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In the fall of 1946 grieving war widow Sarah goes to the carnival with her friends and is riveted by the tattooed man in the freak show sporting head to toe body art Later she discovers him hiding in her hayloft escaped from virtual imprisonment since childhood by the carnival's evil owner She shelters him on her farm fighting a powerful sexual attraction while learning about his mysterious past and gentle nature When a local child goes missing Tom uses his psychic gifts to locate her but his assistance in the case doesn't allay the town's mistrust of such an exotic stranger in their midst Small town prejudice tears the lovers apart and a very real threat from carnival owner Art Reed endangers them Can they rise above obstacles of fear and hate to create the family both have always craved?

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    I loved loved loved this book It's a beautiful story about unconditional love and acceptance This is what a great romance book should be If you're looking for something a little bit different to read this is it Please give it a try I don't think you'll be disappointed

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    Bone Deep is a Stunning Uniue and Sensual Story which I won't soon forget Set in 1946 Sara a young widow of 18 months due to the tragedy of war reluctantly agrees to attend a carnival with a few friends Out of boredom she decides to view the freak show exhibit but immediately feels gawking at uniue individuals is rude and inappropriate causing her to walk through the tour as uickly as possible Sarah notices one of the exhibits is empty but upon further examination she sees something move A few moments later she realizes it’s NOT a something but rather a someone whom is covered head to toe in intricate tattoos and the bearer of the bluest most captivating eyes bestowed upon herMy Sara STRONG INDEPENDENT KIND That's really all you need to know about Sara but I'm feeling generous so I'll tell you a little bit about her Struggling with daily chores of running a farm Sarah refuses to ask for help nor take advantage of kindness of strangers Sara doesn’t waste time pouting or feeling sorry for herself but rather works diligently to accomplish what needs to be doneMy Tom GENTLE KIND BEAUTIFUL fuckableThat's all you get my generosity has run out Just Kidding This man has Jahy written all over him After countless years being prisoner to the traveling carnival's owner Tom escapes and hides in Sara's barn Sara finds him there the next day and Nope I'm not spoiling the story you MUST EXPERIENCE the unconventional love story for yourself This couple will make you laugh cry and surely cream your pantsFriends PLEASE give this story a chance I'm not a huge fan of romance yet this is one of my favorite reads this year Special thanks to Bonnie Dee for helping me realize I'm not such a pain in the ass Your heroine is everything I expect from a female character and then some

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    I really liked this one Different Set in the 1940’s Sarah is a widow living alone on a farm Her husband was killed in the War Lying in bed she stared out the window at the stars and mused that the images on the skin of the tattooed man were like the constellations unrelated picture stories joined together in glittering array She goes to a Carnival with friends and sees the man with the tatooes She is captivated He reached out and touched her red brown hair smoothing the silky strands“So bright”“Irish” she explained“My maiden name is O’Donnell” Aw knew I liked you Mine is O’ConnellHe turns up in her barn There is a connection between them But it won’t be all plain sailing for them ”He’s beautiful like a stained glass window And he’s really good with his mouth” In 2014 if a tattooed guy showed up in my neighbourhood there would be a bit of “talking” so I cannot imagine what it would have been like back in the 1940sI would have loved an Epilogue a few years down the line

