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New York City 1936 In the midst of the Great Depression the Big Apple is defiantly striving toward an era infused with art architecture and economic progress under the dynamic Mayor La Guardia But those in City Hall know that tumultuous times can inspire both optimism and deadly danger It s been six months since Lane Sanders was appointed Mayor Fiorella Fio La Guardia s new personal aide and the twenty three year old is sprinting in her Mary Janes to match her boss s pace Despite dealing with vitriol from the Tammany Hall political machine and managing endless revitalization efforts Fio hasn t slowed down a bit during his years in office And luckily for Lane his unpredictable antics are a welcome distraction from the childhood memories that haunt her dreams and the silver gun she ll never forget When Lane gets attacked and threatened by an assailant tied to one of most notorious gangsters in the city even the mayor can t promise her safety The corrupt city officials seem to be using Lane as a pawn against Fio for disgracing their party in the prior election But why was the assailant wielding the exact same gun from her nightmares? Balancing a clandestine love affair and a mounting list of suspects Lane must figure out how the secrets of her past are connected to the city s underground crime network before someone pulls the trigger on the most explosive revenge plot in New York history

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    During the Fiorello administration in New York City his progressive female assistant gets involved in a murder case is threatened by a a gangster has an illicit love affair and is dreaming of a silver gunPerhaps a little too busy for its own good

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    Lane Sanders has landed a job as the personal assistant to New York City’s mayor Fiorello “Fio” La Guardia in 1936 New York City She’s enjoying her job even though some days it feels like she is just trying to keep up with her energetic boss as he is on a crusade to clean up the city One night at the scene of a fire Lane receives a warning for her boss But soon she begins to wonder if there is to the warning And is she really a target?This new series gets off to a promising start There’s a good mystery here that kept me engaged most of the time and certainly had me turning pages during the suspenseful climax I did feel the beginning wandered a bit too much although it did all come into play by the end Likewise the ending could have been tighter as it set up the next in the series The characters both real and fictional are a varied bunch and a delight to be aroundNOTE I received a copy of this bookRead my full review at Carstairs Considers

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    Clever mystery with engaging characters Lane Sanders is the perfect heroine for 1936 New York City I loved its uniueness from other mysteries out there

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    Wow This book was just phenomenal I don't give 5 stars lightly but I think this first book in the new Art Deco Mystery series deserves it I was a little concerned at first as I had a hard time getting into it but as I do with every book I gave it 50 pages It didn't need that long before it grabbed me and never let go There was so much action and intrigue in this book I told my mom at one point that I had thought I was getting to the climax only to find that I was only halfway done with the bookThe characters are awesome I love Lane and Evelyn and Mr Kirkland and Finn and all of them I cannot wait to get to know them further in other books They're well rounded characters and complex There are so many things that you learn about them just in this first bookThe plot was brilliant I read a professional review that said it was too formulaic but I think they were wrong These days it's hard to find a book that doesn't follow at least some formula to a degree In romance you're going to have the getting together then the problembreak up and then the reunion and happy ever after It's just inevitable In mysteries you're going to have the heroine trying to figure out how to save the day at the end either by finding the killerrobberarsonist or by stopping some horrible event from happening It's just part of story writing However in my opinion this story had so many ups and downs so many little climaxes and then ratcheting up the action that it kept it from being too formulaicI'd still consider this a cozy even with the amount of suspense and intrigue that there was There still wasn't much language or physical displays of affection We had a young female heroine who wasn't part of the police or other crime stopping team though she certainly had plenty of ties there Plus when there was a death or killing there wasn't a lot of discussion dealing with blood and gore Nonetheless this was definitely hopping with suspense than your traditional cozyI absolutely loved this book and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is a mystery lover You should seriously let your fingers run not walk to one of the online retailers or to a brick and mortar store and buy this book in some formatIf you do I'd love to hear your opinion of the book

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    A lot of fun Chandlar has populated Depression era NYC with a lively cast of memorable characters including a rogue's gallery of villains you'll love to hate Her protagonist is a young woman the sharp and fearless Lane Sanders a special assistant to colorful mayor La Guardia who also figures prominently into the story The page turning plot revolves around the city's underworld and La Guardia's work on reforming city government But Chandlar also adds a fascinating backstory involving Lane's parents and other family members and a mysterious romance with a suitor who has his own secrets The various mysteries come together at the end in a very satisfactory way Meanwhile the novel is full of details about 1930s New York that should be of particular interest to city residents Looking forward to a seuel

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    Fun mystery set in NYC during the mayorship of Fiorello LaGuardia The resourceful and engaging protagonist Lane Saunders deals with gangsters undercover cops arson murders and recurring dreams of a silver scrolled gun while working as LaGuardia's personal assistant Memorable characters that you will want to visit again are another draw Waiting for the next book

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    This book is based on 1936 NYC historical facts mixed with fiction I found it an excellent murder mystery with a very interesting lead character Lane SandersAs aid to the newly elected mayor Fiorello La Guardia 23 yr old Lane finds herself being used by gangsters and teamsters as a route to get the mayor's attention Family history that Lane didn't know about needs to be investigated when she faces danger from a new mobster she is unaware ofSteady plot heightened tension created from the era without modern technology to call for help kept me turning the pages Epilogue gives clues for book 2 and I can hardly wait to read that one This book has a reading group guide and a selected bibliography sectionI volunteered to read an ARC from Kensington Press through Net Galley

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    Mixing fact and fiction and adding in a few familiar landmarks and names this book runs at a frenetic pace from the start Lane Sanders is promoted from secretary to aide to one of the most influential and powerful mayors in US history This promotion also includes Lane in the political spotlight of the Mayor's inner circle including all the danger that comes with itAn amazing cast of characters with many secrets populates this novel Exciting and breath taking this is only the beginning

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    I won a copy of this book during a Goodreads giveaway I am under no obligation to leave a review or rating and do so voluntarily So that others may also enjoy this book I am paying it forward by donating it a local library

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    My growing interest in historical fiction in particular mysteries and crime stories continues with The Silver Gun by LA Chandlar The story is set in 1930's New York City and follows the adventures of Lane Sanders personal aide to Mayor La GuardiaThere are two aspects of the story that I want to highlight The first is the character Lane and the way she takes the reader through her experiences that is The Silver Gun Lane is an outsider trying to find herself who she is but also about where she came from Lane very much reminded me of what I loved about Agent Peggy Carter from Marvel's Agent Carter Though Agent Carter was post WWII and dealt with conflicts wrapped in science fiction she was an outsider yet fearless when faced with adversity I find Lane to possess those same ualities She rolls with the punches and even though she gets knocked down she gets back up always I love that Lane also carries a little in this series and that is her love of the city she lives in in particular its artistic environmentThe art in The Silver Gun leads me to the second aspect of this story that I enjoyed I very much felt the author's love of art through Lane and that feeling was very welcomed and refreshing Many of the crime fiction stories I read deal in studies of humanity usually the dark side of humanity While there are dark characters and situations in The Silver Gun it was passion and art that stuck out to me all wrapped into an engaging mystery With New York City as its backdrop the story offers so much for Lane to experience and I felt those experiences with her Here is a uote from the book that really captures that feelingFrom the elevator doors and the Cloud Club in the Chrysler Building to the lobby at Radio City Music Hall we didn't just look at art we got to walk through works of art on a daily basisThe Art Deco Mystery series will be a fun series to follow and I very much look forward to growing with Lane in her experiences to come