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Not at all disturbing, not at all compelling and not at all interesting, Jose Saramago s Blindness only succeeds in frustrating readers who take a moment to let their imagination beyond the page Yes, Saramago s story is a clever idea, and, yes, he creates an intentional allegory to force us to think about the nature of humanity, but his ideas are clearly those of a privileged white male in a privileged European nation Not only do his portrayals of women and their men fall short of the mark, but Saramago has clearly never had to fend for himself in the world If he did, he d realize that there were a thousand easy answers to the dilemmas he created for his characters, and he could have then focused on the internal filth of their souls than the external excrement of their bodies Blindness is not worthy of a Nobel Winner. I finished this masterpiece last week and I let it to sink in a little bit before reviewing it The power of this book was quite overwhelming at times and I had to stop reading for a few days at a time I do not think there are many books that disturbed me like this one Maybe Never Let Me Go but there the message was much subtle Some say that the structure of the book makes it very hard to read I suppose the voice in my head did quite a good job in reading it as I did not encounter any difficulty to follow the narration What made it difficult to read at times were the images and smells that were projected into my brain At some point It seemed that excrement odor was rising from the pages in front of me Short version of the plot One day people start to go blind without any prior symptom Frightened, the Government tries to restrain the blindness epidemic by isolating the blind people The quarantine is not successful and and people go blind The book focuses on the life of a few patients locked and guarded into a mental institution, among who lives the only person immune to blindness The loss of sight reduces people to their primal instincts good or bad and soon we are witnesses of some unimaginable horrors in the fight for food supremacy life and to the demise of all social and moral institutions However, there are people that still try to help and to keep a bit of humanity and decencyIf we cannot live entirely like human beings, at least let us do everything in our power not to live entirely like animals I thought that the book is a metaphor of the people that are walking through life without thinking about the violence and cruelty that is in front of them, their ignorance of anything that could menace their civilized life I believe the book brings forward our fear avoidance to see our mortality and the insignificance of our livesI don t think we did go blind, I think we are blind, Blind but seeing, Blind people who can see, but do not see Perhaps only in a world of the blind will things be what they truly are This is the stuff we re made of, half indifference and half malice This book left me speechless which is a rare occurrence Please enjoy the pictures to illustrate the plot while I recover my gift of rambling An unexplained plague of white blindness sweeps the unnamed country Initial attempts to hastily quarantine the blind in an abandoned mental hospital fail to contain the spread What they succeed at is immediately creating the easy us versus them divide between the helpless newly blind and the terrified seeing Before we know, we are immersed in the horrifying surreal world of hopelessness, filth, violence, and hate, where the true enemy is not their affliction but people themselves, which we can see through the eyes of the only person who appears immune to blindnessPerhaps only in a world of the blind will things be what they truly areAs the blindness epidemic spreads, we see the disintegration of society just like we witnessed the destruction of humanity in the quarantine area Excrement covers sidewalks, dogs munch on human corpses, the blind rot in the stores after futile attempts to find food Even the saints in the churches are blinded The world is a bleak picture of desolation and destruction Lovely, no We don t know why it happened whether it s a test, a warning, or a punishment Instead, we get a nagging haunting feeling that the real blindness was there all along the blindness towards the others, the blindness towards our real selves, and the physical blindness served as a way to unveil it What was always there but went unseen before because it used to be easy to shrug off Fear Us against them attitude Greed Contempt Hatred Selfishness Love of power Cowardice Apathy Isolation Filth Rape Murder Theft Ignorance Indifference Blaming the victim It was all already there, and blindness amplified it And, as society decays and falls apart, the question of what is means to be human comes upI don t think we did go blind, I think we are blind, Blind but seeing, Blind people who can see, but do not seeThings that made us human are gone Faces don t matter Names don t matter Homes don t matter Possessions don t matter Shame and modesty are gone Medicine is useless Government is useless Morals seem obsolete Empathy is gone Is anything left Anything inside usThe difficult thing isn t living with other people, it s understanding themThe vestiges of humanity are the only rays of hope in this bleak world The girl with the dark glasses taking care of the boy with the squint The man with the eye patch and his love And the doctor s wife, the only one who retained her sight Why Was it because she was the most human Or maybe she remained human because she retained her sight Who knows She is quiet and caring, leading the blind, washing the raped women, weeping over the dead but killing if she must She sticks by her morals even if she is forced to violate them She is the guiding light and the quiet hero in this world of darkness whiteness, keeping her charges from degradation without expecting anything in returnIf we cannot live entirely like human beings, at least let us do everything in our power not to live entirely like animalsThe style of this book may not be for