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I watched the anime years ago, and loved it The anime story has slow pace as a sweet romance story, but with 30 minutes duration, I didn t feel tedious watching the anime Now in this adaptation version, the author choose to add some sub plots, but unfortunately, the addition only add uncertainties besides the original main plot that already open ended. Send For Me by Atlantic StarrAlmost two decades ago, I watched the anime that this manga is based on and was mesmerized Though the anime was completely CGI, and was obviously an indie project, the impact of the story was so great that I did not mind the lack of a budget at all The director of the anime, who is also the writer of it and this manga, is by now internationally known for his later masterpiece Your Name Though I agree that Your Name is one of the greatest animes of all time, I still favor this early story by Makoto Shinkai All of his stories are about two people in a relationship being separated over a long period of time For most writers, such a theme would get dull fast, but given the fact that Shinkai can go from Voices Of A Distant Star to Your Name with a full career that includes 5 Centimeters per Second The Place Promised in Our Early Days, he s had one of the best careers that a writer and film director dude is a double threat can have.The art by Mizu Sahara is really beautiful This was from one of her early works in 2005, but she rises to the occasion Curiously, unlike most manga, this one is partially colored, which surprised me for a second It captured the loneliness of the passage of time perfectly This story is incredible because it is using the reality of space travel with the normal up and down of a long distance relationship in a way that few stories have done Oh, there are also giant robots and aliens in this, but that is only back story. Well, this was simply delightful It s 95% Wong Kar wai and 5% Mobile Suit Gundam, a story about a long distance relationship between two teenagers, Mikako and Noboru, one of which has been drafted into an intergalactic war They communicate only through text messages but as Mikako s war moves her further and further towards the boundaries of the solar system the messages take longer to reach each other, eight years by the end of the story There s a lot to love about this story the romance between the two is portrayed with longing, aching clarity Even as time stands still for Mikako and Noboru passes well into his twenties, the wound of distance remains Their love is both impossible to see grow to its full potential and yet crystallized and permanent in a way that most will never know It s a beautiful, profound metaphor for growing apart in both time and space, capturing that feeling of first love that you easily move on from in body but never really manage to lose in spirit The war aspect itself takes up a relatively minimal amount of space, and the combat is maybe ten pages out of the 210 total, but even it presents the reader with a lot to chew on in the form of a we ll fight them on Jupiter so we don t have to fight them on Earth style of rhetoric that pretty clearly mimics that of America s stance on the Iraq war in the early 00s There s also some gender role swapping going on Every pilot in the war is female, while the when will they come home plot of every war romance is relegated to male protagonist Noboru It s an interesting twist that, among other things mentioned, manages to take a somewhat well trod story and breathe fresh life into it It must also be noted that the art serves the story wonderfully it isn t flashy but it is incredibly emotive, capturing wistful stares and sad smiles as well as any Inio Asano comic can If there is one complaint it is that the vastness and unfathomable wonder of the cosmos is never quite captured on an illustrative level one can t help but think that contrasting the beauty of space with the intangible love between two adolescents would have made for an even stronger tale It s a small complaint, however, and I can t recommend Voices of a Distant Star enough to anyone who wants to see a science fiction romance that blends the genres seamlessly and beautifully, manga lover or no. Loved it My fave from this author so far. To What Distance Would You Go For Your One True Love In A Future Filled With A Boundless Potential For Interstellar Peace And Prosperity, Mikako Joins A Research Team To Explore The Recent Contact Between Humans And Alien Races She Ventures Out Into Space, Leaving Behind Noboru, The One Young Man She Loves As She Travels Deeper Into This New Frontier, Her Only Connection With Her Boyfriend Is Through Cell Phone Text Messages But The Years Pass, And Mikako Barely Ages In The Timelessness Of Space While Noboru Grows Older And Considers Moving On With His LifeIn This Timeless Romance Between Star Crossed Lovers In The Most Tragic Of Settings, There Are Some Places Man May Not Be Ready To Go When Mikako goes to work on the Thrasian space project, she and Terao are only able to keep in contact by cell phone messages Will their friendship last by long distance or will it fade in the stars Read on and find out for yourself.This was a pretty good manga The artwork is amazing and if you enjoy Sci fi slice of life stories of friendship, definitely check this out at your local library and wherever books are sold. A bit meh It probably would have been better if it were longer like, a volume or two The concept is beautiful, but it s a bit underdeveloped and it feels unfinished. I am still not sure how to rate this.It was a very short, sweet story about two lovers seperated by space and time I wished it would have gone into details of the relationship, but also in the sci fi aspect.It seems like many people prefer the anime over the manga I probably will give this series a shot, because I cannot really talk about the manga.Yes, it was a cute, short and simple read.Personally, it lacked a lot and it felt like I barely got to know the character and how they feel, but I have to say there is very cute twist in the story and I appreciated reading it a lot. This remains one of my favourite romance stories of all time After 10 years away, I was worried I d come back disappointed Nope 3 Another reminder that visual novels should never be underestimated as a genre by anyone ever. Sweet sci fi romance I liked the characters and the storyline.