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Avery Human beings are nothing but lowly trash Fit only for consumption That's my motto in life and why I avoid everything to do with them beyond an evening meal Then he shows up with his delicious scent and I can't seem to resist hunting him down But when my hunt gets interrupted by a spray of bullets and I become the prey I find myself falling into some strange rabbit hole where I have to rely on this incredible smelling human with strange powers to stay alive How freakin' peachy is that? Ryker Being left on the doorstep of a church when I was infant meant my life began shrouded in uestions And that's how it has remained uestion after uestion For a human I have magical powers I don't understand After all magic went extinct a few hundred years ago I shouldn't exist the way I do Spending my life in the shadows has always been the safest place Then a snarky wildcat of a vampire literally passes out in my lap and my instincts kick into overdrive Protect him at all costs Even if I want to strangle him half the time Fractured Truth is the first book in the Conseuences of a Sin series which follows Avery and Ryker as they try to find the truth behind a Sin that altered the history of their world Each book will end with a HFN or close to it while the overarching plot continues into the next book Some cliffhangers are likely

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    375 stars This is my first time reading Ashe Winters work and I liked it It was funny full of sass and sarcasm Both MCs were standoffish in the beginning I liked Ryker from the first page There was something about him that screamed loyal friend and I like that about people In all respects he seems like a nice person patient good looking and steady Avery was a little harder to warm up to He has attitude in a need of adjustment sense of superiority that just a little shade of irritating and temper tantrums rivaling 10 year olds But later in the book he shows that he is not all shallow that there are redeeming ualities in him worth looking for under the layers of all that piss and vinegar and bad attitude There is a mystery mutilated bodies scattered all over the city and a world filled with vampires and magic that is supposed to be extinct It makes for interesting reading I liked the world building it was well written But even though this book is regular MM romance it reads like YA romance There was very tepid attraction between MC and only closer to the end It felt like sense of protectiveness than anything else the MCs barely liked each other by the conclusion of the book I wish there was intensity and heat between them a little clandestine touching and longing glances It would have made this book so much better for me But going by the views Avery expressed that will be a long time coming There is plenty to explore in this new world I liked this vampire vs witch enemies the unanswered uestions about the monster lurking in the dark I just wish a little heat between Ryker and Avery Plus there were multiple POVs that made the story well rounded and the editing was decent It was a story with good bones and with some work it will get even better

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    While some of the plot was interesting there was not a lot of world building at all and it left me constantly wondering what was going on in this world Avery is a vampire and is cast as the damsel in distress in this the only signs we have of him being a vamp are his drinking blood bags occasionally heightened senses and occasional fangs We hear so many times how much stronger vampires are but there is absolutely no proof of this at all And while the storyline was somewhat interesting even though this felt like a part of a book and not part of a series what absolutely killed it for me was the fact that this felt like a stereotypical hetero romance with a penis written in Avery with long blonde white hair small in size called kitten and variations of it constantly rescued by the big strong savior and the death knell for me apparently this vampire that's hundreds of years old is a virgin that's never even been kissed 🙄 Beyond that these characters felt completely one dimensional so while I was rolling my eyes I didn't really care what happened to them next

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    Thank you for the author's note Reader read it before the story This book is the first in a series that will follow the same MC same story arc Many uestions most of them aren't answered we honestly don't know much by the endThis is basically a long prelude to the romance arc Many things happened and it's interesting and funny and riveting but it's only the beginning stage for any romantic feelings between the MC It's well written in that regard I love slow burn story and this is definitely that No sex barely any attraction between them I love Avery the best his nicknames are just wonderful and so HIM I really wish he would call him that Love his personality His human is interesting too many layers to him Great best friend too Those characters have back bone and no stupid pride thing I can't wait to read about them This is just the beginning

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    Little Wildcat45 starsFor some reason I'm on a Vampire kick and ran across this little gems Ryker and Avery are the epithet of an opposites attraction couple ever A witch who does know his powers and a Vampire who thinks humans are a snack Falling in love will be very interesting for them

