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Preparations are underway for Lake Eden Minnesota's annual Winter Carnival and Hannah Swensen is set to bake up a storm at her popular shop The Cookie Jar Too bad the honor of creating the official Winter Carnival cake went to famous lifestyle maven Connie Mac a half baked idea in Hannah's opinion She suspects Connie Mac is a lot like the confections she whips up on her cable TV cooking show sweet light and scrumptious looking but likely to leave a bitter taste in your mouth Hannah's suspicions are confirmed when Connie Mac's limo rolls into town Turns out America's Cooking Sweetheart is bossy bad tempered and downright domineering Things finally boil over when Hannah arrives at The Cookie Jar to find the Winter Carnival cake burnt to a crisp—and Connie Mac lying dead in her pantry struck down while eating one of Hannah's famous blueberry muffins Next thing Hannah knows the police have declared The Cookie Jar's kitchen crime scene off limits She's a baker without an oven and the Carnival is right around the corner Hannah's only alternative is to cook up a plan to save her business by finding the killer herself

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    What I thought in 2012 I'm loving this series will have to incorporate it in every other book to catch up And then I tried but sometimes they get so sugaryConnie Mac is the focus here and it's all about cooking and the winter carnival It's an early book in the series and helps you create a strong understanding of Hannah I wonder if they'll make this one into a TV movie I don't think it has been yet About Me For those new to me or my reviews here's the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you'll also find TV Film reviews the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I've visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the whowhatwhenwhere and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators

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    4 delicious starsThis is the third book in the Hannah Swensen series with each book centering around a murder mystery in her tiny town of Lake Eden I must say that even though bodies keep popping up OO I would still love to visit such a cute little townThere's something to be said for establishing a long term relationship between the readers and the characters in a book series When written properly you get the effect we have here which is the desire to know about the characters and what happens to them You root for them want them to triumph and may even wish their cute town were realSpeaking of which I simply adore Joanne Fluke's ability to weave a mystery together while offering the perfect amount of description in each scene It makes it easier to visualize which in turn makes it enjoyable than the average cozy mystery seriesIn this particular story we have a celebrity chef a spoiled rotten diva that's murdered right in Hannah's bake shop In order for Hannah to be able to resume her business so she doesn't go bankrupt she puts her amateur detective skills to work in order to solve the crime as uickly as possible I really enjoyed this story especially the dynamic between Hannah and her sister Andrea who served as her amateur sleuth sidekick It was nice to read of Andrea in this novel particularly as it pertains to how well they work together to solve a crime Seriously they should open a private detective agency right next to The Cookie Jar They might as well get paid for all their hard work They make the real detectives' jobs all too easy Bill and Mike Speaking of Mike the love triangle between him Hannah and Norman seems to be heating up I'm not sure how it's going to end up but I'm totally rooting for Mike over Norman because his chemistry with Hannah is on FIYAH PI already can't wait to read the fourth book in this series

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    Ah a return to cold snowy Minnesota where Hannah runs a cookie shop has a spoiled cat and always seems to find herself in the middle of a murder investigation I love these for their charming small town life Hannah’s meddling mother and the delicious recipes In this one a famous cooking show star comes to town But when something terrible happens and Hannah finds herself in the middle of it she has to hurriedly find the real killer in order to get back to her normal life The atmosphere and setting in these are brilliantly done as always A cozy mystery treat Please excuse typosname misspellings Entered on screen reader

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    Hannah You simply got to stop finding bodies The little pretty town of Lake Eden is once again busy this time with the preparations of the annual Winter Carnival Everyone and their mothers have a role in it and Hannah Swensen is no exception as her cookie shop is loaded with orders for the incoming celebrations This is definitely not the best moment for her to find the main guest of the show celebrity chef Connie Mac dead in her pantry Of course there is nothing so bad that is not good for something and a corpse is no exception if you are Hanna Swensen at least because now you can play cop and find out who the killer is again And that is how our heroine ends up being involved in yet another investigation mildly pissing off the town cop who doesn't put her in jail because he wants to put her in his bed; endangering her sister who she suspect being pregnant but is concerned of her eating her whole portion of fries than facing a potential killer; and spreading everyone's dirty secrets three seconds after swearing to never do that ever like really who do you think I am???All of the above while dating two men at the same time because you never put all your eggs in one basket like her mom who incidentally she keeps treating like garbage has wisely suggested and getting upset for not managing to make them jealous enoughAt least this time she has an excuse not to bake since her store has been sealed as a murder scene Whoa she almost had to do her own job for once Well I mean let me get another of these books Man they are just like cookies you can never stop at the first one 🤦‍♀️

