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Hunter Miller Sees Demons The Terrifying Shadows Engulf Him And Everyone He Knows Yet Nobody Else Notices Their PresenceHunter Can T Escape Them, So He Sets Out To Understand Them Why Do They Follow Him What Are They Trying To Tell Him In This First Installment Of The Master Of Perceptions Series, Pre Teen Hunter Discovers That Every Sensation The Demons Produce Whether It Be Sight, Sound, Texture, Flavor, Or Smell Has A Different Meaning, And That By Breaking This Code, He Just Might Be Able To Harness Their Power

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    While he speaks, I struggle against the demons, overwhelmed by my internal battle New Hampshire author Darin C Brown earned a bachelor degree in engineering physics, a master s degree in biomedical engineering from Cornell, and a PhD in biophysics from the University of Illinois He has been an ER doctor, but now devotes his time to writing, acting, and directing theater as well as to an active and honored sports life Darin makes his debut with volume one of The Master of Perceptions series If THE SIGHT OF DEMONS is indicative of the depth of character development and the unique line of story we can expect in subsequent books, then it is all the important to read this volume carefully.The primary character of this story is an autistic child, Hunter Miller, who sees demons that no one else can see In the moving Prologue Darin describes the visions The gigantic blue demon swims around me, engulfing my entire body with its long tentacles Other demons of varying colors sparkle beyond, but the horrifying blue apparition occupies all my attention I open my eyes, hoping the sights of the everyday world will make it go away, but it still slithers around me, unwilling to loosen its grip In a panic, I jump back into the nothingness, certain I m fortunate to escape with my life I keep my eyes closed, but it doesn t help They re here I still see the sparkling colors My empty hands feel textures I smell odors and taste flavors even though my mouth is empty I can t stop any of it If I open my eyes, the sensations superimpose themselves on the sights all around me The demons They re out to get me But I never let them as soon as they get close enough, I retreat inside myself, where they can t follow Safety awaits me in the emptiness, and I go there whenever the fear grips me I visit this world the one outside myself infrequently, because the demons are always there, ready to pounce They bombard me with their myriad of unwanted sensations Falling off into my own private universe happens automatically While some would discard this gift as part of a mental disarrangement, Darin makes the demons represent the challenges facing an autistic child and how Hunter grapples with what he perceives as real he gradually learns to accept them as particular abilities The manner in which this occurs is not only a credible story but also a flag to readers to reconsider the mind of autistic children or even a study of how childhood trauma affects the mental development of many children today Exceptionally well written, this book makes us eager for the next volume to appear Highly Recommended on many levels.

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    An intriguing and well written story of a boy diagnosed with an extreme form of autism but we find out it may be something much than that This is, in a way, a story of childhood trauma, the power of self will, and the emergence of a new kind of super hero Once I caught on, I kind of delighted in the long emergence from the void the young main character experiences, which includes meticulous chess and anatomy lessons taught by his grandfather, and the process of him learning about his abilities I found the book hypnotic in its deliberate pace, imagery, and attention to detail I would classify this as a story for teens, but enjoyed it myself as an adult.

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    Received this ebook as part of a Goodreads giveaway, here is my reviewI wanted so much to give this stars but will leave it at 3.5 stars because of how long it took me to read this I had a hard time getting into but it was pretty good I think the child s thoughts were a bit too detailed but maybe that s because of the autism spectrum he s on shrugs I loved the idea of the book but just didn t capture my attention like I thought it would Maybe I ll try and read it again in the future to see if I feel differently about this book I would recommend this to my friends.

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    I am normally not into this kind of stories but this one surprised me It was not over the top as most of the stories with people that are different are It caught me from first to last chapter I read it in one setting because I had to know what happened next Well written and with nice storyline and plot The characters are well described and they develop nicely through the story The theme about an autistic boy is amazing It is unique but also handles the issue in a way that was intriguing and exceptional It is writting with mystery, development, finding yourself and emotions.Absolutely recommendable to others.