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    IT WAS SO GOODI was in such a book slumpeverything I read was uninteresting and dull JaHy saved me with this recommendationit was different in that it's a historical set right after World War II Rarely do I read twentieth century historicals so this was a treat What I took from this book besides the beautiful love story is how little compassion people sometimes have for one another but especially when we get that mob mentality If everyone says something thinks something does something it must be okay right? And that couldn't be further from the truthStanding up for what you believe in whether it's an ideal a cause or a person is always the right thing to do We are so caught up with acceptance and popularity that we often leave our values in the past I've done it especially when I was younger I think I hope that now that I'm a little older that my core beliefs are strong enough to withstand peer pressure just as Sarah did She is a remarkably admirable character Where others saw a freak she saw a human being Where others saw someone to fear she saw someone to love Where many others found only contempt she found compassion♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦If his story was true he'd probably not been touched by gentle hands since he was very young Her heart ached at the thought of so many years of loneliness and isolation♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦One of my favorite parts is when Sarah gives Tom a massage that turns into so much not sexually but healing It was a very powerful moment exhibiting the importance of not only human touch but contact and connection in sensual spiritual ways as well The awe that Tom has for Sarah is as heartbreaking as it is beautiful ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ I will not let you go she repeated to herself I'm finally starting to come alive There's no way I can go back to being half dead again♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦One gripe I have with the bookand it's really a cumulative gripe with all books that deal with bigotry and judgmentis how the Christians are portrayed yet again as hateful narrow minded fools We're not all that way folks Just sayingit'd be nice to get a pastorpreacher who actually practices what he preaches once in awhile Although I think back in this time period acceptance was even harder to come by Another issue I had was how uick the time frame was but it's easily understandable considering the circumstances It's just a pet peeve of mineAbove all this is a love story between two unlikely characters a WWII widow and the tattoed freak from a traveling carnival The chemistry between the two is evident from the start and this author did a fantastic job of moving the story along uickly without getting bogged down with unnecessary drama and details And yet it didn't feel as if it lacked anything; rather I was invested fully during the entire story It was actually very refreshing to read a story that feels as if it was written from the heart rather than written with an audience in mind A few selling points Tom is a wonderful beta male something I don't often read The sex is surprisingly hot but also wonderfully sensual and this is a stand alone which seems to be a rarity lately Big thanks to JaHy for the rec D

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    45 stars What a lovely sweet touching story 3 You know that wonderful feeling you get when you just sink into a well written read? Well I totally got that with this book The writing style is strong fluid and evocative and draws you right into the storyI have to say I was hesitant to start this one because just personally I hate carnivals and I wasn't sure if this was a carnival centric story so just to set the record straight it isn't Not at all nods Right ok on to the reviewThe year is 1946 but don't worry this book does not have the feel of a historical novel and ever since the death of her husband in the war Sarah is just trying to keep going Her heart froze the day her husband's body was shipped home and she isn't looking for anyone to replace him But in an effort to cheer her her friend drags her to a carnival which is passing through town and she finds herself drawn to and riveted by a tattooed man with intense blue eyes on display in one of the tents Their eyes meet only for a moment but in that moment they share a connection its as though he sees right into her She goes down the next morning to find the tattooed man sleeping in her hayloft His eyes were the saddest she'd ever seen and she offers him to stay on and help her on the farm in exchange for room and board But the man who runs the circus is out looking for him and and the lies and rumors spread around town warping him into some sort of dangerous lunatic freak And while Sarah can accept him into her life the real uestion is whether the townsfolk will be so open minded?I really loved Tom's character I found myself instantly wanting to know about him He wasn't your typical Alpha male character but rather a deeply tortured damaged man with a heart of gold and filled with a uiet intensity that draws Sarah to him like a magnet His back story isn't gone into in detail but what little we see is filled with pain loneliness and abuse at the hands of the carnival owner Every inch of his body is tattooed EVERY INCH And hot as that may sound now remember it was all done to him against his will Skin is skin Grace The tattoos are only on the surface you know He's a man A sexy vulnerable intense attractive sweet gentle and loving man I loved how Sarah trusted her gut feeling about Tom from the beginning Even though technically she knew nothing about him she treated him with the utmost respect and kindness probably the first real kindness he'd ever known And in return she was rewarded as he slowly learned to trust her open up to her and show her his true self the one hidden away from the world behind a canvas of art forced on his body He whispered against her hair I don't belong here and they know itYes you do You do belong here She took his face in her hands and looked in his eyes You belong with me I don't know why she admitted Its just you I want to be with you I feel like we belong together She smoothed one hand up his torso and rested it on his chest picturing the chained heart and feeling his real heart beating steadily beneath it Don't you? The bedroom scenes were hottttt And I mean that in a uietly powerful erotic way Not kinky but very very passionate I was surprised by that though because for whatever reason I really thought this book would gloss over that but boy was I wrong I found that it really brought a beautiful blend between erotic and sweet between them and yet a serious story line outside of their relationshipThere is a slight 'non real' ish element to the story Tom gets visions of some things before they happen He is the son of the carnival fortune teller and in this story these are just accepted as part of him This is not a paranormal story nor is that the focus of the story but I figured I'd mention it in case you guys read it came across it and went 'huh?' Just roll with it Its a part of him I'd say my only complaint overall was that I wished it were longer It only took me a few hours to read and there were a few places in the middle of the book where I felt it was just a smidge rushed It wasn't that it didn't fit with the storyline I just would have wished for an extra chapter here or there But the plus side to that was that the story never dragged not even for a moment I did find the ending a little abrupt and definitely found myself wanting either a few chapters or an epilogue of sorts but don't let that deter you It was oh so happy sweet and swoony and the HEA is never in uestion I just would have wanted is allOverall I'd say it was exactly the kind of read I needed right now Sweet hot and different with a beautiful message about love having no limitations Definitely recommended to add to your TBRs CASTING I have to say that the guy on the cover is the perfect Tom And really given the extent of his tattoos I'm not sure I could find someone else to accurately portray him I just love it when covers actually accurately reflect the characters from the story and clearly whoever did this one did a phenomenal job because when you read the story you'll learn that those are his exact tattoos For of my reviews visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

