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This is your wake up call to resist the Hustle culture and embrace the slowness of Jesus Our culture makes constant demands of us Do Accomplish Buy Post Be In following these demands we have indeed become  More anxious More tired More hurt More depressed More franticWhat we are doing isn't workingIn a society where hustle is the expectation busyness is the norm and information is king we have forgotten the fundamentals that make us human anchor our lives and provide meaningJefferson Bethke New York Times bestselling author and popular YouTuber has lived the hustle and knows we need to stop  doing  and start becoming   After reading this book you will discoverHow to proactively set boundaries in your lifeHow to get comfortable with obscurityThe best way to push back against the demands of contemporary lifeThe importance of embracing silence and solitudeHow to handle the stressors that life throws at us To Hell With the Hustle  is for anyone who isFeeling overwhelmed with the demands of work family and communityWanting to connect and spend time with their familyTired of being anxious lonely and burned outJoin Bethke as he discovers that the very things the world teaches us to avoid at all costs silence obscurity solitude and vulnerability are the very things that can give us the meaning and the richness we are truly looking for

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    Probably a great book for its target audience of religious people No mention of the religious nature of the book on the cover I would not have bought it if I had known

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    What an amazing book I truly couldn’t put it down It absolutely changed my mindset and it is one I will be coming back to over and over again to refer to as I learn to say ‘to hell with the hustle’ Jeff Bethke is such a gifted author and I believe speaks so much truth that our culture could learn fromthat really truly has the ability to change our culture if practiced I will be reading this one again and againand am beginning to implement some of these things on my own life and my family’s life right away I received an Advanced Readers Copy from the publisher

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    Culturally speaking I believe this book is insightful and thought provoking Though the Western world glorifies fast pace fame and fortune there is true fulfillment and flourishing in and through boring ordinariness obscurity and uiet obedience to Christ As believers we should seek to become Christlike not only in heart and mind attitude and actions but also in pace and priorities how we steward and spend our time being conscious of and careful with our habits values and loves Reading this book some may wonder whether the Christian life is meant to be comfortable simply slower and gentler than the cultural norm; and I for one also wonder to what extent the American church culture and structure plays into the hustle culture at large at least for churchgoers Nevertheless this book's message will likely be a timely wake up call for many and an encouraging reminder for othersPersonally though I don't consider myself overworked overspent and overconnected I largely appreciated and enjoyed this book There are many wise thoughts about habits and formation being versus doing slowing down saying no etc as well as interesting nuggets from Scripture the life of Jesus Jewish culture etc But especially toward the end it seemed less compelling less focused and bogged down by historical and political tangents and commentary

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    Y'all have got to stop publishing these privileged white dudes' brainstorms like they're actual texts

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    This is a Christian book that focuses on how living a slower boring uieter life can bring meaning stillness calmness and anchor our lives I did not agree with every principle but absolutely love the overall message and advice Make “no” your default Build margin Cultivate stillness and ritual It’s a fast read and I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a Christian perspective on reducing stress in your life

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    This book was one long opinion piece with little to no support whatsoever When I read non fiction books I expect a premise supported by research anecdotes and data This guy just sort of rambles on about what he thinks of the world and how we should live in it sprinkling in a few and I mean very few sources to support what he thinks Some of the citations are to bible verses that he references when telling the reader how to live his or her life so those don't really count The intention behind the book is good to slow down focus on what's important stop letting worktechnologythe rat race control how you spend your time and ultimately your happiness But I didn't need to read this book to think those things In fact one of the first articles he cites is from The Atlantic It sparked my interest so I looked it up You could read that article and get the gist of this 184 page book Save yourself the time Here's the link It's just sort of preachy The author possesses no education or expertise that would make me rely on his words That combined with lack of research and support for his ideas leaves me feeling like I read a cleaned up version of his journal Disappointing It probably doesn't help that I read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell earlier this month and there's just no comparison Do yourself a favor and skip this one

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    I have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewNow I'm not one hundred percent super religious Yet I did like To Hell with the Hustle I mean I am Catholic but I'm never going to shove the bible uotes or whatever else down people's throats Nor would I accept it from anyone elseThat being said this book had some interesting points throughout it However I just wished the flow of the book was consistent throughout the entire thing Especially since towards the end I was just getting bored with everything Maybe it's because it was just dumping so much information on me that I just couldn't appreciate it

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    This was a very refreshing read and one that I would easily pick up again I love Bethke's discussion on formations vs goal setting In general goals are usually about a finish line Something you can reach for and then be done once you've accomplished it Formations aren't about doing something but becoming someone Bethke speaks to the modern culture and how hustling has become ingrained in us and gives interesting examples of how these things are actually harming us I did appreciate Bethke's careful approach to this topic; he doesn't bash a hurried life but states multiple times how it can have its place Rather he focuses on the effects and benefits of slowing down gives practical examples of how to integrate this lifestyle and how these things coincide with the life Christ has for us

