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Harlequin Reissue Of Taken And Say Yes TakenThings Are Heating Up Between Security Expert Dillon Jones And The Notorious Virginia Johnson They Re Trying To Find Out Who Framed Dillon S Brother For Embezzlement As They Search For The Truth, Dillon Can T Help But Draw Closer To Feisty Virginia His Code Of Honor Is Barely Keeping Him In Check But Leave It To A Take Charge Woman To Take What She Wants Say YesAfter Finding Her Now Former Fianc In Bed With Another Woman, Sara Simmons Decides That Love And Marriage Just Aren T For Her What She Needs Is A Hot Fling Enter Hunky Next Door Neighbor Gavin Blake But Gavin Is Playing For Keeps, And He S Vowed To Hold Out For Than Sex Begging Isn T Sara S Style But She Will If He Won T

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    The 1st story Taken I just did not care for at all It was dry and much too drug out It reminded me of an old black white B movie The 3 Stars go to the 2nd story Say Yes I liked it It was full of humor and romance.

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    Source LibraryTaken 3 StarsSay Yes 4 Stars

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    This book was very difficult for me to rate I really did not enjoy the first story, but I liked the second one Giving the book a 3 is pushing it for how I felt about Taken , but I felt that Say Yes deserves a 4 If possible I would rate the book overall as a 3.5 My problem with Taken was that I really did not like the characters, especially the heroine She was very abrasive, difficult to like, and I got truly tired of how much focus was given to her being overweight The hero was generally likeable, but I found his background and situation to be strange and not very feasible It also really annoyed me when the hero questioned why the heroine wanted to watch her weight and she replied that she was ten pounds overweight The hero responded with, More like twenty I thought that was a horrible line for a hero even though he went on to say he thought it looked good on her The characters from Say Yes were much likeable, although I worried about the heroine s antics at the very beginning of the book The hero is very sweet and knows from the start of the story that he wants the heroine in his life permanently He was a very tender beta hero who salvaged the entire book for me Taken finds Dillon Jones working as head of security for an athletic products company so that he can prove his younger brother innocent of embezzlement In order to gain the evidence he needs, he decides that he must pretend an attraction to one of the owners of the company, Virginia Jones, and become intimately involved with her Virginia is a very difficult, controlling woman, and Dillon is very surprised when he actually begins to like her When it becomes obvious to him that Virginia is in danger, Dillon decides that the only way to protect her while exonerating his brother is to drug and kidnap her Virginia is understandably upset, but soon trusts Dillon to sort the situation out When Dillon reveals the person behind both the embezzlement and the danger to Virginia, she will have to convince him that they will be able to mesh their seemingly conflicting lifestyles together In Say Yes, Gavin Blake is both amused and relieved when his normally sweet neighbor, Sara Simmons, chases his ex girlfriend, Karen, with a rake after finding her in bed with Sara s fiance, Ted Gavin s relief comes from the fact that he cares about Sara and knows that she would be better off with him than Ted He hasn t wanted to interfere in their relationship, but now that it is over, he plans to show Sara how he feels Sara s extreme embarrassment over her behavior causes her to avoid Gavin When Gavin finally finds a reason to be in her company, Sara lets him know that being badly burned has destroyed her trust in permanent relationships, and she has given up the idea of marriage Gavin knows that marriage with Sara is what he wants, so he has to find a way to convince her that they belong together forever When Gavin finds that Sara is having financial difficulty due to the payments on her house that he built, he convinces her to let him move in with her and share the responsibilities Gavin showers Sara with attention and affection, is always understanding, and sleeps in her bed, but doesn t become physically intimate with Sara right away He feels that acting on the temptation between them will leave her with no reason for marriage Finally, Gavin gives in to the physical attraction he feels, and although he and Sara become closer, it takes the antics of both of their exes before she is able to admit and declare her feelings.I enjoyed the second story in this book much than the first Aside from not feeling particularly sympathetic towards the characters, the reasoning for some of the events in Taken escaped me I do not understand why Dillon felt that Virginia s seduction would help him prove his brother s innocence, and I don t see drugging and kidnapping her as a reasonable, much less the only, way to keep her safe I found the second story, Say Yes, to be much better I liked the easygoing and accepting nature of Gavin and his determination to make Sara happy Sara was also likeable, with her attachment to creatures that no one else wanted I really didn t feel that the two stories belonged together in the same book.

