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A Notebook That Leads To Murder A Refrigerator Filled With Hands A Pit Of Dead Dogs An Accidental Suicide A Boy Buried Alive And Where Two Teenagers Linked By An Obsession With Murder And Torture Explore The Recesses Of Humanity S Dark Side

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    Book Review Goth By Newon Dennis This is a warning those who are extremely interesting in the cruel and mystifying world of horror and gore must read ahead, for they will find a review for a book so amazingly horrifying you will want to reread it over and over again Goth, is actually a book of short stories following the lives of its narrator known as Boku or I in the masculine terms of Japanese, and his strange acquaintance Yoru Morino Both in high school and both are literally and gruesomely obsessed with death Throughout the story you watch as Boku and Morino travel around with their good luck of picking up important evidence of many unsolved murders, as they try to find the culprits of all the murders they find interesting The female lead, Morino is constantly taken as a hostage leaving Boku to go and see how she dies But luckily, it always ends with Boku saving Morino in the end The theme for the book is very dark, including, suicide, murder, gore, and guilt And the characters design gives the theme and dark visual catch of all that is described in the story, and there isn t too much happening on one page, that could distract or confused you from the story There is also a good amount of horror and gore drawn very well, to give you a good chill up the spine Although it would be best for children under 16 to stay away from this book or thought that don t have the stomach for such things Due to the quick scenes of nudity and graphic scenes as the students go on their investigations of murders To me the most captivating accessory to the story was definitely the characters development and outlook on their situations Boku and Morino always head first into anything they believe is interesting Plus watching the developing relationship between the two main characters defiantly leaves you with a mind rattling thought of them Boku an interesting main character, mainly for his strange away of showing his feelings to Morino His obsession with death is truly strange and but alluring at the same time Even though his name isn t revealed till the end the reader can obviously be drawn into a love hate kind of relationship with Boku Mainly for the fact his wants to watch how Morino dies and has claimed many times that he would like to do the honors himself It is said in the first short story of the book that he would actually like to cut off and keep her hands And yet, he s never far behind when it comes to rescuing Morino from her captors Boku s past is never revealed in the book, not even his name is known until the final story of the book When he goes to save Morino once again from a murderer who actually has an obsession with her in general Yoru Morino One of my favorite characters in the story her unknown past always draws you into finding out why she so obsessed with death and where she received the blaring scar on her wrist although it can mostly be implied by the reader at she tried to commit suicide Her personality though can be quite confusing at some points, where at times she is completely cold and mysterious but during a certain story of the book her personality opens up strangely when she wears on the clothes that were found by the body of a girl who s murder interested her and Boku Of course that only got her into another dangerous situation where she was once again rescued by Boku Morino s past is also unknown to the reader until the last story I recommend that anyone who has the best capability to read and digest the manga world s most mind boggling horror story It will leave you wondering why there isn t a second book out yet And keep you updating and updating for the hopefully next released book.

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    Since this is my first manga read review OF ALL TIME, I decided to make a special rating system for every one from here on out My ratings for them will be the middle ground between the art style and the story line I will be reviewing paranormal horror manga exclusively until further notice and I m super excited about it I ve been meaning to start reading manga for EVER and I m glad that I finally had the opportunity to start now Cover 4 5Art style 5 5Story line 3.5 5This manga was recommended to me by an amazing lovely gal over on Instagram As soon as I heard the title, I was in 1,000% This manga is about two high school students, a boy and a girl, that are extremely fascinated by murder Borderline inspired by it One day, they find a notebook that belongs to an infamous murderer and the story takes off from there They always find themselves in the middle of some twisted crime scenes.I loved the darkness that oozed from every word As someone who watches Investigation Discovery almost religiously, it s no surprise that I was super intrigued by the different crimes in this book.I m giving this 3.7 stars since I loved the genre and premise, but I found myself confused by the timeline I felt like some key parts explanations were missing in order for me to grasp the story better I m sure that I should ve read the actually novel before the manga but no harm done I am trying to get my hands on the novel next week Also, this was adapted as a film and I will most definitely be watching it ASAP I don t recommend this to readers under 18.3.75 5 stars