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    I liked this much than the last book that I read by Bonnie Dee Finding Home though there were some striking similarities Both books have male MCs that are the damsel in distress if you will and need rescuing from the female MC Both men were abused and broken emotionally and psychologically However in this book the power discrepancy didn't feel as large between the MCs and I found myself able to enjoy the story much And it was a beautiful romance against all odds kind of storyIt is hard to make a historical feel authentic for me especially a MF historical but somehow the author really made it work I think the blurb does this book a great disservice because it gives a lot of the story away that I enjoyed discovering for myself The time period and the fact that Tom is tattooed from head to toe really gave this book a feeling of How is this going to work? Please let them make it work I was rooting for Sarah and Tom so hard I often have issues with female MCs but Sarah was a lovely one Strong willed sexually confident and unafraid of adversity Tom broke my heart He'll break your heart tooAll in all a very nice surprise and a fast read that I devoured in a few hours

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    Spoilers5 starsI really liked this one and the only thing I found which was not worth lowering a star for was a few editing issues and those were pretty minorI loved the hero who was oh so tormented his whole life A side show freak tattooed over his entire body held as basically a prisoner by carnival owner Reed and sexually abused by him as well not detailed Hero Tom escapes the carnival and finds widowed heroine who falls in love with him and helps him to slowly gain acceptance into the communityI really felt the love between them as well as all their trials they had to endure with the townspeople This is a heavier darker read because it touches on prejudice and being different It is relatively painful at times but not unbearable There are periods of relief and a HEA No worriesLots of conflict and action which kept the pace steady and left me hanging on the edge of my seatThe characters were complex and well developed and the antagonist was relatively believable although could have used a bit developmentAt first I regretted not having the hero's point of view I wanted to know what his thoughts and feelings were about the heroine BUT it truly wasn't necessary for I still felt his love for her due to the authors depicting his actions and expressions so wellIn fact now that I think about it it is BETTER that the hero's thought's were omitted If the author had shown us his mind this book would be far too dark and depressing I mean think about it We may have lost his perspective regarding his feelings for the h but we also lost all the details of his abuse rape and torture all of which the author would have to go into if she decided to show his POV I think the author's decision to omit his thoughts were the right choiceI am leery of this author's books because I read one that set off some major triggers for me in the past I was not going to read anything by her but I think I may dare to try again with extensive research beforehandThank you Erika for the recommendationSafetyHero no past women mentioned but clearly has experience It does appear however the experiences he's had were not goodHeroine Experienced Widowed Enjoyed sex with late husbandCheating No No straying after H h meet eitherOMOW NoViolence some mildRape Hero made reference he was raped in past not detailedCursing YesAdultery NoSex Yes nicely done pretty spicy Sensual at times mixed with rough but not hard coreHEAILY yesMarriagebaby yes but we don't see the wedding nor the baby

