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Who Are We What Is The Mind, What Is Consciousness And What Is Reality This Book Offers Educated Answers And Explanations To All These Questions And This Is An Easy To Read Book Which Motivates The Reader To Reconsider Everything They Think They Know About Themselves And The World Today, Examining The Different Models Of Creation And Evolution, The Essence Of Matter And Of Life Itself, Exploring All Manner Of Scientific, Theological, Psychological And Philosophical Hypotheses Can It Be, That This Complex, Living, Breathing, Sophisticated, Opinionated, Creative And Conscious Entity That We Call Human, Is Made Up Merely From A Few Invisible Atoms Of Nothingness We Are Not Simply Made From Flesh And Blood We Are Beings Of An Infinity Of Dimensions, Too Vast To Contemplate, But Our Brains And Our Senses Are Only Able To Perceive That Which Is Rooted In Matter, For That Is The Substance From Which We Believe We Are Made What We Call Reality, Is Most Definitely Not What It Appears To Be

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    Perfect read for those who ponder the nature of reality in traffic jams and the mechanics of consciousness at 3am Succinct, fresh and thought provoking yet, a surprisingly easy read Food for thought without the mental indigestion Loving it.

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    The universal mind is a book written to help you explore yourself and your mind to find the real you This book explores visualization techniques, to leave your body behind and explore the world around you Floating upward and seeing that you, and your problems are really small compared to the rest of the world or even the universe for that matter.How can we change the world It all begins with you treating others, the way you would like to be treated, and the world will give back to you your kindness Detach yourself from the anger of others, and let go.To begin healing the world you need to heal yourself As this book progresses it explores feelings Feelings are what you take in, and as such it is important that you experience a different range of feelings From fear, through to happy feelings, this book explains both.People are able, by the power of thought, able to change negative desires to normal chemical balances More realizations like this, are revealed as the book progresses We learn about growing up, god and science, to eventually the highly valuable knowledge of this book The Universal Mind.You are limited only by your beliefs, move beyond belief and you find that you are knowledge So many valuable insights can be found within this book, which everyone needs to read to find out your true self The whole universe is no than an illusion A worthwhile read to find out, about yourself.

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    Like many philosophical texts, this book tries to answer questions behind not only the nature of the universe, but also the reasoning which drives the push and pull surrounding our actions However, that is where the similarity with other texts ends Instead of offering a nearly impossible to follow, multifaceted diatribe of how specific rules fit only for certain circumstances within a narrowed point of thought, this book offers a simplified all compassing point of reasoning which can be applied to every circumstance To understand that reasoning, one must read it, which is than worth the cost Believe me.

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    As this is my book, I am bound to give it a good review I truly believe that a person can learn some important things about the nature of life through my 30 years of research and study on the topics of consciousness, the mind, existence and the human condition I have tried to condense than 2000 years of philosophical, spiritual, mystical and scientific thought, whilst adding in my own personal theories, into one simplified version of what reality is all about.

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    This interesting book has taught me a thing or two and is very thought provoking indeed All explained in layman s terms for everyone to understand It s well explained and takes you to a place where you want to know I am looking forward to this author s next book If it is anything like this one I am sure to buy the next one as well.

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    guy sound heavy handed aand against God other than his will toss out agter reading Like nothing I found at my therapists.