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Welcome to River Bluffs Indiana a cozy small town populated with charming homes close knit families and the occasional deadly secret   House flipper Jazzi Zanders and her cousin Jerod have found their latest project The property formerly owned by the late Cal Juniper is filled with debris that must be cleared before the real renovation begins But a trip to the attic reveals something disturbing than forgotten garbage—a skeleton wearing a locket and rings that Jazzi recognizes   Tests confirm that the bones belong to Jazzi’s aunt Lynda who everyone assumed moved to New York years ago after breaking up with Cal Soon enough the whole family is involved sifting through memories and rumors as they try to piece together what really happened to Lynda—and the baby she gave up for adoption In between investigating and remodeling Jazzi is falling for the old house’s charms—and for her gorgeous contractor Ansel But with surprises lurking in every nook and cranny a killer might be waiting to demolish her dreams for good

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    The Body in the Attic  by Judi Lynn is the first book in the all new cozy The Body mystery series Most that follow my reviews know I have a soft spot for small town stories and cozy mysteries so being from Indiana myself this series immediately caught my eye being set in a small town in my home state The Body in the Attic introduces readers to Jazzi Zanders who along with her cousin Jerod are in the flipping houses business Now if anyone isn't familiar with house flipping it's buying up properties at a low cost then renovating them to sell for profit I blame plenty of doctorhospital trips for my new found love of HGTV and these type of shows since they seem to air in waiting rooms everywhere So anyway back to the book Jazzi and Jerod obtain the home of a man that was once engaged to Jazzi's aunt who had left town years before and never contacted her family The homeowner had never married again and spent his life alone before passing from a heart attack When Jazzi and Jerod tackle cleaning the attic they come across an old trunk that when opened contain the bones of Jazzi's aunt Now with this almost thirty year old cold case hitting close to home it was easy to see why our protagonist would become involved in the outcome but don't worry the investigation takes a step up too when a current murder is discovered making the whole mystery side of this book easy to become engaged in However as much as I liked the setting mystery and even the characters this one had a down side in my opinion the romance I have no idea why in the world the author had to write the love interest for Jazzi as having a girlfriend but I'm not a fan of pushing in on someone else's man The side we get is how terrible said girlfriend is and that she doesn't deserve the guy but this only made me feel sorry for the unknown girlfriend So before I go into a long rant about respect and boundaries I'll just say if that hadn't been included I probably would have rated a lot higher than 35 stars I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit

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    I enjoy discovering authors who are new to me so I jumped at the chance to read this first mystery novel by Judi Lynn a romance novelist I don't usually read the romance genre at allbut decided to give this a try Nothing ventured nothing gained The Body in the Attic is the first book in the Body in the'' mystery series A second book The Body in the Wetlands'' will be out in 2019 Judi Lynn is the author of several romance books including the Mill Pond Romances series The basics Jasmine Jazzi'' Zanders flips houses along with her cousin Jerod After four years they are pretty good at it Most of the time they make good money This time their project is a home of a recently deceased family friend In fact the man was engaged to Jazzi's Aunt Lynda before she ran off to New York than 25 years ago and never came back Lynda was a bit of a wild free spirit having been engaged multiple times breaking it off with each man when she found someone interesting Jazzi and Jerod are both completely shocked when they begin cleaning out the attic and find a stained cedar trunk Inside is a skeleton red hair still clinging to the skull and a silver locket around its neck Aunt Lyndashe never ran off to New York after all When I reuest review copies of books I promise to give an honest review I carefully read each bookand then I give my honest opinion And I'm going to do that with this book just like all the others That being saidI really wanted to like this book I triedbut it really felt like a formula romance novel with a bit of mystery sprinkled on top A lot of fluff and little substance The plot of a long time missing family member being discovered dead is one that has been used so many times it just fell flat for me The minute I read the first chapter and learned about the missing aunt I knew they would find the body in the house There is very little character or settingbackground theme development The writing style is choppy and the mystery is just too simple with very little suspense or investigation I knew the identity of the killer before I even reached the half way point of the story This book just isn't for me That doesn't mean that others won't read it and absolutely love it I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book from Kensington via NetGalley All opinions expressed are entirely my own

