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Based upon his life long collaboration with Hyman Minsky Piero Ferri explores and reconsiders Minsky's moments in the aftermath of the 'Great Recession' of 2008 He sets out the analytical and methodological foundations of Minsky's financial instability hypothesis offering insightful comments from a uniue insider's perspective This book stresses the necessity of including what has been recently discovered about Minsky's financial instability hypothesis into his lifelong research program in order to obtain a complete picture of both his vision and his analytical apparatus It seeks to move beyond a discussion of Minsky's original ideas to verify how they are capable of meeting the challenges derived from the modern evolution of the economy Developing a meta model based on regime switching Piero Ferri examines how the different financial instability hypotheses can be accounted for Researchers and advanced students in macroeconomics and finance will greatly benefit from the exploration of how Minsky predicted the 'Great Recession' and why his work is of fundamental relevance today Economic policy makers will also find this book to be a useful tool in discovering methodological innovations to aid further financial recovery from the 2008 economic crisis

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