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    What a great readA penny dreadful published in serial form in Edward Lloyd's People's Periodical in 1846 1847 and written by at least two separate writers Prest no doubt writing the majority of itSo why did I like it so much? Mainly for the reasons one would usually criticise a literary work for Todd unlike later incarnations is no deep character study a tortured angst ridden character with whom we can understand and empathise with even if we can't condone his crimes The demon barber of Fleet Street here is a pure psychopath a stage villain who unlike Mrs Lovett never once experiences the pangs of conscience in his murderous pursuit of wealth Don't even look for a character arcI also enjoyed the overblown speeches solilouy like asides authorial addresses to the reader and pantomime scenes and the verbosity in which they are relatedA very enjoyable book but not one for literary snobs