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THE CAVER WAY continues the adventure for Tsami and Tsado and they face many dangers and meet up with many and varied civilizations and people along the way Their disagreements come to the boil and they part ways to continue their journey separately Tsami just knew there was an avalanche and Tsado was killed what other explanation could there be? An age old riddle of the great schism is put to rest when Tsami meets up with some of the Yaari Who is the hairy man what is his connection? How does he know his name and who does he keep talking to? He keeps on with the aim of reaching perseverance Is perseverance a place? Is perseverance a state of mind to attain? They had heard rumors of strange and wonderful creatures but had never imagined meeting one let alone helping the creature During the journey they find out that they are not alone in their uest for the High King and that The King had sent other folks out on similar tasks It must be an important task if many people are trying to do it

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