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11 year old Alice Paul Tapper daughter of CNN's Jake Tapper is challenging girls everywhere to speak upWhen Alice Tapper noticed that the girls in her class weren't participating as much as the boys she knew she had to do something about it With help from her Girl Scout troop and her parents she came up with a patch that other girls could earn if they took a pledge to be confident in school Alice even wrote an op ed about the experience for the New York Times Inspired by that piece this picture book illustrates her determination bravery and unwillingness to accept the status uo With Marta Kissi's delightful illustrations depicting Alice's story young readers everywhere will want to follow Alice's lead and raise their hand

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    This cute picture book is written by a sixth grader in Washington D C The story documents her experience of coming up with the “raise your hand” initiative in her Girl Scout troop Her idea ended up becoming a national patch which landed her even on the news station I appreciate that she documents both the good and the bad to implementing this idea – such a great book to discus in a classroom of both girls and boys as we all consider how our sex plays into the school classroom experienceFor children's literature middle grade literature and YA literature reviews feel free to visit my personal blog at The Miller Memo

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    I just love everything about this The story behind it is fantastic the illustrations are great and fit well stylistically and omg it’s written by the Girl Scout herself Bravo

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    I’m torn over this I love the message of inspiring girls to be confident in speaking up and raising their hand But the way that her school is portrayed gives a narrow view and outdated mode of teaching The teacher asks uestions and students are raising their hands to answer with a “right“ answer I wish there had been other situations portrayed such as in group work or other school situations

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    I had high hopes when I saw other reviews and the synopsis I think it's a great idea for the execution of the book just wasn't great It came off as really preachy and not all that interesting or even empowering It reads like like was written by an 11 year old not in a good way I just expected from it

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    What a great book project to empower girls to be confident Although my issue with raising my hand was a little different than Alice’s I very distinctly remember when I stopped raising my hand in middle school I started a new school in 6th grade a small school but much bigger than my previous one At first I raised my hand to answer every uestion I knew but soon I was made fun of by the boys in my class for being a teacher’s pet or a know it all Although I still wanted to answer the uestions I stopped raising my hand and would only answer them if directly called on by the teacher Since then there have been many times in life where I’ve been scared to speak up numerous people have told me that I’m too timid I’m not sure that is all due to the school situation but it’s definitely related I’m glad this book is out there encouraging girls to speak up I hope it helps them to be confident assertive

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    Umm yes A feminist picture book that tells the story of a girl scout who fights to encourage girls to be confident in themselves? There is a reason why this book ended up on a list of feminist books from the ALA for kids It's still super necessary Feminism is not finished

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    We read this at breakfast It is a real life story and a good book about a girl who starts doubting herself at school but decides to do something about it She's a Girl Scout and leads the way to the introduction of a Raise your Hand badge which you can get by participating at school even if sometimes you don't get the best answers It's empowering and drives a good messageI do wonder though if these books might not backfire and put doubts in girls who otherwise wouldn't have them My daughter for example is an average student and she said she never thought about not participating in the classroom Hopefully she doesn't start now

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    I love children’s books with a life message Especially when it empowers girls This book fit that perfectly We need girls to be confident now so they will grow up to be confident women

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    The portrayal of school is somewhat over simplified but the message that girls need to be brave enough to participate is a good one Love that this book was written by an 11 year old Definitely sharing with my whole class where domineering boys outnumber the girls almost 2 1

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    Great story to empower girls to speak up in class