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    Taken 4 5 Virginia Johnson is a middle child in a family where only the strong survive, and so she has She is a woman who shows no weakness, but is full of vulnerability Dillon is a security expert, masquerading as an employee, but what he s really trying to do is find out how to get his brother out of trouble from the false extortion charges that Virginia s older brother has come up with And Virginia is the key It won t be any problem seducing information out of her he s attracted to her, which is surprising to him since he doesn t even like her But Dillon starts to see who she really is and despite his determination to go through with his plans, he begins to think he ll regret hurting her First impression I figured that I would absolutely hate Virginia and that she would annoy me throughout the story Getting to understand her a little bit better and to really see those vulenrabilities she carries, was a game changer and suddenly, no matter how bossy or stubborn she got, I understood where she was coming from So in the end I liked hermuch as Dillon did Dillon was a great hero and I thought I wouldn t like him either who was a bit too concerned with having control, but he pretty much won me over in the scenes where he drugged Virginia in order to kidnap her His sympathy and guilt allowed me to forgive him and like him from then on And just saying, that was a pretty great scene as well I do think Virginia allowed the whole seductionand forgiveness thing just a little too soonshe should have held out for an apology or something This really was a pretty enjoyable story.Say Yes 2.5 5 just rounding up Sara finds her fiancee cheating on her and flies off the handle Gavin is thrilled because he finally has a chance to try for a relationship with her Only now, Sara has sworn off marriage and that s exactly what Gavin is looking for So he decides to tempt her, to show her how indispensable he can be to her life and to really show her what a healthy relationship looks like But Sara isn t done pushing for the fling that she wants, tempting Gavin at every turn And he s just as determined to hold off for a declaration of love.So the story itself wasn t so bad The premise is a little shaky I think with a woman who wasn t even in love with her fiancee getting so crazy angry and then swearing off marriage One would think she might draw the conclusion that the thing that was missing that might have made it work was actually love But no Sara is something of a neurotic mess and I just didn t find her or her tendency to collect animals all that charming But I give Gavin major props for patience and putting up with her Overall it was a fluffy sort of story which I think attempted humor but I didn t really go for it YMMV.

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    It was good , not my fav from her but i still enjoyed reading both stories.Taken The plot was ok but i found this story a little lacking , i liked Dillon he was cool and i understand why he was doing what he was doing but i still don t like seeing others use people , Virgina is a bit of a tight ass and i don t really care for her character i mean she really bossy and she orders people around , there were some funny parts when Dillon kidnapped Virgina , the other thing i didn t care for was that she and some of the other characters kept putting her down because she is a little over weight ,i didn t care for that at all.Say YesI liked this one the plot had a bit of the cheese factor but it was still fun to read, Gavin is so funny i really liked him, and Sara was ok again i didn t much care for her character ,some of the things she does i didn t like, i didn t really see what gavin saw in her , there were some really funny parts in the story and i enjoyed this one then the 1st story in the book.Overall it s an alright book but not my fav.

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    Things are heating up between security expert Dillon Jones and the notorious Virginia Johnson They re trying to find out who framed Dillon s brother for embezzlement As they search for the truth, Dillon can t help but draw closer to feisty Virginia His code of honor is barely keeping him in check but leave it to a take charge woman to take what she wants After finding her now former fianc in bed with another woman, Sara Simmons decides that love and marriage just aren t for her What she needs is a hot fling Enter hunky next door neighbor Gavin Blake But Gavin is playing for keeps, and he s vowed to hold out for than sex Begging isn t Sara s style but she will if he won t

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    Taken was a cute story A little cheesy, but overall it was enjoyable light reading Dillon s character is strong willed and manipulative when it suits him Virginia is a tough lady and incredibly stubborn, but Dillion is able to break through that barrier The ending is pretty sweet with just a touch of a twist This was a quick and easy read that left me smiling Kind of what I d call a feel good story I liked Say Yes better than Taken Still a light read, but fun Gavin s persistence is funny and Sarah s resistance is driving Gavin crazy The opening of the story his laugh out loud funny and I found that I smiled most of the time that I read the book Again it left me feeling good, but not necessarily wanting It had a cute ending

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    Taken Story about Dillon, a man working to clear his brothers name after being accused of embezzlement Virginia the boss of the company, his plan is to seduce her do he can gain access to her files At first I wad interested but it grew tiresome Say Yes The story starts out cute, the characters are likeable Gavin is contractor home builder who seems very capable and Sara was well , she worked in an office but she spent a lot of time at an animal shelter Gavin wants a relationship with Sara but doesn t want Sara to be scared off so he plays hard to get It became a joke and I really didn t care how it ended.

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    This is an older book by Lori Foster and contains two short stores Taken and Say Yes Taken is about a security expert who has another motive for getting hired on at a company His brother has been framed for embezzlement and he needs to find the guilty party But he didn t plan on falling in love with the sister who is the brains behind the company Say Yes is about two neighbors who are attracted to each other but have been involved with others Now both are free and he is determined to make her admit her love for him She is fed up with men and only wants animals for companionship It s up to him to convince her that there are good marriages and theirs would be great.

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    4 stars