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When her grandfather dies Tamar inherits a box containing a series of clues and coded messages Out of the past another Tamar emerges a man involved in the terrifying world of resistance fighters in Nazi occupied Holland half a century before His story is one of passionate love jealousy and tragedy set against the daily fear and casual horror of the Second World War and unraveling it is about to transform Tamar’s life forever From acclaimed British sensation Mal Peet comes a masterful story of adventure love secrets and betrayal in time of war both past and present

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    Today I found out that Mal Peet passed away I am absolutely gutted that such a kind generous soul was taken away far too soon I think a reread of Tamar is due May you rest in peace You will be greatly missed I read this book back in '0708 because I luckily lived next door to Mal Peet and he gave me a copy a couple of days after publishing and I absolutely loved itIt is a beautiful story of love betrayal and life of two soldiers during WWII I'd give it a shot if I were you

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    I took me a while to get into this book It is not my usual choice of genre but I am glad I stuck with it This story takes place in 2 time periods and centers around 2 characters who share a name World War II Tamar is a British soldier stationed in The Nazi occupied Netherlands Present day Tamar named for her grandfather is facing several family crises The story is well crafted and has a twist at the end which you may or may not see coming The wartime section of the story really hit me It amazes me that the soldiers who fought in the war were able to return to any time of 'normal' life afterwards Bottom line masterfully told story especially appealing to WWII or general history buffs Holds appeal for both genders

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    I was uite disappointed in this novel It is advertised as the story of a young girl Tamar discovering secrets in her family having to do with espionage and WWII The story isn't from the girl's point of view until page 99 Before that and comprising most of the book is a third person narrative concerning two men in the Dutch resistance during 1944 The intrigue involving the resistance is not a new story or handled in uniue way It's a basic love triangle with WWII as the backdrop and uite predictable If I were a teen reading this book I would feel cheated Tamar's point of view makes up very little of story and is not much of an adventure

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    This book started much stronger than it finished It had great promise of mystery and intriguing to come However if you are at all an astute reader you catch the plot twist rather early on The mystery box of items that Tamar's grandfather leaves her with led me to believe that there would be a great unfolding of clues or truths throughout the story In the end all you get is a lengthy explanation from Tamar's estranged father which is a wordy and unfulfilling rehash of the story the reader receives in the flashbacks Also I was perturbed by the preternatural understanding that Tamar's grandfather had taken this bizarre journey too The story line in 1945 was interesting and there were some interesting historical nuggets but neither plot line contained any real build It was all very flat and at times there were so many characters that it became difficult to keep track of who was who I think I'm so frustrated because it had such potential but it was almost like the author didn't have a clear vision when they began writing

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    Young adult novel with adult language and themes which I read as nighttime reading with my 12 year old daughterI was really impressed with the novel which is a lot better than a basic description of the plot would implyI enjoyed among other aspects the way in captured the terror hunger but also boredom of being an SOE wireless operator in occupied Netherlands; the feuding between the Dutch resistance groups hard for a football fan not to draw some parallels; the burgeoning relationship between the two cousins; Dart’s complete misreading of Marijke’s every act and look; the lyrical descriptions of the countryside around the Tamar River; the various river metaphors both overt and subtle; the way in which it dealt with guilt and resentment and in one case in particular ignored any attempt at a happy ending; and complex characters like Tamar’s grandfather and the maverick Dutch resistance group leader

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    In such a short amount of space it’s difficult to touch on all the things that make Tamar a WWII historical novel unlike ones many teens and adults have ever encountered before It’s a human drama set into motion by events taking place during the great war which are often overlooked for bigger Hollywood depicted epic war films The hunger winter was real and the Nazis did attempt to starve the Dutch into submissionor trick Dutch men into signing up to work for the Nazis only to become todeskandidaten or “death candidates” for execution And so the story of Tamar Dart Marijke and Tamar circa 1995 begins here