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    The first book in A Jazzi Zanders Mystery series by Judi Lynn Jazzi and her cousin Jerod are house flippers In this book Jazzi and crew are working on an old house when they discover a trunk in the attic Upon opening the trunk they discover the remains of a body Not just any body but Jazzi's aunt Lynda who disappeared 26 years agoJazzi sleuths to discover what happened to her aunt Clearly she was killed but the family thought she had moved away to New York and decided to not remain in contact with them Needless to say they are surprised by her remains being found As the mystery unfolds the family learns about Lynda and her past especially her suitors A cozy mystery with humor and romance I like Jazzi's family and the house flipping projects The mystery was good though the way the detective involved Jazzi with the case was far fetched A light and fun read for fans of cozy mysteries

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    This is the first book in this series and the first I have ready by this author It was an easy ready and I enjoyed it Jazzi her family and Ansel are all likable characters I did enjoy that family was at the heart of this book Jazzi and her cousin flip houses and they get than they bargained for with their latest purchase Not only do they find the body of her aunt in the attic but they find the another body while digging in the back yard This sets up one mystery that happened in the past and one that was a recent murder The trouble is determining if the same person was responsible for both deaths While I did enjoy the story and the characters I had issues with the mystery and the romance in the book Let's start with the mystery For me it didn't feel like Jazzi really did any amateur sleuthing in the way we are used to seeing it in a cozy mystery Rather she would accompany the detective on the case to interview witnesses and he would share information with her I found this to be unbelievable The police would not just invite a civilian into the case at least not in the first book before a relationship between the protagonist and the detective has developed to that point Even then I still might have issues with how free the detective was in this book The other thing that I had an issue with was the romance I thought it happened way too uickly and detracted from the mystery aspect While I typically don't mind a romance for my cozy characters this one just felt rushed for a first book in a new series At times this felt like a romance with the mystery as a backstoryI voluntarily read a digital ARC provided to me by the publisher Lyrical Underground through Netgalley

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    The first book in a new series and the first time I read this author The writing flows easily and the main characters were developed This was class under mysteries but I felt it was a novel with the mystery as the major point in the story There were romances and I knew the killer early in the book I will read this author again There were happenings that I wonder aboutHouse flipper Jazzi Zanders and her cousin Jerod had brought a Cal Saunders house to rehab it It had been rented and the renter sold anything of value and destroy the house They found a lovely chest in the attic and upon opening it the found a skeleton The hands still had rings and Jazzi recognized them as belonging to her Aunt Lynda who went to New York City about twenty years ago and was never heard from again A short time later a second body was found buried in a shallow grave Ansel a friend and his dog had joined them to aid I the rehab of the house Jazz decided to buy the house for her large extended family affairs The story had a number of twists as the story unfolds What was the reason for the murders? How did the murder play out? I highly recommend this bookRecipes are includedDisclosure Many thanks to Lyrical Underground and NetGalley for a review copy The opinions expressed are my own

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    I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review forWhat a great start to this new cozy mystery series We meet Jazzi who is part of a house flipping team They buy what sounds like a cute house only to find not one but two bodies while renovating One of them happens to be her missing Aunt while the other is a surprise to them all Well written taking place in what sounds like a delightful Indiana town Full of home repair tidbits in between the investigating Perfect for fans of home improvement as well as mystery I really liked it so I give it 45 stars

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    The Body in the Attic by Judi Lynn was an intriguing read that hooked me from the first chapter Jazzi and Jerod are cousins who purchase homes and then flip them for resale MsLynn's writing was uite descriptive; and I often felt that I was in the house with Jazzi and Jerod as they worked to flip the recently purchased house I liked all of the characters and MsLynn created likable characters with their own uniue personalities as I got to know them better while reading Jazzi's family is tight knit and this helps Jazzi to supply clues to the detective The plot was smoothly paced with enough twists to keep me guessing throughout the story I only have one small complaint and that was how much the detective involved Jazzi into his interrogations I can easily suspend belief while reading fiction usually but this pushed it a little too far for me All in all this was a good cozy mystery and I enjoyed itI voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book from Lyrical Underground via NetGalley All of the above opinions are my own

