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A young veteran of the US Army River Roulet is struggling to shake the horrors of his past War is behind him but the memories remain Desperate to distract himself from the images haunting him daily River abandons the world he knows and flees to the country he's always dreamed of visiting BrazilRio de Janeiro is everything he hoped for and In the lead up to Carnaval the city is alight with music energy and life With a few friends at his side River seems to be pulling his life together at lastThen he meets the enchanting Natal an impassioned journalist and free spirit who lives with the gangster that rules much of RioAs their romance blossoms River and Natal flee together into the interior of Brazil where they are pursued by the sadistic drug lord Tio Amato and his men When River is forced to kill one of those men the chase becomes even deadlier Not only is the powerful drug boss after them the Brazilian government is on their trail as wellWill the two lovers escape and will River ever be free of the bloody memories that haunt him?This audiobook adventure is eual parts passion and suspense enhanced by the vivid backdrop of Brazil

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    The handsome Chad Michael Murray co wrote a book Feels like Lucas Scott from One Tree Hill

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    American Drifter by Heather Graham and Chad Michael Murray was a very pleasant find The novel is about River an American war veteran battling PTSD while visiting and touring Rio De Janeiro River has been staying in a local hostel and has been befriended by the owner of the hostel the hostel maid and a local man happy with just getting by River is afflicted with flashbacks and nightmares while trying to enjoy his time in Rio De Janeiro in the best ways that he can River becomes enad with a local mysterious beautiful young woman Natal while running afoul of a local drug kingpinAmerican Drifter is an enjoyable crime thriller that keeps the reader engaged and is an excellent fun novel to read for enjoyment The ending comes along with a touching surprise that is neither unbelievable or contrived Very recommended

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    I received an early copy from Tor ForgeMacmillan in exchange for this honest reviewIf you know me then you know I am a diehard fan of One Tree Hill Naley Brooke Davis brooding Lucas all of it I’ve probably binged it like six times Yes I am disappointed that Netflix removed it I’ll hold that grudge foreverSo I was very excited to find out this past year that Chad Michael Murray actually lived out the Lucas Scott persona and collaborated with Heather Graham a well renowned author of romance thriller and drama You bet your hide I was going be all over thatAmerican Drifter is set in Brazil most notably Rio during Carnaval River is a veteran and is basically backpacking throughout the city and sleeping in different rooms assigned by his friend Beluga When he sleeps he continues to have war nightmares than likely brought on by his PTSD While in Rio he meets Natal and finds out that she is living with a notorious drug lord named Tio Amato What unfolds is truly something epic and initially heartbreaking DetailsI really enjoyed the visual aspect given in this book Heather and Chad both described the colorful feeling and personality of Rio especially during Carnaval There wasn’t a moment in the book where something exciting wasn’t going on It actually clashes with the premise of the story itself but it clashes in a good way with what River must do in order to ignore his nightmares and put his PTSD aside RiverLike I said River is a war veteran From what I gathered he could be either approaching 30 or in his early thirties It’s clear though that he isn’t getting any gray hair He almost has two personalities; violent and gentle He doesn’t like to see any kind of abuse For example he rescues I mean steals a starved dog from the street and he gets defensive when Natal has a black eye Latching on to that his immediate reaction to the black eye is to go after Tio His aggression towards Tio is a major aspect of the novel because Tio is a bad man The way River sees it Tio needs to suffer and pay for his crimes River is a good guy but when you realize what is truly going on with him it’s really heartbreaking All in all I loved how Chad and Heather built up his character towards the end It was truly shocking NatalShe’s a young woman in Rio but is kind of like a gypsy She believes in acting as a free woman and finding the good in life She constantly refers to herself as a free spirit and it honestly makes me want to go to Rio If this is truly how people down there act I’d gladly go there to get away from what’s happening in America Everybody is so happy and Natal is the epitome of it all She shows River so many landmarks different parts of Rio and just how to smile and be happy without really giving a fuck about most anything When reading her character you can feel that energy that’s been written into her I don’t think I’ve had that kind of experience before when reading a book The Bottom LineThis story is a short read and it’s fast but I think that is the point Everything in Rio happens so fast and is so exciting That’s what this book is It’s exciting and its inevitable lead up to the ending is almost like crashing down to the Earth from cloud nine The ultimate epiphany in the book really shocked me and I think it will shock everybody else Chad and Heather have truly written a thrilling novel that all in all teaches us that life has to go on even after the most tragic of events

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    i'm fascinated murray??? really? the last celebrity i ever expected to write a book i'm actually fairly excited XD

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    Until the government and the people stop discerning between color faith and original ethnicity not all Americans will truly be free

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    Of course Carnaval This book sounds like every stereotype of Brazil but I'll read it anyways because I want to see what they did with my country haha

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    Omg this is for real I'm laughing so hard I saw the synopsis for this on Twitter but I honestly thought it was a joke or a fake news thingRiver goes to Rio which literally means river in portuguese meets a girl named Natal literally Christmas who lives with ding ding ding a drug lord Tio Amato what the hell kind of name is that? Tio means uncle Amato idk it sounds like lover in Italian or something This makes it very hard to believe any research was even done at all and when I say research I mean simply googling the namesAlso Carnival Rio drug lord rainforest there's probably soccer or some mulata dancing samba somewhere in it I'm sure can't miss one if you already have all the other clichés right? HahahSorry if I sound mean guys not the intention seriously I'm not even mad I'm actually laughing cause this sounds so absurd it's hilarious I even wanna read the book now I'm sure I'll lol a lot

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    The AudioBook is narrated by Chad Micheal Murray Enough said

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    Between three and four stars Entertaining I'm curious about Heather Graham's other books because I will admit that a good chunk of my decision to pick this up was due to Chad Michael Murray's involvement and that I recognized her name

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    I chose to read American Drifter for two reasons 1 It was listed even on the front cover as a thriller 2 Good Read readers gave it almost a 4 star rating This is my first Heather Graham novel so I cannot compare to any of her own novels and I've not heard of Chad Michael Murray this being his debut I do not watch prime time TV but he was very cute on the back cover I HATE writing 1 star reviews as I know that 1 there will always be readers that might not read the book due to my review and 2 I know that all authors love their work and I do respect the time that they put into writing a book Lots of reviews wer 4 5 stars but this book did nothing for me I realize I am in the minority for not liking this book but as much as I wanted to like it I didn't It was very far from being a thriller; it was of a romance which is not my typical genre of choice I did not care for the writing style; it was choppy and stilted and repetitive The continually same short descriptions of Rio got to be boringTrying to lose the remnants of war and suffering for PTSD River Roulet the name was very Harleuinn esue heads to Rio Brasil to lose himself in another culture; he meets a woman and falls in list deeply At one point of the story I was impressed with the amount of Brasilian history that was told The ending groan did nothing to redeem the story for me; at that point it just failed to impress me Too many repetitions and cliches for me