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Polly and Olly were never supposed to meetPolly might spend her days searching for eligible matches for her elite list of clients at her New York dating agency but her own love life is starting to go up in smokeEven worse she can’t stop thinking about the very person she’s meant to be setting her latest client up with surely it can’t get any worseBut then Polly bumps into oh so handsome Olly who heads up a rival agency and realizes that perhaps all really is fair in love and dating war

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    5☆ Unputdownable Wow what an Enchanting and Endearing Romance with so much Wit and Humour Definitely one of my Top reads this yearPolly is down on her luck she's a great photographer but just can't seem to get her lucky breakSo when a job comes up at To The Moon and Back Dating Agency she decides to go for itNow Polly hasn't got a great track record with Men or dates so when Derek informs her that their clients expect them to woo their potential date for them whilst pretending to be them she definitely has reservations But she's a natural and Derek hires herBut there's a Rival Dating Agency Elite Love Match run by the very handsome and successful OllySo Derek sends Polly in under cover as a potential new client to see why he is poaching all his clientsIt's here I'm going to stop my summary as i highly recommending you read for yourself as it gets really juicyI absolutely adored Polly and Olly's flirty Witty Banter I can honestly say i didn't see that twist coming Although I kind of should of guessed considering the nature of the jobIn fact all the Characters are Endearing Charasmatic and likeableI really liked Gabe too who is Poppy's flatmate and friend I could go on as all of the characters are superbly written even Derek and the oh so Dashingly Charming BrandonWhen Polly Met Olly is a Feel Good Charming Witty Romance with lots of laugh out loud moments loveable characters a fantastic plot and a few juicy twistsThis is definitely going on my Top Books of 2019 If you are looking for an all round feel good funny read that has swoon worthy characters a uirky plot then you will adore When Polly Met Olly by Zoe MayThank you to Rachel Random Resources for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarilyMy Review is also on my Blog Website

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    Zoe May has written a lovely and heartwarming tale full of love Polly just landed herself a job as a matchmaker the irony is she’s not very successful at love herself I found Polly’s work as a matchmaker uite interesting I wish there had been a little of her on the job in the book Loved her relationship with her roommate Gabe He was such a great friend and an engaging character Her boss Derek was also a great character who brought a lot to the story we all would love a boss as supportive as him Where the story fell a little short for me was the relationship between Polly and Olly I am not certain if it is that it didn’t really begin until maybe about 60% in the book? Or that I just didn’t feel the connection between them? Then again I did love the happily ever after? So I realize I am kind of contradicting myself I think it is because Zoe May is such a wonderful storyteller that even though I didn’t always feel it she made me feel it in the end The highlight of this book for me really was Polly’s interaction with all of her friends I thought it was very strong when it came to the secondary characters And I would love a future book with any of them I found a lot of Polly’s past dating escapades uite humorous I was also definitely surprised by Olly’s little twist I knew he was hiding something just didn’t know what it was All in all this was an entertaining story that put a smile on my face A lovely story that will warm your heart really made me think about what is important when it comes to love and finding your perfect match thanks to the publisher for my copy of this book

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    The main character Polly Wood is freelancer photographer who is struggling with finding job in her profession That’s why she decides to find other job to earn some money She applies to dating agency To the Moon Back and although she herself isn’t lucky when it comes to love life she gets a job and starts to help people to find date and even lovePoll amazed me because of her passion for photography and her determination to follow her dreams It must be really hard to leave her family and move to New York but she managed to do that The only thing she is lacking is confidence but during the book her character develops and she learn to know her worthMy only problem with this read is that interaction between Polly and Olly are very limited during first 23 of book And it’s a shame because I really love to see them together There is some kind of spark between them even if at first they seem to belong to different worlds Could this feeling be only temporary? Is it only physical attraction or something ? The relationship between them might seem hard not so common because of the difference of age but this book shows that sometimes not so obvious choices are the best oneWhen Polly met Olly is enjoyable and uick read I would recommended it to readers who loves chick lit and want to relax while reading

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    I really liked the concept of this book the reason why I reuested it but the execution disappointed me It's boring leaving the good story concept a waste I don't like the romance it's lacking too much and I didn't feel even a bit of a spark between the main characters The characters themselves are not that interesting which really made me sad coz they sound amazing in the description The dialogues are forced So unrealistic and I couldn't feel the characters speaking them They're just lines written on the page and not spoken Also I think the characters are trying to be funny and witty and smart and cool but they're not I was provided a copy by the publisherauthor thru NetgalleyThank you

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    When Polly Met Olly by Zoe May is a romantic comedy that takes Tinder and all things online dating to the for front This is an adorable novel for sure and really shows you what some people go through when dating This also shows how Polly pushes through everything that is thrown at her even when she feels like she can't The novel shows you that not all love comes in the simplest of ways and sometimes you really have to fight for it Polly and Olly are two hilarious characters that drive the story along with the side characters You fall in love with them all in the littlest of time If you love a good romance novel this one is for you