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    This was a different cozy but different in a good way meaning it wasn't the usual formula most people expect in a cozy Instead of Jazzi bugging the detective for clues he was very willing to share with her what he found out and almost treated her like a colleague instead of a civilian And the two murders were technically cold casesbut there was at least one possibly two killers that were still very much aliveI loved the house flipper job that Jazzi had Working with her cousin was probably a lot of fun Jerod was like the brother she'd never had And their contractor Ansel was so handsome that Jazzi couldn't take her eyes off him He was in a bad relationship which finally got resolved the way it should I liked that aside from the threatening phone calls Jazzi was never really in any danger and she was smart enough to have a security system in place and always lock her doors This makes the 4th book I've read recently that has a cute and personable little pug in it This one was named George and he was almost human He went with Ansel everywhere he went Everything seemed to work out so well in this book and for once there wasn't a bunch of arguing or romantic tension I'm definitely going to read the next book in the series

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    The Body in the Attic is a uirky cozy mystery that has a lot of potentialJazzi and her cousin Jerod are house flippers and when they discover a skeleton in a trunk it sets off whirlwind of hidden secretsAs a first in a new series this book book was well written and I liked the idea of the protagonist being a house flipperI think the cousins have colorful personalities that will work well in future booksI volunteered to read and review a copy of this book offered by the publisher and NetGalley

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    The Body in the Attic by Judi Lynn has readers traveling to River Bluffs Indiana Jasmine “Jazzi” Zanders runs a home flipping business with her cousin Jerrod Their newest acuisition belonged to Cal Juniper who was once engaged to Jazzi’s aunt Lynda who disappeared twenty six years ago They are moving a trunk in the attic when they hear rattling inside it When they open the trunk they find a woman’s body Jazzi notices the silver locket around the victim’s neck and knows she has found Lynda Detective Richard Gaff is assigned the case but it will be difficult to solve such an old crime Family and friends are shocked by the discovery and try to remember the events that transpired prior to Lynda vanishing Jazzi Jerrod and their contractor Ansel proceed with the renovation and notice that the water is not draining properly Jerrod is digging near the septic tank when he makes a gruesome discovery As Jazzi works on the house she falls in love with its beauty and decides to make it her home Ansel has great ideas for the rooms and works with Jazzi on the finishes As the family reminisces about Lynda Jazzi learns helpful information and shares with Detective Gaff who includes her in the investigation Someone though feels threatened by Jazzi and makes threatening phone calls Will Jazzi get to enjoy her new home or will she up the next victim?The Body in the Attic is easy to read thanks to the author’s conversational writing style The book has a nice steady pace and good flow I liked the characters and the home renovation angle Jazzi is twenty seven years old who has been working with her cousin Jerrod for the last four years They buy run down homes and fix them up Ansel a tall handsome blonde man think Viking is their contractor and Jazzi’s friend Jazzi is attracted to Ansel but he is currently living with prima donna Emily Ansel and Emily’s relationship is on the rocks when she takes a job in California and expects him to follow her I did find too much of the book devoted to Ansel and Emily’s relationship It competed with the mystery and it followed an expected path reminded me of a romance novel I loved Ansel’s little pug George who is his faithful companion George is a spoiled little pooch and he has attitude he drinks beer too Jazzi is the most developed character in the book It would have been nice if the author fleshed out the main characters in The Body in the Attic I like that Jazzi is close to her family and hosts Sunday dinner for them at her place She has a loving relationship with her grandmother who is in the early stages of dementia There are two mysteries in the story There are a couple of suspects in each one The investigating is focused on Jazzi and Detective Gaff talking with various people and gathering information Jazzi makes various connections based on the information obtained Both mysteries can be solved before the reveal Detective Gaff is a friendly likeable man and willingly includes Jazzi I did find it unrealistic that a detective would take a civilian along when uestioning suspects and that he would share so many details regarding the cases I enjoyed the descriptions of Jazzi’s finished house I especially loved how she finished the kitchen ceiling There are recipes at the end of The Body in the Attic for the dishes Jazzi created The Body in the Attic is a light cozy mystery perfect for reading on a relaxing Saturday afternoon I look forward to reading The Body in the Wetlands when is releases