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BEST LAID PLANSWhen Cody Johnson first caught sight of structural engineer Abra Wilson he thought of endless possibilities She had style and confidence and was distracting as hell She'd called his design an impractical piece of fancy but then he'd always preferred frankness to subtletiesAbra had met men like Cody before They usually thought they could smile their wa out of trouble and this overconfident East Coast architect was no exception She'd told him to back off but he wasn't listeningFriction was inevitable but when sparks turned to flames of passion could either of them take the heat?

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    Ok We all know I am a HUGE Nora fan But this book left me cold The main characters kept ticking me off He is an arrogant ass who is also an architect He has designed a hotel in Arizona She is the engineer in charge on the building site The operative point is that she is in charge on the building site She is a woman who has spent years building up her reputation and he undermines her constantly She tells him a better way to make something work from a construction viewpoint and he all but pats her on the head while insisting they never deviate from his drawings My God man they weren't drawn in stone and brought down from the mountain by Moses He also laid a huge kiss on her in front of the crew I know that might sound mushy but when you're a woman trying to hang on to the respect of a bunch of workers it is condescending Especially if its after the old You're just so cute when you're mad screams in frustrated anger Lets see if the paramedics think I'm cute when we call them to haul your broken body to the hospital That's just me she lets it slide But of course he's sexy so she takes all his crap Romance ensues he becomes easier to endure Then he's nice and his protectiveness stops feeling like he thinks she can't do her job After a few things happen they get to their HEA And once again I'm to that uncomfortable place of realizing that if I was a character in a romance novel I would never have reached a HEA 🤷‍♀️

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    This book is about an architect named Cody and an engineer named Abra They become involved with each other when Cody travels to the Anigona desert to work on a job site He drew the plans for the beautiful structure that is going to be a resort He travels from Anigona to oversee the construction Abra is the engineer in charge of the site and she has not met many architects that she likes or respects Abra is strong willed sensible and tough enough to sand up to any of the male construction workers on the job Once Cody sets his eyes on her he finds himself falling for her Abra is not going to let that happen no matter how sexy she thinks he is They are constantly arguing and bickering As they get to know each other and are force to spend time together on the job Cody continues to try and date her Abra begins to let down her defense and give into him An accident on the job site changes everything for the both of them foreverThe story held my interest but I would recommend it for women in their thirties or fourties It was a nice story uick read but not something I would read again

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    My hopes for this book were low The book is late 1980s Nora Roberts sure but still 80s and that's been a miss than hit experience in the past for me I was glad to find this one an outlier in that respect however Abra and Cody are very 80s characters though and not just for their names Men and women are still working the kinks out of workplace relations in an eual opportunity era and that's very much on display in this book And I don't mean that in a bad way Indeed it lends the characters authenticity in their situation as I could really picture these two in the positions they find themselves in during that time Cody is a bit too domineering and almost self consciously macho Abra vacillates a little too much between confidence and insecurity Both were very likeable from the start and their relationship had great dynamicsA note about Steamy Standard for Nora Roberts at pretty much any time Pretty good sex scene and some minor playing around

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    A Harleuin style story of about 20 years ago that was such a waste of my time I did get some cleaning and gardening done while I listened so I guess it wasn't a complete wasteThis probably should be a 1 the audiobook reader had the voice and presentation of a perky high school cheerleader and I can't begin to explain how wrong that sounded

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    25ok but nothing to write home about pretty dated Also the heroine was being a bitch most of the time for absolutely no reason Man or woman who gives you the right to YELL at your workers? I would have slapped her across the face than once

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    Another no stress no drama straight forward love story I must admit I love the first book better than this one I really enjoyed it

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    The only thing that made this any better than your average romance novel was that each of the two main characters had a great sense of humor It was worth reading for that alone

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    This is a classic love story by Nora Roberts However it had a different tone than her normal writing Architect Cody designs structures that seem unrealistic to Engineer Abra and she has something to say about it She thinks that Cody is arrogant and doesn’t take the landscape into consideration not to mention the ridiculous waterfall he wants installed She is going to let him know the changes he needs to make But Cody is not open to suggestions or willing to bend in any part of his designs Cody and Abra go head to head multiple times and it turns into a relationship Can Cody convince her it’s worth having strings attached? When someone is seriously hurt in the job several things come to light The whole project comes to a halt which is heartbreaking to Cody as well as Abra because both have poured their heart and souls into the projects Can the job be salvaged? Will they admit their feelings to one another before it’s to late?

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    One of the better Roberts novels The romance felt naturally developed instead of rushed from an untenable start It was nice that Abra is a woman in a position of intelligence and power who doesn't abuse her position Her love interest is an eual and has the nice gently antagonistic position of wooing Abra without being largely unlikable to start Too many romance writers sometimes including Roberts have completely irredeemable men whom the leading lady inevitably falls for and you just can't understand why she would lower herself to it Overall a nice architecturally based romance with a little action thrown in for fun near the end

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    A good story full of emotions and stubbornness Two strong willed people working together to build a resort Each with different ways of looking at things and attracted to each otherI have read this story several times This is the first time listening via Audible Gia St Claire was not the worst but also far from the best narrator All the voices were distinctly female but also were mixed up on than one occasion It was distracting and took away from the story I recommend reading and forgoing the audio version