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In Kai Ashante Wilson's The Lamentation of Their Women the Prince of Darkness selects a young woman from the Bronx as his chief lieutenant Content warning for mature themes and graphic violenceAt the Publisher's reuest this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied

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    A dark vivid powerful angry passionate and somewhat ultra violent fantasy novella in which a young woman lashes out against police brutality I thought the first instance of violence seems a bit random and illogical I understand it's a revenge fantasy but I think it would have been better to see some set up for 'Nisha's frustration before it all starts But the story is definitely well written and I like it how the author doesn't spell out the answer to some open uestions but gives a few the hints and leaves it to reader to get it

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    might be time for a reread; it's timely for police simmering MOOD“Nigga this New York Ain’t nobody out here got no fucking driver’s license You better hand me that envelope”the writing in this story is so nearly perfect it's rough shit really ugly and hate filled fueled but his control over his storytelling is insanely good on the one hand it's a vivid splattery bloodbath that doesn't shy away from the carnage but with some of the other parts anhell's 'big sin' for example he just drops the subtle crumbs and you follow them and you get it without wilson ever having to use the words other strengths the voices of the characters are perfect and just spark up off the page his descriptions of new york are exactly right accurate sure but he uses the most pleasingly unexpected words to describe things i see every day the way he shapes his descriptive passages is my favorite thing about his writing he's fond of weaving real slang into his stories but also sliding in some of his own neologisms that make his stuff stand way out from anyone else's this man's fondness for hyphens and compound words makes my heart sing i definitely appreciate the anger in this story as a response to shit that keeps happening in the world describing the demonically assisted actuation of an impulse that is probably not uncommon and there is a cautionary tale here but it's just a whisper under all the violence there were some transitions i thought could have been tighter and i would have liked a bit clarity on some of the elements but it's so beautifully written that i loved it regardless this dude has a giftread it for yourself here to my blog

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    Rating 45 of fiveWhen you read this and why the hell wouldn't you be prepared The language is lovely the suede smooth flow of the words is addictive but the content is disturbing and the reality of its raw rage is a gut punch to the sedate and sheltered whitefolks likely to read a free Torcom story or a 99¢ Kindle shortThey fucked but that wasn’t it Neither was a puff or two off Anhell’s first blunt of the day nor coffee light and sweet bagel egg and cheese from the corner And no TV wasn’t it and not a nap and not fooling around again later in bed Nor staring out the window while Anhell played his videogames He that giveth thee all shall too expect somewhat in return O gluttons of murder wherefore do ye fast? Bring down the red rain for in hell we are greatly thirstingThe satanic apotheosis of Nisha and Anhell is eual to that of Mickey and Mallory in Natural Born Killers or Sailor and Lula in Wild at Heart I wonder that the events described in the story aren't playing out before out eyes There's a bloody justice to the devil's gift to the couple I wonder that Author Wilson didn't give the same gift via gawd's graceFree read at Torcom

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    They gotta keep shit looking a certain way for the messageSerious transgressive and pulpy Read this if you are not a fan of Trump’s America

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    The Lamentation of Their Women great title btw is an evil stinking pot of loathing blood and barbarity left to simmer on an outrageous revenge fantasy and served with a side of political depression Kai Ashante Wilson has an exceedingly powerful voice and he uses it in such an intense capacity that its impossible not to be swept up in the flood of his vitriol His story is very well written and politically charged which I'm aware is not for everyone His voice adds to the many that are speaking up against police brutality and racism in the US in an extreme way Of course hate plus hate does not lead to a happy ending This is in no way what the author is suggesting This is a revenge fantasy nothing utterly outrageous and exaggerated It's a twisted and violent It's uite a lot of fun The only reason I went for 3 stars is because I was not keen on the characters Both MCs feel very real very flawed running on sadism and I couldn't really enjoy them Plus I wanted a little information about some aspects of this story especially towards the end which seemed kind of sudden and didn't give me any kind of closure

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    I read this as a direct follow from A Taste of Honey and I am amused which I'm certain is not a word that anyone half sane would use in conjunction with this novella This novella is about a justifiably angry black woman Nisha from Brooklyn her dysfunctional relationship and what happens when the devil hands them cursed weapons and takes them for lieutenants in a world where 45 has indeed been elected and Jim Crow laws are back so what? two years from now? Here's a hint it doesn't go well for anyone They see black protestors on TV and Anhell says to her that he's about goddamn tired of seeing crying black women and for once wouldn't it be sweet to see some crying white people?I mean yes but no of course not We as somewhat civilized people think dude all white people in general don't need to die we need the white people doing the killing to stop abusing their authority We as angry people of all colors get real fucking tired of seeing people of color suffer and be blamed for that suffering as though white people were just standing to one side the whole time blameless and sweetly confused This story then is not just revenge fantasy; it's a vivid explicit rumination on what would happen if you take that angry person with not a lot to lose hand them a magical weapon that makes them want to do murder without conscience and then leave it to them to point it at the persons they think need killing It does not indeed take a genius to decide where those weapons are going to be pointed It should be self evident for anyone who's paying attentionThat said why am I amused? Because I just finished bitching about how A Taste of Honey reads like faux victorian anime boylove set in a really interesting fantasy setting and I am having some real trouble figuring out how we get to The Lamentation of Their Women from there or vice versa I kind of love that

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    Yum A sweet revenge fantasy for the trump era I can taste the blood on my tongue

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    The author is clearly highly intelligent and a very good writerI am all for embracing culture and real life is ugly no denying itThe Black Lives Matter Movement is important All lives matterRacial hatred is sadly deeply embedded in the American cultureHatred runs deep and it runs both ways This story appears to be proof of that Some are calling this story passionate It reads like psychotic revenge fantasy I would not want to embrace the culture in this story any than I would Aryan Nation white trash sentimentVery sad very ugly This isn't passion it's just scaryEdited to add Dr Martin Luther King is the example of passion for this movement all of us as Americans should honor and be proud of He educated himself he spoke with dignity This language the sentiment in this story is not his legacy It is not the legacy of Rosa Parks The black culture has a long history of dignity and honor that the characters in this story do not exemplify Be proud be who you are be the best We should all be responsible for setting our standard of behavior to something other than ugly

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    A short high octane violent story set in New York The writing is dark and moody full of deep descriptionIt doesn't shy from the violence of the story and uses vernacular appropriate for the New York setting and rolls from action scene to action scene Free from Torcom HERE

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    the perfect comfort read for 2020read it for free here violence