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Sudou Mikuzu Has A Very Special Talent She Can See Ghosts And Because Of This Predisposition, She S Become A Magnet For All Sorts Of Unwelcome Monsters Luckily For Her She S Just Met Seto, A Friendly, Cross Dressing Young Exorcist Sudou Needs Protection From All The Creepy Phantoms Bugging Her, And Seto Needs To Practice His Exorcism Skills Consequently, The Pair Decides To Team Up And Help Each Other In Return, Sudou Promises To Bake A Cake Every Time A Ghost Gets Zapped

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    I wouldn t recommend reading this The story is unfinished The series was clearly canceled rather early and the mangaka had to find some way to end it on short notice None of the plot ends got tied up and nothing was resolved I also thought that the plot and characters were pretty stupid For example, Kagari is a vampire and a werewolf I suppose Takamiya couldn t decide which she liked better and decided to use both Many of the plot elements and characters were very cliche shoujo Not a fantastic read If you can read it for free, I suppose you may as well go for it, but do not buy this you will regret it.

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    I was really turned off by the first few pages, mostly because of some problematic yet subtle sexism and oversexualization of adolescents however, these are common issues not just in manga but in virtually all Japanese media, so it d be unfair to condemn this manga in particular over something that s part of a larger societal problem In comparison to other mangas and animes I ve been exposed to, Heaven s Will is easily among the least offensive when it comes to the depiction of such things In fact, it s actually progressive than most North American comics in some respects such as Seto s non binary gender identity.By the end of the volume, I really enjoyed it and was glad I kept reading until the end The plot was bizarre, to put it bluntly, but that s part of what kept me interested in it The character development was pretty good for a single volume but could have been expanded a lot had the series continued I found the protagonist, Mikuzu, to be ungodly irritating and insufferably whiny in the beginning, but she goes through a lot of personal growth, redeeming herself and then some The only real shame is that this is a single volume manga and it ends feeling unfinished which the artist writes a note about inside the manga There are a lot of loose ends and you re left wondering how it all concludes, so it s a bit disappointing to be left in limbo like that.Honestly, I think the Complete in one volume stamped across the cover is blatant false advertising It s not complete It s unfinished It s clear this project was either cancelled or just abandoned very early on because it ends abruptly with no resolutions to the main story arc at all Still, it was entertaining enough and although the plot was strange and somewhat confusing at times, it was different enough for me to stay interested in it and the characters were intriguing with decent enough development for a one off volume.

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    I enjoyed this quiet a bit and am disappointed that it s not finished The ending is left open and incomplete While the plot is bizarre, it was also fun and intriguing.

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    Mikuzu can see spirits and is afraid of a lot of things She meets two people called Sato and Kagari She meets them while being chased by an evil spirit She finds out that Sato can get rid of these sprits by using her exorcism skills She hangs with them for protection but they become friends instead They get assigned to a job, to get rid of a spirit that might be trap in a Piano This book reminds me of a show I saw before Everyone is confused in the show and there all different in a lot of ways The boy is crazy, and stubborn, the girl cries all the time and has a crush on the other boy in the group who s very calm and cool They boy who is calm and cool is on a quest for power and will stop at nothing for it and the girl tries to stop him, Like the way Mikuzu tries to stop Sato of sacrificing his body for his dead sister who he believes died because of him This book was good so I would give it 4 stars I loved the art and the story It was just confusing on one part, but overall this book was great I would recommend this book to anyone who likes comics.

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    the plot in this book is about a girl that can she ghost and she is very scaried so she finds someone who can help make them disappear and the person she found is seto he she dresses like his sister becuase she died to save his life so now he wants to change to be her seto becuase they were twins at the end they become really good friends i can connect to this book by using text to self becuae mizktu is afraid of the ghost and if i can see them and not many people can i too would be scared also and i too would have someone help me over come being scaried of them i rate this book 3 out of 5 stars becuase this book was good and interseting and it made me want to read books like this i recommend this book to anyone how like graphic novels or chinese comic book.

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    This was an odd story It ended rather suddenly, like there should be at least one chapter to tie up loose ends.

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    This would have been a better story will only a couple volumes, perhaps three or four at most At it is, it s passable Sadly lacking in potential, but still a perfectly entertaining single volume of supernatural elements and angst.

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    It says complete in one volume which is misleading as nothing is really resolved It was also a bit boring The cake thing was cute.

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    a funny story of horror romance comic I love the character clothes design

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    boring and forgettable story.meh.