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For fans of Penny Wylder Willow Winters and Olivia Chase I have a reputation Bad Boy Alpha Male Ruthless Businessman I was young when my mother left me She left me broken and alone That does something to a man It made me cold hard shattered and unable to trust It caused me to lose the one woman I ever felt anything for I thought I’d lost her forever When she came back into my life I felt my fragile world open up But as she got closer to me my dark desires threatened to overtake us I may have lost her years ago but this time will be different As she succumbs to my dark fantasies she will be forever Mine Shattered is a Bad Boy romance with a HFN ending with NO cheating It is the second book in the Insatiable trilogy 

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    I liked where Ashton Blackthorne is going with his story It had all the components that I like in a romance It is a hot read Most people will love this story For me it was pretty sexy Would have liked to see character development Unfortunately when books are short like this they have to move fast to get to the meat of the the story

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    Shattered Ashton Blackthorne's second book in the Insatiable Series exceeded my expectations The scene with Veronica suatting above the mirror was so totally hotThe undeniably sexy Mr Blackthorne learns to admit his love for Veronica only to be betrayed once again by a significant female in his life To learn the reasons behind the inception of Blackthorne International and the Wicked Pen Writers is insightful and intriguing I cannot wait to read the next instalment of this series

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    HOLY If i could leave than 5 i would this book had me hooked from start think i have another book boyfriend ashton is HOT and omg i just wanted to hold him and cuddle him by time i got to end of book not gonna give spoiler you will have to download and read it MR B you done it again you absolutely knocked it out of the park with this series x

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    The Wicked Ride ContinuesAshton Blackthorne drew us into his world of power and sex with Broken and continues to hold the reins tight with Shattered With the second installment of the Insatiable series Blackthorne takes us deeper into his story and there is no looking back As his experiences are shared the reader longs to see where he will lead them Indeed a wicked ride

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    Two and a half starsShattered” by Ashton Blackthorne is the second of the 'bad boy romance' series that follows life through his eyes This book picks up at the point where Ashton has reconnected with 'Veronica' who has driven him to distraction in the past and is associated with thwarting his goal of a hostile takeover of a company He is rocked by the revelation I didn't like this series despite the fact I really tried Several factors contributed to this failure minimal BDSM content a smug self indulgent protagonist and stilted plot lines Scenes in this book felt repetitious To be fair I read it during my hospitalization when I was sick and anxious so perhaps my expectations were excessive On the plus side this book is short easily read and doesn't have any major editorial issues This book claims BDSM themes and maybe some dubious consent that could disturb sensitive readersI received a copy from the author through the BDSM group TPE bar in exchange for an honest review

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    SHATTEREDa superb and sexy readThe second book in Ashton Blackthorne's Insatiable trilogy SHATTERED is just as good if not better than the first This one delves deeper into the mystery behnd the manPicking up where Book One concluded Ash comes face to face with Veronica the woman he desires the most but can never love Or is that just a fallacy? Delving into the background of Ash's relationship with Veronica is what this book mainly deals with It gave me a greater understanding of why Mr Blackthorne is unable to have a real reltionship with a woman simply because the one he loved even though he was afraid to admit to that actual emotion he let get awayI loved this book mainly because we were privileged enough to witness a dominant Ash both in the bedroom and in his business dealings Dominant Ash is the perfect alpha male strong ruthless forceful and extremely commanding no matter what the situation is This man is the epitome of sexiness The ending surprised me though a man betrayed once will NEVER allow for it to happen again I look forward to thhe third book BOUND TO HIM It will be interesting to see what is in store for the reader nextRead and Reviewed for Reading Is Our Satisfaction BlogFIVE STARS

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    Oh Hell I Did Not Expect ThatCan a Broken man overcome his past and find his way to love and trust without being Shattered?Here is an incredible tale of an alpha bad boy climbing the ladder of excess and success He has it all just name it Except he isn't willing or able to commit himself in a relationship There are very specific reasons outlined in the first book in this series Broken He finds himself faced with the only person he has ever had a long term relationship with and goes through an obstacle course of self reflection and evaluation that is steaming hot and as sensual as everAlong the road we are privy to the bumps and turbulence experienced in his professional life All of this culminates in the chronicles that Ashton Blackthorne hails his autobiography5 stars for this second installment in The Insatiable Series This is a HFN with No Cheating Definitely an Over 18 age book but beautifully written Enjoy

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    My heart goes out to Ash as I continued to read his life story Shattered is a continuance of his first book BrokenHow the boy grew to be a man without wanting to know or feel love But there is always one woman that was in his heart he just didn’t want to acknowledge her or it as love Until the day he finally let it all out and she too betrayed him just like his mother did so many years ago I’m not for sure where his life story goes from here since that is where he leaves us hanging but I hope he can pick up his heart and spirit and go to the one woman I think will never betray him I do know that now I can’t wait for the next installment of his life story I also want to thank him for this refreshing book There are a lot of books out there with a dark alpha male that gets his girl in the end and it’s the same plot over and over But these books are different I know it’s his story doesn’t or hasn’t gotten the right girl yet

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    If you loved Broken you will definitely love this Shattered lets us see deeper into Ash's emotions on his journey of learning to love and trust againVeronica coming back into his life is a huge part of that After a night at his club in Vegas he begins to realize the true meaning of his feelings for her They delve a little bit further into their sexual desires learning of what they both find beyond pleasurable Everything seems to be falling into place first with the deal Ash was working on then with the only woman Ash has ever truly cared for Just when it seems he may get his happy ever after something happens that shatters him to the core yet again Find out what happens to Ash in this second installment of the Inastiable series

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    WowFollowing the return of Veronica and spending the night with her Ashton gets the shares that he wanted to celebrate the deal Ashton decides to go to Vegas to checkout his strip club The scene is set hot women and plenty of them all ready to see to Ashton's needs just as things are about to get dirty he recieves a text from Veronica and following that he can not think of anyone else is he in love? Back home Ashton is feeling great and has a new business idea not giving any spoiler here Again this gives an insight into the world of the man who is Ashton Blackthorne and it is another steamy read cannot wait for book 3