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Lauren was haunted by nightmares of monsters as a child but learned the hard way that the worst monsters look like everybody else While visiting her mother and stepfather during the holidays she’s sent to search for her two younger brothers who have a tendency to wander onto the land of their nearest neighbor—land that has been abandoned for a reason When she stumbles across something unexpected it changes her life forever drawing her into a world beyond the boundaries of the civilization that has always sheltered her There her courage will be tested as the monsters she’s always feared when she was a child turn out to be real When the Minotaur of myth helps her take down a manticore she wonders if she isn’t still trapped in those childhood dreams Except there’s nothing childish in her feelings for her bullheaded rescuer Asterius has just one chance to prove himself a worthy mate and win the love of the new female that has fallen into the Dead Fall so she can break the curse upon him He knows it will be difficult to win her love because she’s as beautiful and fierce as any goddess and he fears she will never be able to see the man beneath the monster He will risk everything to protect her from the dangers of the Dead Fall which seems determined to destroy all life within it Author’s Note 18 Explicit Content including steamy scenes and graphic violence The first book in this series is included with The Scorpion’s Mate in a 2 book bundle available on through Kindle Unlimited

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    Twisting pathsAlice fell down the rabbit hole Evie plunged into the Dead Fall but Lauren went through a twisting maze to find her love And what else could her love be hidden in that maze but a Minotaur named Asterius Spoilers aheadOk I have loved the series so far I even enjoyed this one Just not as much as the previous two Alice grew to love her lion man I honestly have no idea how to spell his name and Tak And while things with Tak were rushed a bit the groundwork had been laid due to her time with Iyaren is that close? I don't want to call him Liono lol Evie had her time with Grey before meeting Doshak She had her relationship building time too I feel like things were rushed with Lauren and Asterius and after the ending of book two I was really looking forward to his story His story is straight from mythology with no real deviation other than Grey's they weren't gods We have another strong female not a survivalist like the sisters but an Army Sargeant She doesn't get much chance to show her training though Her Minotaur though he gets to show his rough and tough every five minutes I liked getting to peek in on the sisters and their mates that was fun And Friak with his little flamethrower self lol I'm hoping the chimera book hopefully next up will have a bit bonding time Please Those building blocks are what make this author's stories so awesome Finding a paranormal romance without insta love is like finding a diamond while walking in your backyard It's beautiful and unexpected and should be treasured

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    Minotaur’s Curse continues Susan Trombley’s excellent Into the Dead Fall series and in this instalment we finally get Asterius’ story Asterius is invulnerable Almost His only weakness is the golden ring in his nose just touching it can bring the big Minotaur to his knees But the cursed ring can only be removed by someone who loves him Lauren has fallen through a hole in her world and landed in the proverbial rubbish tip of the universe It’s a hard world and she knows despite her survival skills and her military training that she won’t stay alive for long without help When she meets a monster from legend she thinks that she’s finally met her end instead he seems determined to protect and maybe even love her?I’m in love This happens uite a lot in the course of my reading but it’s definitely the first time I have fallen for a Minotaur The creature of legend with hoofs horns and a golden ring in the nose But that’s Susan Trombley for you she gets you falling for characters you’d never before considered lovable But he was adorablefierce and protective I really enjoyed getting to know him better in this bookAs Asterius is a character from Greek legend a monster that most people will recognise this book had a definite paranormal romance vibe to it In some ways it could almost be a book in Trombley’s Whispers of the Bayou series another series I love from her And I found the beginning of the book where there were minimal “sci fi” elements and it focused on Lauren and Asterius surviving together were by far the best parts of the bookUnlike the other books in the series this one isn’t reverse haremmenage story I think this was a really good decision on Trombley’s part Asterius’ possessiveness would not have allowed for this After a long lonely life he has finally found a woman he loved and who loved him back He wasn’t going to share her As for Laurenshe wasn’t as open to the idea as the previous characters and I think it would have been an uncomfortable fit for her – no pun intended That didn’t mean that this was any less romantic and it certainly didn’t affect the heat factor; this book was hotThis was another great book by Trombley I can’t wait to see what she brings out nextReviewed by Suzanne❤ ♡ Don't want to miss any of our posts? Subscribe to our blog by email ♡ ❤

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    Great book continued the series and this H was wonderfully angry and angsty The h was smart resourceful and brave He can only be saved by love and he pushed her to love him luckily for him she did There was a lot of world building and their community expanded It was a great addition to the series