everyone disclaimer I loved it The pages are filled margin to margin with solid wall of text There are no dialogue marks, and the seemingly mundane bits of everyday speech are separated only by capital letters Sometimes you need to almost read the sentences out loud to get a feel for who is speaking it s very fitting that the book about the blind is better perceived in a non visual medium The sentences are long in a European fashion , run on, and beautifully punctuated It is not a book to skim, it requires concentration, and definitely is not a light read If all of the above does not scare you, you should give this one a try.I will finish this review with the plea in the epigraph for this thought provoking eye opening no pun intended bookIf you can see, look If you can look, observePlease, do Let s try to look past our own blindness and actually SEE. Just imagine that you are going about your daily life as you always do It s a normal day nothing out of the ordinary But then, suddenly, without any forewarning, you go completely blind One second seeing the world as you know it, the next experiencing a complete and unending whiteness Then imagine you go to the trusty health professionals so they can get to the bottom of it the doctor doesn t know what s wrong with you, but you re confident he she will figure it out and prescribe accordingly And then the doctor goes blind But not just him everyone you have come into contact with is experiencing the same sudden white blindness The condition spreads and takes hold within a few hours soon this contagious blindness is spreading like wildfire and no one knows how to cure it.This book is so frightening and so realistic Blindness is not an alien concept like monsters and ghosts, neither are contagious diseases So imagine a disease that prompted sudden blindness that spread from one person to another quicker than the common cold This book feels like a story that could happen.One of the main issues readers have with this if they have any is the writing style It s written in huge blocks of text with little punctuation, no quotation marks, and many run on sentences It can get a little disorientating, but I guess that s the end of the world for you I actually found it incredibly effective in creating the air of blind panic that Saramago clearly wanted to impart People fumbling around in the whiteness, hoping no one around means them harm and being powerless to do anything about it if they did.Someone once said You are who you are when no one is watching And in this world, no one is watching Fear reigns and some will choose to exploit the fear or succumb to it I thought it was a frightening and believable portrait of the disintegration of society.Very highly recommended.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Imagine the most ordinary situation in the world People waiting at a traffic light All of us can see that before our inner eyes, relive thousands of similar situations we have experienced ourselves, without ever giving them a moment of consideration Thus starts Saramago s Blindness But there is a disruption One car is not following the rules all take for granted The car doesn t move when the light switches to green People are annoyed, frustrated, disturbed in their routines, but not worried Some drivers have already got out of their cars, prepared to push the stranded vehicle to a spot where it will not hold up the traffic, they beat furiously on the closed windows, the man inside turns his head in their direction, he is clearly shouting something, to judge by the movements of his mouth he appears to be repeating some words, not one word but three, as turns out to be the case when someone finally manages to open the door, I am blind I AM BLIND This is the beginning of what my son labelled the scariest book he ever read, and yet such a perfectly brilliant masterpiece Similar to Camus La peste and Ionesco s Rhinoc ros in than one respect, it takes the reader to the darkest abyss of despair and filth and pain Deprived of the sense of seeing, the characters have to cope with brutal bestiality and suffering to survive in a world limited by the loss of vision an accurate symbol for overview, control, and objective judgement of reality If Camus characters are invaded by plague stricken rats and dying of the disease, Saramago s society breaks down even completely when the epidemic blindness strikes Humans turn into beasts, comparable to the rhinofication in Ionesco s allegory on community collapse.One character, a Cassandra of sorts, is excluded from the plague, and she guides the plot with her seeing eyes What she sees is unbearable, even to the reader Rarely have I felt shaken than while reading the scene with the blind thugs raping hungry women The seeing woman steps in and uses her power to break off the horror show, but it will leave a scar on my reading inner eye forever Bizarrely, that means a scene I never actually saw is engraved on my visual memory.When reflecting on why the women didn t fight back from the beginning when the opportunist gangsters started to take control of the blind community, they give the same reasons as so many women facing sexual abuse We failed to put up resistance as we should have done when they first came making demands, Of course, we were afraid and fear isn t always a wise counsellor Desperate needs, inequality of power, shameless gang mentality, helplessness in an exposed situation, loss of control, all these things play a role And the humiliation of being exploited as an object without individual value is not diminished in blindness Inside, we remain seeing.An allegory of the breakdown of civilisation, Blindness is also the story of those who finally start resisting raw violence and brutal force, and of those who see through the darkness However, even as the blind spell breaks, and people are regaining their vision, the world is changed forever Blindness has become a real threat, a terrifying possibility lurking underneath everyday worries If it can happen once, it can happen again And who knows when You may be waiting at a traffic light, and