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    25 If I can’t find you love no one can StarsI really enjoyed the last book I read by this author so was really looking forward to getting stuck into When Polly Met Olly unfortunately the same cannot be said on this occasionLove isn’t a checklistThe main issue I had with the book was that although it was pretty easy to read The actual Polly and Olly element is extremely sparse for the first 70% of the book they knowingly interact a grand total of five times and three of those instances in passing than in any real meaningful way Things are clarified a little in the latter stages of the book but not in enough detail to make any difference I didn’t buy their relationship I didn’t feel any spark between them and I didn’t really see them as a compatible couple because the only thing they seemed to have in common was their immaturity in spite of a twenty year age gap between themI like the magic of fancying someone when you first meet someone new and they just seem like the best person in the world I love flirting going on dates and building up to the first kissFollow up with the fact that the whole book lacked any real depth or development in character storyline or emotional development and I finished it feeling a little short changed All the aspects were there to make it a really great read with likeable secondary characters uirky twists and such but it just lacked any real spark for meIf you are looking for an easy going inoffensive read then this one fits the bill it unfortunately also fits in the unmemorable and underwhelming category’s with great ease as wellARC generously provided via Netgalley in exchange for the above honest review

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    To be perfectly honest I'm still debating whether to give this book 4 stars or settle with 35 stars This book kept me interested most of the time while I was reading it and I enjoyed this cute funny and heart swoony read overall The writing is brisk crisp and adorable in a bit uirky way It perfectly matched the tone of the story and I particularly enjoyed the unassuming friendly witty banter that shone through the early part of the book where the tidbits behind dating scenedating agencies are introduced I'm not even sure if it's actually factual but the vivid writing laced with humor made the story even colorful uplifting and vibrant I enjoyed that part so much The romance development between Polly and Olly is nicely opened and executed and the sparks between them are palpable literally oozing out of the writing The electrifying sensation that runs through Polly whenever Olly touches her and gazes into her eyes I had my heart melting so many times I was swooning over the chemistry between them Among many points about this book what intrigued me the most is the story development I assumed this is one of the typical fluffy chicklits where basically everything revolves around love love and a teeny dash of lustContrary to my assumption this story incorporates friendship trust and the importance of self assertiveness not to let anyone take advantage of your good faith and trample all over you The pursuit of passion self confidence and many I wasn't expecting such depth from this humorous read and the shift in the tone of the book kind of surprised me The same thing can be said about the romance between Polly and Olly The age difference between them didn't bother me much but I anticipated butterflies and sparks flying around from their romance Like a whirlwind romance that makes you feel like being in the eye of a storm What I got instead was tone down solid and mature romance working within Their relationship is still in its infancy and its just started out so it does make sense but once again I was mildly surprised albeit finding it slightly anticlimactic In a nutshell I’m in two minds on this aspect I wish I could have a bit backgrounds and back stories of Olly to better appreciate This book This story is told in first person from Polly's POV and I only got to know Polly's insights and emotions throughout so I cannot help but think this story could have been even better if we had got a insight about Olly It feels a tad lacking in that regard but I enjoyed following this story regardless All in all When Polly Met Olly is a well writen cute contemporary romance that sheds some light to what love is about that love is not all about ticking boxes or criteria I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys chick lit and contemporary romance and I am looking forward to reading from this author Thank you NetGalley and the publisher H Digital for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review The opinions expressed here are strictly my own

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    This has a really cute start Now it is totally a British story because I had to look up what an aubergine emoji would be it is in fact an eggplant emoji And throughout the story there were a lot of things that were totally British sayings or names for things This was an issue for me because the book takes place in New York City and most of the people are not British I feel like the story was good in a lot of ways though The way people behaved towards each other was pretty real The way they reacted to others was realistic in my opinion I liked that when we got some bad news about the love interest it was actually true for the most part and Olly owned up to his part in it I enjoyed Polly's foray into the world of dating apps even as she was using them to help other people find dates Like her I really feel like I want to meet someone in real life Why can't that happen for me? And also like her I find that when I do get on an app like Tinder etc I spend a lot of time swiping left and right and it almost becomes like a video game in a way So I really connected with her on that aspect The story was really witty and a very uick read even if the true romance didn't really get started other than a crush until about halfway through

