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Lana Turner was the ultimate personification of the term “movie star” The actress and world class beauty lived the glamorous life to the hilt and was part of one of the most notorious scandals in Hollywood history Lana’s daughter Cheryl Crane now tells her mother’s story for the first time featuring hundreds of never before seen photos from her private family collection Lana The Memories the Myths the Movies will chronicle her life and 50 year career starting with the Cinderella story of a girl discovered at a soda shop at age fifteen and made a star overnight From blonde bombshell to box office ueen of the ’40s Lana led a whirlwind life marked by seven marriages and a murder trial that made her and her daughter infamousWhile Lana’s private adventures inspired the press her talent and provocative presence shone on the silver screen Her films The Postman Always Rings Twice The Bad and the Beautiful and Imitation of Life are extensively covered as part of a complete filmography And from chapters on her lovers to her makeup tips Lana will show the complete spectrum of the woman at work and at play The gorgeous photographs throughout showcase not only the stunning glamour of one of Hollywood’s classic celebrities but also reveal her other facets as a mother a wife an adventurer and above all a woman with a zest for life  

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    As far as high gloss pictorial biographies go this is outstanding Lana Turner was one of the most glamorous Hollywood actresses of the 40s and despite a tempestuous love life she sustained her career through the 50s and 60s With a text by her daughter Cheryl Crane co written by Cindy de La Hoz this book offers a uniue insight into the golden age of the studio system and the woman who survived it There are chapters on Lana's background image friends and lovers and each of her movies is examined in detail It's also a sumptuously presented book with gorgeous photos on every page the candid ones are most interesting of all given that like other stars of her era Lana so rarely let her mask slip publicly The tone is most definitely fan magazine but of the highest order I have read and enjoyed both of De La Hoz's books on Marilyn Monroe but this is De La Hoz's best work to date

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    Perhaps the best of this type of book I've ever seen this type being over sized crammed with pictures a little fan gushy but a terrific wallow if you're into the subject matter The photos are really amazing both posed and candid well as candid as a studio trained star could ever get anyway It's co written by Lana's daughter Cheryl Crane without an ax to grind so there are lots of personal details and unexpected tidbits Beautifully done

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book Cheryl Crane was very candid about her mother's life both private and personal But what I really enjoyed where the photographs from her personal and professional life They are all breathtakingly beautiful and help to tell of Lana's story than the words themselves It is a great addition to anyone's collection especially if you are a fan of old Hollywood

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    Very informative feel like I lived with the woman onlyissue the size of the book was cumbersome hard to hold heavy scared if I tried to read in the tubmy fave placeI'd be crushed by it

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    I really enjoyed reading this book and looking through all the beautiful photos put together by Cheryl Crane Lana's daughter The format was great a coffee table book with gorgeous photos but also a biography divided into various themes Told from her daughter's perspective the book divides up Lana's life story into time with her family as well as her childhood her style her films her husbands and loves and her time at the studio among other things The pictures were beautiful and it was very interesting to have Cheryl's commentary throughout the book based on her personal experiences and what her mother had told her Great insight and enjoyable reading

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    What a gorgeous book of information and photos I didn't expect the book to be so big but it was a great treat to find huge glossy photos on nearly every page Lana's daughter Cheryl wrote a beautiful memoir that covered everything from when Lana was born to her last days I liked reading the story of her life then having a synopsis of every movie she made with her feelings on filming costumes co stars producers and what was happening in her life at that time This was a really fun read and I'm glad to have it in my collection

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    fantastic if you love Lana's movies

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    Really enjoyed the gorgeous pictures of Lana and the story of her life as told through her daughter’s eyes

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    I'm a complete classic movie nerd so it's no surprise I loved this thing I'm not even a huge Lana Turner fan but I was pretty riveted by this impressive coffee table book Tons and tons of gorgeous candid and studio photos of Ms Turner plus behind the scenes gossip courtesy of her daughter who Turner dated what her homes looked like how she dressed what she drove It was sort of like hanging out with Lana for a few days and getting an inside look into her very dramatic personal life If you dig old movie stars you must read this

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    I read this book just after finishing Detour Cheryl Crane's autobiography The pictures are beautiful evocating a time when Hollywood really was glamour personified The life and times of one our most popular movie stars of all time this book gave the reader a peek into her life This was interesting and a very good read