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    I picked this book up because I love tattoos on men and was intrigued by the cover Also the only other book I have read by Bonnie Dee was Finding Home which I loved so I decided to give this one a go What a wonderful love story In the same vein as Finding Home where an average everyday woman befriends a societal misfit Ms Dee once again takes us outside the box of what most of us perceive to be normal in romanceThe year is 1945 and Sarah a young war widow has been coerced by a group of friends to go to the circus In the freak show tent Sarah is mesmerized by the beautiful man who is covered from head to toe in brilliant exotic tattoos In the morning she discovers said male hiding in her barn So begins this incredible journey of two people defying the overwhelming odds against them for the sake of love Tom's story is horrific His mother was the fortune teller with a gaudy traveling circus When she died Tom age 8 was taken under the wing of the sadistic circus owner who used Tom as his personal human canvas For the simple creature comforts of food to eat and a place to sleep Tom endured years of pain under the needle as well as the humiliation of being rented out to the gawkers that were willing to pay a little extra to get nasty with a circus freak When Tom saw Sarah for the first time he recognized her as the woman who had been haunting his dreams for years So having known no other life but the circus yet unable to resist the urge he felt to be with her Tom made his escape Sarah plagued by dreams of the tattooed man after seeing him was shocked but not afraid of Tom when she found him One woman working a nice sized farm alone was at times overwhelming With this rationalization in mind Sarah put Tom to work in the fields in return for 3 suare meals and use of the guest room Tom was uiet and polite although his manners were atrocious and he was illiterate as well He had no idea how old he was or the date of his birthday and Sarah's heart and mine went out to him She taught him to read and write manners and customs; and as the days went by she couldn't ignore the sexual awakening overtaking a mind and body she had thought long dead and buried with her young husband Before long Sarah seduces Tom in a sweet way and they become loversThe idyllic life cocooned away from reality is shortlived however when a local girl goes missing and the small town folks are fearful that the retarded escapee from the circus is the one responsible Tom is responsible in the sense that he can feel the girl's pain and can envision her surroundings a gift handed down by his mother? Sarah being the decent morally conscious person that she is takes Tom to see the sheriff relay the story For once we have a sheriff that is a good guy Hurray He accepts Tom's story as truth and they are off to find the girl Afterwards Tom is socially accepted by the majority but the few that insist he is a freak as well as the deranged circus owner cause enough problems to run Tom off Sarah plagued with the terrible thought of losing another man she loves ignores everyone's advice to leave well enough alone and sets out to bring her man home One of the things I love about Bonnie Dee is the fact she is not in the least bit shy about being sexually descriptive For some odd reason I wouldn't connote the word pussy with the freshly scrubbed Norman Rockwell faces I envision when thinking of 1945 but it's in this story it works and what do I know about connotations? haha In other words if that wasn't plain enough she keeps the bedroom door wide open for the wannabe voyeurs like meelevating a 45 star story to a solid 5 stars Ms Dee also makes good use of metaphorsgiving her readers clear and defined mental images to enhance the story Bone Deep is a fast paced read that packs a walloping moral punch that once again exposes the debase side of human nature that refuses to comprehend the law of God in that all things are created eual Fortunately Sarah wasn't part of the majority Her gaze lingered on the meticulous artwork of each design that covered his skin like a painstakingly stitched uilt Once again she admitted that despite his evil Arthur Reed was a talented artist Tom’s canvas of skin was intricately filled with dynamic color and motion When she first saw Tom Sarah thought there was no pattern or reason behind the designs but the she looked at them the she felt there was something significant right beyond the edge of her grasp Whatever the meaning her lover’s painted skin was beautiful He was beautiful both inside and outHighly recommended to romance readers looking for something different5 solid stars

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    I chose to read this book largely because of the beautiful cover and then because the plot is so original and intriguing This was a nice story but I felt it could have been much This is the first book by this author that I've read so I cannot say for certain whether this is a typical example of her writing style but to me at least it was lacking It 'told' far than it 'showed' We never got inside the characters' heads and instead we were just told how they were feeling This story was told from an omniscient voice and yet we were only ever told the heroine's thoughts and feelings There were a lot of insignificant details that were described in painful detail while other things that should have been fully described were left completely to the imagination The heroine was a WWII widow whose only previous lover had been her husband The book says that she was very sexually inexperienced and she is often described as being very modest as one would expect a 1940's midwestern farmer's wife to be and yet her behavior in bed with the hero suggested nothing of the sort So it didn't seem uite realistic to me I never got a good sense of time and place We are told it takes place in 1946 but the location was never really established I never felt truly immersed The characters seemed so rich but I never felt like I got to know them because we could never get inside their heads Sure we were told how they felt or how they looked or what they thought but the narrations always seemed very separated from the characters themselves if that makes sense? Anyway it was enjoyable enough because of the uniueness of the story I just felt like it could have been much

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    It's disturbing to get this glimpse of human depravity and heartbreaking to see a manifestation of society's prejudiced crueltyBut it warms the heart to know that eventually pains of the past get healed solace can be found in desperationand souls destined to be together find a wayThis is a beautifully written story of a tortured hero and a heroine living a life of uiet desperation They find each other by fate overcome challenges and prejudice and claim their happily ever after I loved it