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    You can read all my review on Blog Books Teacup and ReviewsWhen Polly Met Olly was wonderfully written heartwarming and thought provoking chick lit and a lovely romance Book was about not just love romance but importance of compatibility having substance in relationship; Following passion and not just following it but enjoying it; Being genuine and compassionate in profession; not letting down your own worth and not to let people disrespect you and your workCharacters This book had wonderful characters and character developmentPolly reminded me what it is like to have dream and putting efforts in achieving them and how it can be disappointing sometime She was compassionate genuine and beautiful soul She was smart witty and good as a matchmaker and photographer and yet she learned something new in both of her work She lacked confidence and she didn’t know her own worth until she met a person she was trying set her client up with I liked her development the way she finally achieved her dream She was overall relatable and lovable personOlly was 20 years older than Polly He and his life appeared all perfect and shiny on outside He looked haughty disrespectful and soulless who just understood business But as I read I could see how different he was inside He didn’t know what love was and how phony his agency was until he met Polly His development was mind blowing Not all can accept their fault so smoothly like Olly and I loved him for thatGabe Polly’s roommate was amazing friend He worked as HR consultant during week and on Friday night he performed as Gabriella at a gay bar I liked him from very beginning He was fun to be around I liked his views on his job and colleagues and loved what he said about enjoying our dream Even his development was affectingDerek was amazing I wish we all can get the boss like him Compassionate lively warm and gentle giving opportunities to staff and giving treats on small and big achievements He had only Polly as staff but you know it’s just great to have boss like him even though wages are lowWhat I liked Book started with Polly Wood being interviewed as matchmaker at ‘To the Moon Back’ dating agency by the founder of agency Derek A dream to be photographer with a degree was not working as she anticipated And I could see why Single for 3 years and apparently not good at dating yet it didn’t affect in getting the job Texting women on behalf of client and set a date for them was not what you call ‘honest and ethical’ but Polly had to pay bills And that’s how fates worked on bringing Olly and Polly together When Polly met Olly competitor of Derek the founder of The Elite Love Match agency she couldn’t get him out of her mind Everything about him seemed so perfect but was it really? Is this love or just the attraction she had with her previous dates?Writing was remarkable The plot was filled with wit humor romance and insight It was narrated from Polly’s POV in her strong voice that touched the heart and made me brood over her experience and what she learned in the story Setting was also great I loved to read about dating agency how it worked and how some can be phony and some real and genuinePolly’s dream of New York and photography her dad and mother’ love story was lovely to read Her disastrous previous dates were funny What I loved most was I loved her relation with Derek Gabe and her friendsI also loved the middle 20% of the book about Polly setting her clients up chatting with them having fun with friends and working on her photography dream Another favorite thing was both Polly and Olly’s insightful thoughts experience and developmentBoth Polly and Olly were a matchmaker who were single and didn’t know what love is As Polly started working as matchmaker she saw how people and love has turned categorical There was no romance no fun that she saw between her parents She learned that two people didn’t have to have similar interest or look good together They could be starkly opposite and still can be happy as a couple She met some good and bad people during her job and got to know the real people behind their perfect appearanceSome were so strict about their checklist that they miss out so many good and compatible match and true love Olly was among those checklist type who made his own list and followed it as it worked best for him But on meeting Polly he realized love doesn’t happen that way You need just have spark it need to click right and need to have magical alchemy Turns in the story and climax was surprising I had my suspicion as he looked too perfect to be true but I couldn’t guess Olly’s flaw I loved the way story took turn that turned out best for everyone It was lovely happily ever after endWhy 4 Stars Thing that made me hesitate from giving full star was the actual Polly and Olly story or the real conversation between them started almost after 45% of the book They met early in the book alright but it took time for them to actually come in touch Oh and I wanted little story before end or epilogue would have been great I just didn’t want it to end there Overall it was intriguing lovely witty chick lit and romantic story of Polly and Olly that fan of this genre wouldn’t want to miss I really enjoyed this and would love to read books by Zoe May Note Many thanks to publisher for providing e ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    35 ★Well Zoe May is one talented author thats flying well under the radar Her writing was fast paced relevant witty and humorous I'm a huge fan of English writing so even though the setting was America it worked well for me Not only did I adore Polly as our heroine her independent character development and the side cast really shone in this so than our hero This had a really great plot but the execution let it down just slightly Polly an aspiring photographer from the UK is in New York and due to lack of work and adeuate funds for living she finds herself taking a job at a dating agency After only a couple of hours on the job she is sent undercover as a client 'looking for love' to a rival agency Usually unlucky in love Polly hasn't been near the market for a while but little does she know said rival might be just the man she didn't know she was looking for ‘Hit it?’ I scoff ‘I can’t hit it He’s Olly Corrigan Super cool businessman Dating entrepreneur of the year PR boss I can’t just hit him up on Tinder and invite him over for some Netflix and chill’May’s physical description of Olly drew me to him instantly WOW He was 20 years older than Polly and although I’m uite partial to the 'older man' trope it didn’t really seem necessary in this These two were good together just not great and I think that’s because they didn’t get much screen time to shine and I know May can write good banter It was all heading in a winning direction for me but there was a huge hole in the development of their connection I don’t know if I ever truly warmed up to Olly He had so much potential what a painful word to put in a review because it can never really be rectifiedWhile it had a plot based solely on Romance I classify this as Chick lit because the relationship took a bit of a back seat This genre works for me because I love a slow burn and I am happy to wait for the pay off but I wouldn’t recommend it to Romance readers because it was very mild All in all I really enjoyed this a testament to the good writing thats for sure ARC kindly provided by Netgalley for an honest review