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    Genre Cozy Mystery Series Hannah Swensen series #3 5 Pretty Little Stars I don't get a lot of time to read cozy mysteries because I am heavily involved in romance books but this one really hit the spot for me I absolutely ADORE this series It is filled with mystery suspense and some of my absolute favorite characters of all time Anyone who is looking to getting into this genre I highly recommend starting with this series It's very well written and a lot of fun Not to mention the recipes that are included in each book are AMAZING Yes I have been known to try out a few and have loved them Anyways this is the third book in the series and follows Hannah Swensen owner of The Cookie Jar as she finds yet another dead body and sets out to find the killer

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    Another fun easy read in the Hannah Swensen Mystery series

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    If you like a light reading mystery novel you'll enjoy this book If you like an exciting and intriguing suspense full of surprises and twists and turns you'll want to pass However if you like baking recipes you'll LOVE this book If you only can eat Gluten Free then you'll hate the recipes Same goes for lo cal fat free lo carb Atkins etc If you like simple to follow clues and easy to read dialogue you'll like this book If you hate simple to follow clues and easy to read dialogue then you'll REALLY hate this book In the end it was entertaining at best and completely frustrating and annoying at worst A lot of the dialogue is very pedestrian and at times not realistic I really couldn't see some of the conversations every happening in real life Hannah is a baker and she's demanding facts and clues from people she's interviewing and they comply Without asking for a lawyer She takes it upon herself to completely disregard police orders and protocols to solve a murder because her poor widdle shop has been closed down until the forensics team finishes their investigation of the murder which took place in her business Of course it happened at the most inconvenient time during a Winter carnival her little town is hosting Don't you hate it when murders and personal tragedy ruin your chance to increase your profit margin? Things just work out a little too perfectly for Hannah She catches the killer oops spoiler or is it? not really gets to bake all of her cookies helps a friend discover her past and even gets both guys Can she do no wrong? If not for the recipes this novel might have been a complete loss for me

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    Brief summaryHannah Swensen is really good at finding dead bodies In this book she finds the body of a famous cookbook authortv celebrity chef in the kitchen of her bakeryWhat I likedA few of the recipes look really good I think I'm going to try the blueberry muffin one I like the addition of blueberry pie filling in the batter What I didn't likeUnfortunately most of this book The characters are so flat to me I don't feel like I'm a part of the story at all Hannah's love interests aren't that interesting and I felt like she should just drop them bothBrief thoughtsI wasn't a big fan of Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder but I decided to give the Hannah Swensen series another try Apparently I missed book #2 but I didn't feel lost I'm officially throwing in the towel on this series but that doesn't mean other people out there won't like Hannah's stories They just aren't for me

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    Another winner from Joanne Fluke; apart from it being a bit too lengthy for a cozy mystery as far as I'm concerned I enjoyed reading this well written and thought out third installment of the Hannah Swensen series It was truly a delightful read The main character Hannah Swensen is likable and great as ever She is tactless in every sense of the word and negatively blunt when she is ought to be careful in her delivery but I actually like her for telling it like it is and not too feminine like using her femininity as a weapon to elicit information out of others That she is physically capable to take on the murderer as usual also added to the entertainment she is certainly one of my favorite fictional characters On the contrary Andrea got on my nerves here and there in this book I knew she always cares about her appearance but wearing a fashionable yet totally unpractical winter coat for a Snowman Contest where you are most likely to get dirty was a bit too exasperating for me Her shallowness was particularly emphasized in this book which rubbed me the wrong way yet I must also admit her uick wittedness complements what Hannah is lacking and I assume Hannah and Andrea make a good sleuth team after all This may be only me but I always feel the introductory part the buildup before finding the first dead body is the strongest in the book The character dynamics are vividly delineated and the story buildup including the home drama aspect surrounding Hannah is always strong I even think this series is entertaining enough without any mystery going on While I so enjoyed reading this book there's a tiny yet niggling complaint about this book; as I briefly mentioned I thought this book was a bit too long for me The plot is well contemplated and murder aspect is beautifully intertwined with the home drama part all the hintsintriguesred herrings which kept me guessing throughout the book made a perfect sense in the end but again it was a bit too long to remember everything that's happened in the book I had to search in the book where a certain thing actually mentionedhappened which was a bit of a hassle for me I wish it were a bit shorter like less than 300 pages tops and I think I would have enjoyed this book much better than I did That said though it doesn't change the fact I absolutely liked this third installmentI am real curious to know to which man Hannah's affection sways in the future between Norman and Mike I'm personally in Team Norman but we'll see what happens as we're further into the seriesThis book put me in a mood for another Joanne Fluke it's like comfort food that you swear by and I have a strong hunch that I will enjoy the next book as well

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