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    Young Hunter is not your average pre teen He has been diagnosed with autism, but he is much than this diagnosis Hunter is a remarkable boy, yet he feels like he is trapped in his own head by visions of demons is this just how this particular autistic boy deals with the world, shutting out what is difficult to engage in, or is there to Hunter s visions With The Sight of Demons Dr, Darin C Brown has brought us into Hunter s world and showed us that everyone has the potential to be remarkable, and that each person is special, whilst also smashing preconceptions about autism He is so empathetic towards his protagonists and you can t help but root for him from the very first chapter The story is a joy to read and it is really rewarding to see Hunter come out of his shell and realise just how powerful he can bea great read

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    Interesting and fascinating reading I want to share my impressions after reading The Sight of Demons by Darin Brown I really liked to read that book, because the book was written in nice language, and I was able to read it in two days, because my interest with each page raised and It is simply impossible to stop reading.This book is about an autistic boy with unusual abilities I believe that in this way the author wanted show a reader how it is to live with such a diagnosis, and the reader could look through the eyes of the boy at the everyday world and understand that it s different I liked the author s style and the characters he described Highly recommended

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    The Sight of Demons is an exemplary story about a boy named Hunter Hunter is an autistic pre teen who sees demons all around him that no one else can see In this story the reader gets to watch Hunter as he comes out into the world and discovers he has a power to see that others don t and how to harness it The story is unlike anything I have ever read before It is hard to describe the way in which the author, Dr Darin C Brown, writes from the perspective of a little boy struggling with his world and the ups and downs he takes on his journey Brown is an excellent writer and the language is intricate and mesmerizing I loved reading about Hunter and found him a sympathetic character that I became quickly fond of This is a wonderful story and I cannot wait to see

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    This is the first time I ve ever read anything from Brown, and I must say I m impressed with a first book in a series than I have been in a while.The story unfolds as a mystery does, bit by bit and revealing answers while raising questions.We watch the main character, an autistic kid, grow and flourish into who he really is.With that being said, the story does start a bit slow It took a bit to get into the swing of it, but once Brown settled in he took us for the ride we hoped for The writing is skillful, but could be paced evenly throughout Keep with the story, though, it s well worth your patience once you get past the first bit.

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    that the best solution to a problem often masqueraded as the simplest one Hunter, the only child of two PhDs, presented with such difficult issues, his Mother had been forced into a long term hiatus from her work as a geneticist to care for him Only after work forced her to return did Hunter begin to develop into his own person Still primarily non verbal, his awareness scores way above the rest of the members of his class And his frustration grows, causing some harm to himself until someone hands him a key, which opens both his abilities and his understanding.Hunter gets bullied and the result sends him across the country to spend the summer with his mother s father a medical doctor There is such a connection and Hunter begins to learn about how development happens, and, with that, begins his journey to revenge on the ones who bullied him.This book was a daunting task The story of Hunter Miller and his battles with himself started out so sad Mis diagnosed on the nonverbal end of the Autism Spectrum, everyone treated him as a kid with special needs Little did they know Does he like doing this My guess is no Hunter is a gentle soul who gets it Will you root for him Probably Does he believe in himself He learns how to My thought is that the author, Darin C.Brown, has left the ending wide open to see how Hunter uses his demons in the future Highly Recommended 5 5Trigger warnings bullying and it s response disclaimer I received this book from the publisher and voluntarily reviewed it

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    It did take me a little to get into the Sight of Demons, but that might be because I was unsure what it would all be about as I began It reminded me a little of Dean Koontz s Odd books, and I enjoyed them so that s a positive for me But this is no cheap imitation and Sight of Demons stands proudly as an original work on its own Plus even after I thought I had got my head around just what was happening there were still secrets to be revealed No spoilers, but I do recommend giving this one a go for yourself.