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    35 stars I love the setting of this series Dead Fall is just fascinating to me Susan Trombley is always so original creative and descriptive with her writing That being said neither Asterius or Lauren were my favorite characters I read it uickly and enjoyed hearing about the characters from the other two books Moving on to Chimera's Gift

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    3 stars for story and 1 for ending so I rounded it up to 2 stars as a wholeIt is hard to remember anything I liked in the book when ending made me hate characters I previously liked and to absolutely despise the ending itself I am willing to give slack where alien or creatures mindsreasoning or motives are concerned After allthey are not human and are not supposed to think or react like one However when it comes to human mindsespecially female mindsthere are things that are absolutely unacceptable to me unless the character is not supposed to be antagonist Soif you are on this bookI can only assume you have read both previous installments and likely liked the characters you encountered Like Alice and Evie and her mates Soending in this book made me really despise Alice to the point I wished Lauren could just kill her off and Evie was just a bit better but mostly because she was less invested Spoilers to follow so you are warnedThe hypocrisy and nerve of Alices fuckers were astounding I could grudgingly accept their need for blood revenge on Asterius If that would end at thatbut nothey deceived to first get their fightthen team up against Asterius to beat him near deaththen have an acceptance dinner to include in family only to reuest him to sacrifice his life to conserve their lovely living Bloody cowards did not do it themselves Where was the honour they were supposed to have? None I was so disgusted that I fumed but still could grudgingly get over it as their mindset is not human But Alice Bloodthirsty and condescending to Lauren wanting to see Asterius suffer just to start throwing tantrums when her own males will not come unscathed from fight And then being totally ok to sacrifice Asterius life while being all smiles and lies to LaurenI so wanted Lauren to demand her life as a sufficient payment for Asterius and read about the bitch getting gutted And Evie Sutch a disappointment How am I supposed to continue to next two books about this disgusting pair getting mates? No thanks This books ending made sure I don't care about sisters any They don't deserve booksthey don't deserve love or even respect I am done

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    All right I've read other people's complaints about this book Now to add my own thoughtsThis book was short Or it was just lacking in detail perhaps? I had a tough time getting a handle on Lauren I would have certainly never seen her dark sexual desires coming from the description of her in the first half of the book It worked but I feel like Lauren pre 50% was a different character than Lauren post 50% At least Asterius was easy to understand There was a lot of yummy angst and sexual exploration although I do have to admit that went away too uickly for my tastesThen there's the ending which is what most people are upset byFirst of all my biggest disappointment so far is still that Evie has not mind locked or whatever with Gray Seriously you have the opportunity to read your mate's mind at will and there will never be misunderstandings between you how could you not go for that???Second of all Alice and Lauren too I understand being sueamish about men fighting but freaking mythical monsters after spending weeks or months in their company? On top of that Alice and Evie have known about this fighting ring being the conflict resolution method so why is Alice now freaking out? It pissed me off Either you know your mates or you don't Such BSThird of all the ending with the ancilla I understood completely why Gray acted the way he did after reading book 2 I also understood the sex thing causing the forest to enter the breeding cycle No what pissed me off was that everyone was still somehow so freaking sueamish that they couldn't just get an orgy going in the pool Imagine how much the forest would have grown if they had just let go of their stupid human issues? At least Evie and her mates since Alice is a sueamish waste of space?I guess the mates who are not the main focus in this story have become somewhat human like or are acting a bit OOC which I didn't like Hopefully that will not happen in the next books

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    I always enjoy a Trombley novelI justI really wanted to know HOW the curse happened haha My uestion wasn’t answered but it’s ok because the story was great The review STOP Instalust alert It’s a pretty typical version of the trope Guy sees girl and is committed gurl sees guy and goes noodley Well sort of but you get the point I really liked seeing the previous characters in the series and getting their updates Very much looking forward to seeing where this series goes The author’s note mentions ideas for the children of The Deadfall and is like to suggest that be a spin off series as this one is if the Irudian Test Subjects Chimera’s claim should be an interesting book when it comes out if the series keeps up with the previous characters which it should because of the over arching plot lines between the books Recommend yes but read the other two books first and since you have to get it to get the first book read Serpent’s Mate because it’s also awesome

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    Minotaur turns good ish? Monsters aren't always who you think they are as we find out in this bookI like the world of the Dead Fall for stories but it's a scary place

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    I should be studying

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    Not satisfied at all Still love the nexus But this story was rushed and empty Not like other trombley books 😖 Review when I feel like it