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How do you save the United States President from himself? What if the President is incompetent to deal with the greatest crisis of all? Jack Ryan never thought he would have to ask those uestions as the world order changing he prepares the ground for the Middle Eastern peace plan that at last might be the one to workBut too many groups have invested too much blood Shunned by their erstwhile Soviet sponsors increasingly isolated by the realignment of the Mideast these terrorists have one desperate card to play reuiring a degree of ruthlessness never before seen With one terrible act the world is plunged into an instant nuclear crisis and the floundering President is plunged into the ultimate nightmare Forces collide Shots are exchanged What had seemed to be an isolated and horrible incident appears to each side as the incendiary mischief of the other With the world poised on the brink of nuclear war Ryan and his FBI counterpart Dan Murray frantically seek a solution before the chiefs of state lose control of themselves and the world

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    Oh thank God Thank God it's over I picked this up en route to Goa a few weeks ago and I seem to have been reading it forever As always Clancy's world is incredibly detailed and credible in many ways all the impressive for its sometime parallels to the world we live in today As ever the central plot is great As ever there's just too bloody much detail for anybody outside of the military to maintain much interest The characters are for the most part the same seven or eight core people given different names and accents and recycled at whim into a cast of thousands The thousands are too many to keep track of The detail of what they're doing is too monotonous and minuscule to do anything but slow the plot And while the writing is functional watch the inelegance of his point of view switches reuiring only a new paragraph to instigate making it occasionally an act of backtracking and deduction to work out whose thoughts you're trying to follow There's a good story buried in here but it's splashed over so pointlessly large a canvas as to reuire almost forensic reconstruction to be able to see it

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    It has been rud that permission to publish this book had to go all the way to the US Supreme Court and ever since then there is a standing court order that the CIA FBI and NSA receive advance copies of every Tom Clancy book a month before it goes to the publisher Why? Well this book tells you step by step in layman's language in exacting detail how you build a hydrogen bomb About the only thing that is left out is the exact amount of plutonium you would need This did not sit well with the powers that be and considered it to be an extreme threat to national security Clancy's lawyers pointed out that all of this information is available to the general public in any college library if someone is willing to take the time to look it up The court agreed and allowed the book to be published without any of the information being removedThe story starts during the 1967 Arab Israeli war By then Israel had already secretly developed atomic weapons Israel had a jet fighter loaded with an atomic bomb ready to scramble the atomic bomb was not armed but the plane was scrambled to go engage a group of tanks threatening the air base with the atomic bomb still attached During the battle the plane was straffed with 50 caliber machine gun fire and the bomb mounts were hit the bomb broke loose and came down in a farmers field The jet crashed before it could limp home and the pilot was killed Searches failed to locate the bomb Flashforward to the fall of the Berlin Wall Communist scientists desperate for money sell detronium or heavy water to the palistinian terrorists allowing them to convert the atomic bomb to a hydrogen bomb They decide that the Super Bowl will be the perfect target since it is televised and the Vice Presedent of the United States has box ticketsYou will be hanging by the edge of you seat waiting to see if they succeed

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    Wow wow slow down What? You never wrote a review for this book I didn't? No I didn'tLet's rectify thatIn general I like Clancy's books They are formulaic and cliche but also very entertaining convoluted with a good mix of politics technology and Ramboism The Sum of All Fears tries to tick all them boxes but it also adds another naivetyIt is rare to see giddy optimism in Clancy's books but he tried to wrap this one with an extra dose of sugar coated 'We are the World' whereby good things are born from evil In this book the evil is probably as evilly as it gets a nuclear weapon detonates on the US soilIn a way this is the American version of The Fourth Protocol In a nutshell the Israelis lose a nuke the Arabs find it smuggle it and spoil the Super Bowl Jack Ryan is in the middle of it of course This was written in 1991 and this book plus the seuel are considered strangely 'prophetic' Not so the happy resolution you get though In real life there ain't no happy resolutions after 123 minutes of hard packed actionWhile it has politics and less techno details than the previous books it's still rather enjoyable and it builds a nice story where seemingly small things have a huge impact in the end This is a combination of Poirot and Jane's Magazine except Poirot wears a string tie and cowboy boots and he drives a big pickup truck Sort ofLe limerickWhen Fowler got his office termJack got angry with the firmFootball and nukeThe alert was a flukeThe corny ending made me suirmIgor

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    This was a decent story but was very long in my opinion I struggled to follow with all the subplots and backstory information

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    Together with The Cardinal of the Kremlin my favorite Clancy Sure the stories stars to be a bit repetitive by now but if you know what you are in for and look upon this as it's own work it's brutally effective The Sum of all Fears is just that there are so many things converging that the sum is overwhelming The suspense and intensity does this story even if it is a long and not always fast moving one Forget about the horrible movie adaption the double mistake of casting Ben Affleck and not bothering with any fears but one didn't just make it inaptly named it got to be a totally different story

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    30 to 35 stars I am a big fan of Tom Clancy especially of his characters Jack Ryan and John Clark both of whom figure prominently in this Middle East thriller centering on Nuclear proliferation As good as Clancy is and as compelling as the story can be this one felt just TOO LONG to rate any higher With some strategic editing this one could have been amazing As it is it is still very good

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    This really had me going when I read it because it all seemed totally within the realm of possibility Gripping tale

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    Ben Affleck as Jack Ryan bahahahaJack Ryan is the Mary Sueist of all the characters in the history of this world

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    I finally got interested at about 600 pages no kidding for about 75 pages This was the worst book I've ever read there've been some other bad ones but I had the common sense not to finish them If I could take stars AWAY from a book I would At about 700 pages it got so tedious that I thought I wouldn't finish; why was I wasting my time? I had this thought a number of times while plowing through it After that I was saying 'Oh come on' because it became so outrageous A better title would have been 'The Sum of All Ridiculousness'A convoluted plot with numerous sub plots that I just knew would come to a logical conclusion instead came together in a contrived conclusion and some didn't come together at all There were sub plots about Ryan his wife Caroline who was called Cathy don't ask me why Dr Ryan as was JackRyanDr Ryan Another sub plot included President Fowler BobRobert ElizabethLizDr Elliot There were high low level Arabs Russians German military civilians the US Navy submarine destroyer officers enlisted Air Force pilots Pentagon personnel Israelis White House staff Oh the Japanese They had a small part too and the Mexicans Have I missed anyone? Chinese? No I don't think there were any mentionedThe sub plots were confusing but Clancy didn't think the story was complicated enough so he spiced it up by referring to people at various times by their first names last names full names nicknames titlesmultiple sometimes just their informal roles middle names terms of endearment the reader was supposed to remember who he was talking about Russian names? Forgetaboutit I soon lost interest in keeping up with them not just the RussiansSeveral hundred pages I'm sure were spent describing the inner workings ingredients of bombs submarines aircraft facilities for making them other dull stuff Who cares? Dozens of pages were spent describing football plays players which were background for the bombing but really dozens? An entire chapter was devoted to describing the inner workings of a bomb which fizzledGoodleyBenjaminBenDr Goodley was sent in by Dr ElliotLizElizabeth to spy on sabotage JackRyanDr Ryan then suddenly became his ally What was with that?'Why did she finish this book at all?' you ask At first I thought it would get better not then I felt I'd invested so much time in it I might as well finish then I wanted to finish it so I'd have good cause for writing this scathing reviewTom Clancy is a pompous know it all language cleaned up I won't be reading another of his booksThe almost five months spent reading this garbage were not entirely wasted I read almost 30 other books concurrently with this one most of which I enjoyed I'm not exaggerating I keep track of them on Goodreads

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    My copy has 1199 pages