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With Chase’s departure still haunting her Morgan Cauldwell is just settling back in to life at MAC Now a regular at Council meetings Morgan is only getting strongerbut what good are incredible powers if you can’t even protect yourself from a broken heart?Morgan falls into old routines as her time at MAC winds down The closer graduation creeps the someone doesn’t want her to make it that far Could it be her grandfather or Raven coming to finish off the job? Gathering strength from some unexpected sources Morgan decides she is done hiding and braces herself for the ultimate betrayal Can her fragile heart survive the truth and the uncertainty her future holds?

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    When Chase came back oh my heart melted I was a mess I loved the relationship between him and Morgan They are so great together I love them I hated Rylan trying to interrupt their relationship like get the blob out nobody wants you here Full review at ABookHaven

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    Will there be a third Of so when?

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    Unbroken is book 2 in the Broken Soul series by Jenny Phillips and follows Morgan after the hardships from book 1 The story opens up a couple of months later from where the previous book left off still at MAC the prestigious high school I don't have much to say for the second book in this series I felt as though the characters were rushed through events and cared about their love life than the dangers around them Just like the first book the events were lackluster and disregarded as they happened The climax wasn't a very big deal and there were minor inconsistencies throughout the book that need to be addressed I will reiterate what I said in the first review though This story does have major potential The ideas are good but the execution is not I think the author should take time to look through her first 2 books and revise what she has written There was some decent lead up to book 3 which was a plus I will be giving this book 3 out of 5 stars 

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    Reviewed for Red's Midnight ReadersI was very kindly provided with an ARC in exchange for an honest and unbiased review I have given Unbroken 35 starsUnbroken is the continuation of the first book Gifted which must be read first to understand the events of this book I definitely enjoyed this book a lot than Gifted Jenny's writing has come on leaps and bounds and I found myself getting into story much faster than the previous book The book flowed nicely keeping a steady pace and holding my attention from the beginningThere are new characters introduced into the mould and they inject much needed life into story However these new characters bring with them a host of new problems and dramas that must be overcomeIt's just a real shame that Morgan's brattish ways still continue to irk me I just can't warm to her characterIf you read Gifted you will definitely want to read Unbroken

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    Well we meet Chase's older brother Jackson in this book I must say I like him but I like Chase He seems like a cool guy keyword people seems The first meeting between him and Morgan is funny I swear I'm a cool guy He held his hands up playfully I'm sure you are I said No really let's go do something I'll prove it Maybe earn your trust? he bargained Oh It's not that I don't know you Exactly We see Nolan grow some balls in this book I must say I'm really impressed with that just not maybe how he came to grow those balls Fair? You used me as your own personal punching bag You used me to get over Chase didn't you? He never gave me a chance to answer Then you just toss me for him He nodded in the direction Jackson had just gone His brother He shook his head And you'll use him too because you can't have what you want You'll just keep stepping on people to get closer and closer to it He's not Chase and eventually you'll realize that But I've finally figured it out and you won't use me any I'm done with this To say the least I don't think Nolan was very happy with Morgan Oh but I loved Chase even though I thought he was a total ass then he swooped in when something goes wrong and becomes the Knight in shinning armor The passion between Morgan and Chase is still there which I loved I answered him with a kiss and he sat up leaning on his elbows to deepen the kiss Taking advantage of my weakness he distracted me Before I had time to react he had me flat on my back never even pulling me away from our kiss He's still the sweet boy I loved from book one and truly I don't think I'll ever stop loving the boy Well I should've at least taken you to he paused awkwardly the bedroom He looked embarrassed And locked the door he threw in The cliffhanger wasn't as earth shattering as book one so I can now patiently wait for book three who the hell am I kidding I can never wait patiently for a book

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    This book was even better than the first I could honestly just sit down and continue to read of it because I loved it that much After the ending to the first book I was desperate for this book so I jumped at the chance when Jenny offered my an ARC Throughout this book I could see how much Jenny's writing has improved and how much it has changed from Gifted and this change is a positive change as Jenny's writing flowed brilliantly and it was much mature to suit the characters The plot of Unbroken continued from where Gifted ended and I freaking loved it I though that I wasn't going to enjoy it as much as Gifted as seuels can either disappoint you or please you but Unbroken is a seuel that will leave you so pleased The plot was full of suspense and there was also plenty of action in it The plot left me with my mouth hanging open at some scenes as well The characters were even better than what they were in Gifted I loved Morgan's changes as they were positive and she has grown so much since the beginning of Gifted Morgan finds out even about her powers in this book and she has to learn about her background as well I loved that she was determined to stop her grandfather to protect everyone even though he is one of the only living relatives that Morgan has left I wasn't expecting Chase to come back into this book as uickly as he did but I loved it as I love him He was even hotter in this book and again he was protective of Morgan and you could see that he really didn't want to leave her at the end of Gifted I loved Morgan and Chase's relationship development in Unbroken as there was a lot kissing scenes in this book than what there was in Gifted so that left me very happy I also loved that some new characters were introduced in this book even if they were sort of evil I am really looking forward to seeing where the next book in this series goes as Unbroken left it at a satisfying ending but also leaves you begging for The cover also really suits the book and also the first book in the series and I love it Big thank you to Jenny for an ARC of Unbroken

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    I received this book from the author for an honest reviewThis story is a continuing series from Gifted Morgan is still trying to deal with all her gifts while someone is after her She is still struggling with the fact that Chase has left her Jackson Chase's brother comes to be her new security It is extremely hard for her to be around him because he looks so much like Chase She really is starting to like Jackson because he is always in a great mood and always up to have some fun Just when she is getting her life back together a accident happens and Chase comes back to help She still wonders when he is going to up and leave her again so she has to tell him how she feels Morgan just wishes she could be a normal girl and wishes that people were not always after her What will happen with Morgan and Chase? What about Jackson?

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    LovedI loved the second book in Morgan’s trilogy It was better than the first book I love the characters Chase Nolan and Iris especially The romance is sweet Five glittery stars