all of a sudden, life goes whiteThe one person who remains seeing through the whole catastrophe realises in the end that people might not actually have been literally blind at all Blind people who can see, but do not see That is a tragic reflection on humankind We turn to mass blindness in periods, not because we are physically unable to see, but because we DO not see We can see, we have the tools for seeing, but we do not use them not as long as the cars keep moving when the traffic lights turn green We only start to see that we do not see when we turn blind and there is a disruption in our unseeing complacency We sometimes need an epidemic blindness to wake up and see what happens underneath the polished surface of our civilisation.Let s use our eyes, literally and figuratively, to see what we need to see Let s not turn a blind eye to the world s troubles We know we can easily fall into the barbaric state of blindness It has happened before Let s not forget blindness in order to keep our vision clear. Blindness is a great novel by Portuguese writer Jos Saramago that deals with human s individual and collective reactions when in the face of adversarial forces With gorgeous prose, this thought provoking book shows us how our world, ever so concerned and consumed by appearances, would deal with the loss of our most relied upon sense vision When it s every man by himself, when every man is free to do whatever he wants without the impending fear of recognition and judgement, we start to feel I was going to say see what the man s true nature is and the crumbling down of a civilization diseased with selfishness, intolerance and ambition, to name just few symptoms.Saramago tells us the story of a mysterious mass plague of blindness that affects nearly everyone living in an unnamed place in a never specified time and the implications this epidemic has on people s lives It all starts inexplicably when a man in his car suddenly starts seeing or rather stops seeing anything but a clear white brightness He s blind Depending upon a stranger s kindness to be able to go home in safety, we witness what appears to be the first sign of corruption and the first crack in society s impending breakdown when the infamous volunteer steals the blind man s car Unfortunately for him, the white pest follows him and turns him into one of its victims as well.Spreading fast, this collective blindness is now frightening the authorities and must be dealt with a large group of blind people and possibly infected ones those who had any contact with the first group have now been put in quarantine until second order Living conditions start to degrade as the isolated population grows bigger, there is no organization, basic medicine is a luxury not allowed in and hygiene is nowhere to be found To complicate things further, an armed clique acquires control and power, forcing the subjugated to pay for food in any way they can The scenes that follow are extremely unpleasant to read, but at the same time they re so realistic that you can t be mad at Saramago for writing such severe events packed with violence that include rapes and murders.Contrasting with this dystopian desolation, there is some solidarity and compassion in the form of one character the doctor s wife The only one in the asylum who miraculously is still able to see, she takes care of her husband and of those who became her new family the girl with the dark glasses, the boy with the squint, the old man with the black eye patch, the first blind man and the first blind man s wife the characters names are never mentioned, which is an interesting choice the author made When we think of someone, when we hear their name, we always conjure an image in our head a picture is formed before our eyes Here we are with a bunch of people who no longer can rely on their sight so, in not giving them names, Saramago also puts us in the dark, forcing us to rely instead on personal characteristics and descriptions given to conjure these characters ourselves.After an uprising, folks find out the asylum has been abandoned by the army who was until then responsible for it and they re able to leave Realizing that what they went through in quarantine was only a detail in the huge landscape, now we follow our protagonists as they wander through the city in search of better conditions water, food, clothes, a way to find their homes and their relatives.Talking about Saramago s writing style, I should say that it may be a bit confusing at first due to the lack of punctuation there are many long sentences and no quotation marks around dialogues But in no time you ll get used to his simplistic style not in any way devoid of meaning or deepness , and you ll realize that it actually adds to this reading experience as you ll be going faster through the words with fewer pauses and breaks, you ll find yourself feeling suffocated and almost breathless, which will only add to the book s atmosphere of urgency, anxiety and despair.Film adaptation there is a good film by Fernando Meirelles also called Blindness starring Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo and Gael Garc a Bernal, released in 2008 While this adaptation isn t as graphic and visceral as Saramago s novel, it s still worth seeing It is said that Saramago was in tears when the movie ended and said to director Meirelles Fernando, I am so happy to have seen this movie I am as happy as I was the day I finished the book Rating unfortunately, it seems the late Jos Saramago the only Portuguese language novelist to win the Nobel Prize in Literature has yet to gain the world recognition he deserves For his torturing novel, for his fearlessness in going deep and telling a brutal and violent story that makes us wonder, as Virginia Woolf greatly put it, Why, one asked oneself, does one take all these pains for the human race to go on Is it so very desirable Are we attractive as a species 5 stars. Update I said I would never read another Saramago because of his writing style I did though All the Names and Death with Interruptions Both brilliant But I listened to them I