture The book is now perma free on all platforms so I don't have to account for it separately forever

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    Alastair and Martin were super cute together

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    Lovely story 4 starsReview later

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    English – EspañolThis fanfic was written to raise funds for two LGBT communities in the US and UK and that's why it deserves a million stars But luckily it only has 55 pagesIt is an unrealistic storyAlastair has to visit some important Italian clients known to be very affectionate and have a phobia to be touch and have physical intimacyHis assistant Martin suggests to go to one of his mother's workshops for this type of problem Although Alastair accepts he not only fears for what the workshop will be like but also because he will have to share a room with MartinAnd everything goes from zero to a thousand in a few pages Not in a good way Este fanfic fue escrito para recaudar fondos para dos comunidades LGBT en USA y UK y solo por eso se merece un millón de estrellas Pero por suerte solo tiene 55 páginasEs una historia poco realistaAlastair tiene ue visitar a unos clientes italianos importantes conocidos por ser muy afectivos y tiene fobia a ue lo touen y tener intimidad física Su asistente Martin le propone ir a uno de los talleres de su madre para este tipo de problemas Aunue Alastair acepta no solo teme por cómo será el taller sino también porue tendrá ue compartir habitación con Martin Y todo va de cero a mil en pocas páginas No de una buena manera

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    This was adorableThis reminded me of two things It had this Sixty Five Hours feel which I loved and I kept picturing the guys as Arthur and Merlin And since it originally was a Merthur fanfic that’s not so far fetchedAlastair is not comfortable with physical contact A simple touch is hard for him and a cuddle is not even on the menu He is comfortable with sex but not tendernessHe works for his dad’s company and he has worked very closely with his assistant Martin for the past two years When his dad tells him that a big client is very touchy feely he is worried about Alastair’s reaction He doesn't want Alastair to freeze up when someone tries to give him an enthusiastic pat on the back So Martin comes up with a solution A cuddle workshop Martin’s mother provides these so Martin suggests they both spend the weekend at her placeThis was a very sweet short story with some sexy times near the endAnd I loved the idea of this workshop Cuddles for everyone

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    Nothing amiss here if you want classic Northcote Simple sweet with touching emotional vulnerability Don't worry though because this also brought the sexy Overall a feel good short when you want a guaranteed smile

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    35 starsWhat a surprise to find out in the author's notes at the beginning that this used to be fanfiction and from the only fandom I've ever been in The huge grin spreading over my face at this very point stayed with me right to the end of the bookKnowing where the MCs originated definitely added a layer of depth to the whole story I could SEE Alistair and Martin very clearly in my head and all the secondary characters tooThis is a simple story in the best meaning of the word of two people acknowledging their feelings and acting on it It is sweet and fluffy and totally angst free Alistair's issue with being tactile adding interest at the side No doubt this will be one of the earliest stories by Jay Northcote and his talent for writing is already clearly obviousA lovely little breather if you need to clear your head space after something heavy

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    I 've had this little gem in my kindle for a while now but never got around to reading itI loved the characters the slow burn and right when I thought it would end abruptly BAMa great epilogue It's also FREE Go grab it