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    Jefferson Bethke believes that we Americans have bought a lie work has become where “we derive our ultimate value and meaning” Work is the great American idol and we are its slaves We celebrate those who hustle who are grindersBethke explains this kind of hustling “When I say the word hustle in this book I do not mean hustle as in working hard diligently and with focus ie your coach telling you to hustle for the ball which is a good thing I mean hustle as it has culturally been adapted to mean in our online conversational lexicon a mind set of do grind be accomplish #neversleep and all that the word tends to tell us to do right now” Bethke urges us to say To Hell with the HustleAll the while the idol of hustle is chewing us up and spitting us out • 7 in 10 millennials would say they are currently experiencing some level of burnout• 54 percent of us millennials would say we are chronically lonely and say that we “always or sometimes feel that no one knows us well”• 30 percent of millennials and Gen Z currently say they experience disruptive anxiety or depression There has been a massive transformation in the nature of work over the past hundred years “Derek Thompson noted one large change no one saw coming how work itself and our view of it evolved Work jumped from being a means of “material production” to being much about ‘identity production’ In other words work used to be about making things Then all of a sudden work was about making us”Bethke believes there is a better way Jesus’ way He reminds us that “Jesus was never in a hurry Jesus was the fully human one The prototype of all humanity And I think we can pretty easily see that he was someone actively resisting cultural pressures on many levels Hustle isn’t him And if hustle isn’t him there’s only one other place it could come from Hell The curse The source of death”Bethke believes that we’ve become goal obsessed when we ought to be concerned about our formation Formation is the result of habituated practices and the result isn’t tangible it is the health of our soul “Humans aren’t made” Bethke asserts “We are formed” What that means is that Jesus isn’t just a repository of truth a giver of goals but rather that his way shows us how to be human In Bethke’s words “To follow Jesus we need to not just follow his teaching but also follow his way His process His cadence His demeanor His spirit His very essence”In the midst of wonderful technological innovation from the light bulb to modern farming to the internet we have been promised health and happiness But is that what we’ve received? Levels of depression have sky rocketed our health has deteriorated How much we sleep has shrunkWe’ve tried to fix our souls with information and found information wanting But information won’t fix us We life in the age of information and of soul sickness “Every two days we develop as much information as we did between the dawn of civilization and 20035”Bethke takes us back to Augustine who teaches us that “We do not become just what we think We become what we desire We are not shaped by facts We are shaped by what we love” We change when what we love changesChrist’s final uestion to Peter “Do you love me?” then is the uestionOn top of information our world offers freedom But freedom doesn’t free Instead it’s a cancer When our freedom is not from or for Christ it shackles us Bethke asserts that “self discovery in our culture is just another way to self destruction”Many of these re forming practices are revolutionary in today’s world How do we incorporate silence and solitude into our lives in a world of constant noise? Bethke says “Silence today is so rare so undervalued that it is an act of resistance”Do we trust God with our time? Do we trust God enough to stop being busy and rest? Have we given God space to speak to us? Do we dare risk the uiet and face boredom? Maybe that is the very thing God needs“America’s mantra is ‘I produce therefore I am’” But God calls us to like Mary stop and sit at his feel There is no better thing we could choose than thisBethke has taken his time digesting some heavy duty thinkers Augustine Charles Smith James KA Smith and others and has delivered them on the bottom shelf Are you weary? I encourage you to pick up this book and consider why that might be I have a few uibbles along the way I think Bethke tends to have a vision with the individual and nuclear family inhabiting too much of the space and the church too little and Bethke’s unusual life he’s a writing and YouTuber is probably hard for many of us to translate into our own lives Bethke’s vision of what a godly life of formation looks like might look very different from yours but overall his wisdom is helpful for everyone of us We all ought to stop and consider what it looks like to care about being formed into the image of Christ than For reviews see wwwthebeehivelive

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    Do you ever feel like everywhere you go you are in someone's way? Maybe you constantly feel like you are running late or feel overwhelmed by the crazy that is a our modern day lives This book is a pleasant reminder that our hustle doesn't make us holy One of my favorite uotes from the book is simplyJesus was never in a hurry Everywhere he went he made time for himself and others around him Bethke does an amazing job in this book of using stories historical narratives and personal analysis to show why we should say to hell with the hustle And just like his other works you can feel the passion jump off of every page Many books want you to take a break This is the only book I've read that actually forced me to do so Buy it Read it Buy it for someone else Buy it for your spouse Buy it for your boss This will change the way you look at your schedule your life and your priorities forever Thank you Jeff