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    This is one of the creepiest crime horror novels of all time The author was surprised at the way it was received in Japan, where it has won at least one major literary award as a mystery.The central character is a teen whose only clear career path is to grow up to be a serial killer I know of no other way to describe him.One of the key elements in the stories it s a novel made up of six interwoven stories is confusion of identity, but even so it came as a shock when I realized that the reader doesn t learn the name of the central character until near the end of the book.The central character is a strange, disconnected youth whose only enjoyment comes from considering death in all of its forms, especially violent death Otsuichi s skill in telling the story from that character s own viewpoint is disturbingly brilliant in most scenes I had a little trouble with a couple of the plot twists, which kept me from giving the book a fifth star Like in a lot of crime fiction, the police seem to be not only incompetent, but non existent, and that bothered me a bit Still, I highly recommend it IF you aren t squeamish The gore in the first section is pretty gruesome.

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    Another quick read I enjoyed the dark imagery and unusual dark plot line.

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    This one was a bit weird for me, but I found it compulsive reading anyway The content is a little brutal at times, falls on this side of disturbing, and plays mind games to boot The six interconnected stories are essentially mysteries there is a puzzle to solve for each one and the explanations can be fun But that s not quite my thing What did intrigue me were the two main characters, and the parade of killers they cross paths with Upon reading the author s afterword, I m convinced now that these stories are not meant to be taken as an exploration of humanity s dark side The killers we meet are inhuman and for the most part, lack human motivation They have a desire and compulsion to kill that is inexplicable and this is what separates them from the rest of us At one point the narrator explains to the reader It was clear enough that some humans killed other people or wanted to kill people, for no reason at all I didn t know if they became that way as they grew up, or if they were simply born that way The problem was, these people hid their true nature and lived ordinary lives They were hidden in the world, appearing no different from ordinary humans But one day they would have no choice but to kill They would have to leave their acceptable lives and go hunting.This is a chilling observation that may carry a fair amount of truth in it Sociopathic killers who walk among us bereft of any moral compass or empathy may not be broken humans, but an entirely different species in fact, not human at all They ve just learned to walk and talk like us Thinking about that scared the crap out of me and why the world Otsuichi creates is one in which I was eager to escape from, and one I m not eager to return to.

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    Decided to re read this It s been a long time since I read it first Man, I just love this story Or. These stories, I should say SO MORBID Haven t seen the movie yet But I will Oh, I will And I will probably be disappointed.

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    An edgy story with even edgier teenage characters and a surprisingly deep plot constructed in a very short amount of time.

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    I remember finding this oneshot in a lonely, humid summer night, and loving it immensely Reading this years after, it s easier to see things in retrospect The stories are interesting, but don t really go anywhere The plots themselves have hints of mystery suspense, but view spoiler not really They are solved by coincidence, in almost all cases hide spoiler

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    This is one of those mangas that works best with a heavy suspension of disbelief Plot points often lead to nowhere and there is a huge amount of convenient events throughout But, it s still rather enjoyable with its dark mood, macabre undertones and interesting characters.

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    GOTH by Otsuichi is an interesting book about a strange pair of friends attending a Japanese high school Morino is a beautiful girl who wears black and never smiles or mingles with society Her friend, the narrator of the book who goes unnamed , mingles easily with people and seems to be perfectly normal.They re both faking.And they re both obsessed with serial killers.Luckily for them, their town seems to be a magnet for them They stumble on one strange case after another, but they re not interested in solving murders or stopping them They just want to understand the killers.The writing is very good Tight and straightforward, propelling the story at a fast pace The characters themselves are interesting if a bit flat and sometimes too cool we spend a lot of time with the narrator, though Morino is the interesting character I wish she had screen time The serial killers are just as interesting if not , their crimes and methods obscene.The narrative sometimes jumps around between different people speaking in first person, and overall it s episodic That s because GOTH, while presented as a novel, isn t It s a collection of short stories centered on the same two main characters You ll enjoy it a lot knowing that going into it It explains why the duo keep bumping into one serial killer after another and solving the crimes so handily The author also explains this in the afterword which should have been the foreword by stating the serial killers are Japanese mythical evil spirits but don t know it, drawn to this particular place and, for some reason, to Morino The narrator himself may be one as well.Overall, GOTH isn t your normal horror fare It s a good horror read, about two fans of freaks who keep engaging with them, learning about them.