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    I could not put this one down It is a book that could easily be enjoyed by adults as well as teens The writing is superior and this is a tale well told Completely engrossing and thrilling Here's a brief summary from the Fantastic Fiction websiteA thrilling and moving story about love betrayal and belonging When Tamar's grandfather an intensely private man falls from a balcony to his death he leaves behind a box with Tamar's name on it For a long time Tamar refuses even to think about ituntil one hot June day she opens it to reveal a series of clues and hidden messages from her grandfather She and her cousin Johannes follow the clues and discover that her name also belonged to someone else over half a century before; someone involved in the terrifying world of resistance fighters in Nazi occupied Holland during the Second World War As she pieces together the mystery her grandfather left behind another Tamar's story is unravelled; a story of passionate love jealousy and tragedy played out amongst the daily fear and horror of war Written with such detailed historical and emotional sweep this novel will stay with you long after you've turned the last page and is bound to attract child and adult readership

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    I read this at home while I also listened to The Goddess of Small Victories at work How do I so often manage to do this overlap my current stories? It's not intentional not usually It must be one of my secret superpowersAt any rate both books are WWII stories set against contemporary stories In this case Tamar is both the code name for a Danish spy for England in Denmark during WWII and the granddaughter who was named after himThis one was fairly different from most of the WWII stories I’ve read First it takes place in Denmark Second it follows the lives of spies and the resistance workers in a small Danish town in the winter rather than soldiers on the front or war wives on the homefront Running simultaneously is the tale of Tamar's granddaughter who is trying to find out why her beloved grandfather is dead Her grandmother was struck with dementia some time ago and has no information to share All that's left are some clues in a box left behind for child TamarI felt this to be well written engaging and uietly suspenseful

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    this is a good book it's good in the way good books are good a good solid goodbook a readable book a book you want to go back to night after night a book that makes you anxious to see how it ends a book with good sentences good words a good story a book where people love each other a book where people hate each other a book where there is danger and there is respite a suspenseful book a book that makes you hungry a books that makes you happy you are not cold and you are not because you live in miami and this is like the warmest winter since south florida was shaped by the planet earth a book you like to hold a book with a good cover good typeface and good substantial pages this is a good book like good books are good like good cups of tea are good like good clean toilets are good like good walks are good like a good warm blanket would be good if you weren't in miami in the warmest winter since the beginning of the planet like a good bath is good and a good shower like a good breakfast is good not though like a good soft dog is good or a good fresh glass of clean water out of the tap or a good hike in pristine mountains or a really good pair of shoes shoes you want to walk in a long time because when you wear them you don't feel your feet so it feels like you can go on forever or like a good healthy body is good and a good healthy mind or a good good friend a friend you can spend hours with a friend who makes you laugh a friend who gets it a friend who when you see them you break into this big great grin and the day is suddenly so good so full of sun or like a good song a song that sinks into your mind and alters the workings of your synapses and suddenly you feel pretty fucking happy or satisfied but not just satisfied like at the end of a decent day satisfied like at the end of lovely tender sex with someone you like a lot whose hands you like a lot whose skin you like a lot whose breath you like like likeso this is a good book but good only in the sense in which all the things in the first paragraph are good not in the sense in which the things in the second paragraph are good and i realize that good the way i use it here is subjective and that people might find a good warm blanket closer to a good soft dog than to a good walk but this is how i see things and to me the things in the first paragraph are good in a different lesser way than the things in the second paragraph at the time of my writing of this review which is january 13 2013 in the hottest winter in the history of the known world

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    It took me forever to finish this book for one simple reason I suspected the big betrayal since the prologue and I was right So it was kind of predictable for me I liked how the betrayal developped because it was well thought and the obsessive passion was believable BUT the whole time I was reading I was like “Yep I think I know what this is all about” so it was a little boring for me My second critiue is that the first half of the book was utterly BORING because the activities of the resistance weren’t really explained You get the drill but the puzzle it’s not clearI didn’t enjoy this book that much because of that things but it’s nota ll bad The characters and their evolution is well constituted so you get at the ending why the thing that happens happens Trying to keep this spoiler freeI also liked that it was set in two different times 1944 and 1995 so you can see the aftereffect of the war in people and what happened to everyone But I think the ending needed 10 pages because it was a little inconclusive por example what happened to Tamar’s Mom? She will never find out? And what about her father he’s going to stay with those feelings forever? And how is Tamar dealing with all of this? Yes she’s upset but it just says that she’s sab and can’t deal The idea of a character os to deal with stuff and the ending at least think about it You are just blocking it from your mind? I don’t know I believe it tried to be and open ending but couldn’t actually get thereI picked up this book because I love WW2 novels and even thought in the second half of the book were some interesting resistance activities and encounters with the Germans the whole story didn’t do it for me