wouldn t have appreciated them as much if I d had to struggle through Saramago s idiosyncratic writing style In H.G Wells In the Country of the Blind the only person who can see suffers great discrimination and has to agree to have his eyes removed and become as blind as the rest of the people who over the generations have adapted to life without vision In Saramago s book, the only person who can see is the heroine of the book This is a device for telling the story which is the collapse of the social order as with just about all dystopian stories One wonders if, given time, those blinded by the disease wouldn t adapt as in Country of the Blind And if they did so, then resent those who could see and instead of relying on the few sighted people for help despise them for the obvious power they have Perhaps even suspect them of exploiting that power for their gain and the blinds detriment.I read the book and watched the film I didn t find Saramago s style easy to read Extremely long sentences, endless paragraphs and an idiosyncratic grammar made me have to concentrate on the reading than the subject matter It was worth it, but written in standard English I think I would have enjoyed it The film was a good, standard, Hollywood film meaning it appeals to the masses, has pretty people and no depth and has been designed to make money I quite enjoyed it, but am glad I read the book first.Although I found this book interesting, I didn t find it the cutting edge work of genius that I had read about I don t think I would ever read another Saramago because life is too short to struggle through such a difficult writing style The book took me about three times as long as if it had been written in a usual manner It seems to me to be an ego thing to write in a way that is completely different to everyone else The reason there is a standard way of writing is that it is easy for us all to understand rather than having to adapt to anyone s idiosyncratic idea of spelling and grammar Writing is communication and understanding is key This applies just as much to the reviewers on GR who don t ever use paragraphs and or capital letters, but it s one thing reading a review and another a whole book I m prepared to go along with someone s style if they write good reviews view spoiler reasonably short ones Write an unparagraphed essay length review and you ve lost me hide spoiler I don t think we did go blind, I think we are blind, Blind but seeing, Blind people who can see, but do not see Jos Saramago s Blindness can be viewed as an allegory for a world where we see but in fact neglect what is around us It is a human condition, unquestionable a disease that in contemporary time has only agravated ..blindness is also this, to live in a world where all hope is gone Blindness is than a dystopian novel, it is a philosophical work that makes us wonder about our way of living Moreover, it brings forth the horrifying truth of how the loss of only one sense can almost instantly dismantle our society, our civilization crumbles to nothing People are reduced to living in unimaginable filth and rummaging for food and water like animalsWe re going back to being primitive hordes, said the old man with the black eyepatch, with the difference that we are not a few thousand men and women in an immense, unspoiled nature, but thousands of millions in an uprooted, exhausted world, And blind, So, it is all about being human, with its own fundamental virtues and vices In a world without vision only our voices remain A revolution, you could say people are no longer identified by their appearances, now worthless Outward values are replaces by what kind of person each one is Social statuses as we knew them are no And in a new disorganized worldThere must be a government, said the first blind man, I m not so sure, but if there is, it will be a government of the blind trying to rule the blind, that is to say, nothingness trying to organize nothingness Then there is no future Saramago s work reminded me of William Golding s Lord of the Flies, both are about the crumbling of our civilization as we know it Blindness is a masterpiece and an important reminder for us to be appreciative of several things that we take for granted, to look around and really see Without an honest and accurate vision our very existence can disintegrate. The advantage enjoyed by these blind men was what might be called the illusion of light In fact, it made no difference to them whether it was day or night, the first light of dawn or the evening twilight, the silent hours of early morning or the bustling din of noon, these blind people were for ever surrounded by a resplendent whiteness, like the sun shining through mist For the latter, blindness did not mean being plunged into banal darkness, but living inside a luminous halo We have all experienced blindness Not that long ago I woke up in the middle of the night There was no reassuring red glow of the digital clock by my bed nor the diffused yellow light from the streetlight making slat patterns across my floor The dark was ink vat black, not gray or any other color on the spectrum, dark soul black My eyes ached from holding them open so wide trying to capture any stray light that could reassure me that the wonderful array of cones and rods in my eyes were still functioning Any creak or thump took on so much significance giving my active imagination ample incentive to flash an array of possible horrible scenarios My heart rate climbs I wondered if I ve went blind I think about the room full of books that will have no significance to me than a pile of bricks or cement blocks, something I held reverence for that is now less than useless I lay there in various stages of disbelief and reassurances until a sliver of light announced the dawn and my eyes, my beautiful eyes, luxuriated in those first rays of a new day I could see The influenza epidemic of 1918 was one of the most terrifying events to happen to humanity in the 20th century even eclipsing two horrific world wars 50 million people worldwide died suffocating from fluid filled lungs Doctors were