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    A vampire with a superiority complex a human with a lot of uestions Neither one knew what Fate had in store for them when a dangerous meeting at a club forced them to flee together Something in the past set them on this course and their unlikely partnership sets them on a path to right those wrongs Sniping bickering running and protecting; Avery and Ryker aren't sure if they're supposed to be enemies or allies and everywhere they turn their steps are followed by something that wants to use them for their own purpose It becomes clear their enemy will stop at nothing to destroy themunless they end up killing one another firstAvery was interesting in that he has a complicated past that he never wants to face His evasion is helpful for the plot to continue beyond this first installment but I find it completely vexing when his withholding of vital information endangers both him and Ryker beyond what would be necessary to continue the story adeuately It's also frustrating when he seemingly blames Ryker for their situation because of his willful blindness to what's going on Adding his constant expressions of hatred and belittling of humans and he's certainly not endearing himself to me despite being an interesting character I am however looking forward to how he'll soften open up and grow as the series continuesRyker on the other hand is fortunate in that he found a family who accept him for all he is despite his beginning Their patience love and understanding gave him a foundation to become the tolerant take no guff compassionate strong man he is when we meet him I enjoy him uite a lot and don't exactly know if I'm on board with the possibility of a romantic relationship between him and Avery just yet He does draw me into the story far than anyone else and if I'm honest he's the real draw for me to continue reading the seriesThe overall plot is going to some really intriguing places I'm eager to learn of the magic why it really ceased how it might have continued and what Ryker's role is in that I'm also eager to see his and Avery's interactions with Ryker's parents because they seem to be very stellar human beings that might be able to give Avery the love of family and foundation he needs to feel truly secure with Ryker and ultimately himself There are a lot of ways this series could go and I think it's off to a good start

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    I really enjoyed this book OMG the sass and sarcasm kept it light in face of the deaths around them Avery sometimes acted like a 12 yr old other times he acted like he was superior to all around him His disdain for humans was kind of laughable since he needs them to live I loved that he doesn't kill anyone just takes as much blood as he needs then leaves them alive There is way to Ryker then just your typical witch I love Ryker's adopted parents They are so accepting of everyone I don't know what it is yet but there is something Also I want of what happened in the past There is a connection that I am dying to find about I also need on the bad guy his love I need the next book right now as I need of this story Also be warned there is no romance in this book There are some longing looks but nothing going on yet ARC provided by LesCourt Services in exchange for an honest review

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    Barely okayThis big isn't awful but it isn't goodAvery is one dimensional to the point of being annoying Ryker is only slightly better Frankly I found Zane to be the most interesting character in the book and the only one with any depth and possibilities for growthAs far as the plot goes the urgency that the author is hoping the reader feels never materializes Maybe it's because there isn't enough invested in building the protagonist Maybe it's because the two MC's are so flat and predictable Maybe it's because despite the warning at the start this book is all fluttering romance But only romance There is no heat and very little suspense I haven't read anything else from this author and doubt I'll read any in this seriesunless Zane gets a bookThe only thing saving it from a worse rating is it's brevity It's short enough that didn't feel like much time was wasted reading it

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    Intrigue snark suspense action with good characters and a strong story line I really enjoyed the snark and sarcasm of the characters  I found the story engaging and it kept me reading I liked the writing and how we got Ryker's and Avery's POV  i really like the insight into each character and how they think and feel what their motivations are  This is not a steamy romance  Hopefully the next book will bring some steam I am curious about the unlikely partnership that these guys offer us   I found the short glimpses into the A Killer's Eyes  are down right creepy but it really added to the texture of the story This is book one of the Conseuences of a Sin series and i am excited to read book two  This book does end on a cliffhanger  This book created uestions than answers and i am so ready to pick up book two   I was gifted this book from the LesCourt Author Services and i freely give my honest opinion and review  

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    Fractured Truth is the beginning book of Ashe Winters' new series The Conseuences Of A Sin It is the story of Avery and Ryker while they search to uncover the truths behind the sins that have molded their lives and changed their world This is not a Happily Ever After ending book since the story continues on in books that will follow sowe will get cliffhangers and endings that are happy for now but not the ultimate conclusion of the story There is snark and sass mystery and thrills and some longing looks with a low and slow burn The characters are intriguing and the story grabs your attention and won't let go I definitely can't wait for next installment of the story I received an advanced reader's copy of the book and I am voluntarily leaving my honest review and recommendation

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    This is a new author to me I will admit that I enjoyed reading this interesting slow burn vampirehuman MM romance with a mysterysuspense undertone it is the first book in the series offers a splendid introduction to the characters with a tantalizing glimpse of the romantic aspects of the plotThere is a human male Ryker with strange power his friend who is a big burly cop Zane a snarky arrogant vampire Avery in trouble witches hunters a villainous stalker with evil intentions Emerret a old friend Lucy aka Lucian twists turns intrigue suspense humor magic adventure action danger threats murders attacks gunfire some attractions confusion verbal conflict manipulations memories abduction torture rescued misgivings Sadly this book does end in a cliffhanger I look forward to future books from this author