baffled, unable to find a cure or slow down the symptoms to allow the human immune system to have a chance The disease had no compassion or any sense of a person s economic situation, rich, poor, young and old all died The average life expectancy in the United States dropped by twelve years And then it just disappeared As if a magic number of dead had been reached Can you imagine the fear that any flu symptoms must have inspired in people for years after the event The Blind Eyes Looked Fine.This book is about such an epidemic An epidemic that spares no one It begins with a man going blind while sitting in his car at a traffic light He is brought to an opthamologist and his trip to see the doctor spreads this contagion at the speed of a prairie fire The opthamologist is in the midst of researching this baffling disease when he goes blind as well The government on the verge of panic rounds up all those infected in an attempt to contain the spread of the disease The wife of the eye doctor packs his suitcase and even though she can still see packs her own clothes as well When the government people come to get him she goes with him They are taken to a vacant mental hospital At first there are only a handful of people and then there are hundreds of people crammed into this facility Soldiers are left to guard them and feed them As soldiers go blind fears become reality and in one such moment of desperation the soldiers fire into the crowd of blind people The soldiers retreat and the blind are left with dead bodies to bury and spilled food to collectTheir hunger, however, had the strength only to take them three steps forward, reason intervened and warned them that for anybody imprudent enough to advance there was danger lurking in those lifeless bodies, above all, in that blood, who could tell what vapors, what emanations, what poisonous miasmas might not already be oozing forth from the open wounds of the corpses They re dead, they can t do any harm, someone remarked, the intention was to reassure himself and others, but his words made matters worse, it was true that these blind internees were dead, that they could not move, see, could neither stir nor breath, but who can say that this white blindness is not some spiritual malaise, and if we assume this to be the case then the spirits of those blind casualties have never been as free as they are now, released from their bodies, and therefore free to do whatever they like, above all, to do evil, which as everyone knows, has always been the easiest thing to do Any supernatural element, spirits or otherwise take a backseat to living breathing humans when it comes to perpetrating evil A gang of men, empowered by a gun wielding leader, take control of the food All of the internees are asked to bring all their valuables to be assessed and traded for food and water I had to almost laugh at this point because these thugs are trapped in pre blindness thinking What value will jewelry or paper money have with people that can t see A good belt or a pair of shoes or a glass of water or a sandwich are the only things of any real value any Well there is one other thing that will continue to have value Women.The inmates have been split into groups by rooms After the valuables have been exhausted as a bartering tool for food and water the thugs tell the groups that if they want to eat they need to send their women to them Hunger is all consuming When you are hungry you can not think about anything else other than finding food Your body, as part of our survival instinct, makes you very uncomfortable We can all say what we would be capable of doing and not capable of doing when we are sitting in a bar casually munching on free peanuts and pretzels between pints of beer The fact of the matter is most of us have never felt real hunger We have had moments where our stomachs rumble or experienced a headache due to a missed meal, but true hunger, not eating for days hunger we can only speculate about what that is like One man in the group sounding like some of the Republican candidates in this last election saidWhat did it matter if the women had to go there twice a month to give theses men what nature gave them to give I think even the women had no idea what it really would mean to be raped They have all had sex, no blushing virgins among them They were hungry too and after some speculation decide that they need to do this not only to feed themselves, but also their men It is way beyond anything they could even imagine It was horrible and Jose Saramago pulls no punches Being raped by one man is bad enough, but when being raped by several men a woman has become an object, not even an object of desire, but merely a receptacle for lust Being attractive, or smart or any of the things that made men desire her, in the world before blindness, are suddenly immaterial She is faceless, a base unit to be used and abused devoid of the uniqueness that identify all of us beyond being just a male or a female As the world goes blind the wife of the doctor is left unaffected She continues to help where she can, but is reluctant to let everyone know she can see She would be a slave to the group if they ever found out she could still see She breaks out with a group of people all identified by their past professions or by some other identifying marker We never do learn any of their names as if their identities have escaped them with their loss of vision There is a sweet scene when the doctor and his wife first arrive back at their homeThe doctor put his hand into the inside pocket of his new jacket and brought out the keys He held them in mid air, waiting, his wife gently guided his hand towards the keyhole The world is in chaos as blind people stumble everywhere looking for food and shelter It is truly a horrific vision of a world disintegrating and brings home to me just how vulnerable we all are to a pandemic event or the loss of the electrical grid or for those with fanciful terrors a zombie apocalypse Will you kill someone to live Jose SaramagoJose Saramago by keeping the wife of the doctor immune to the disease gives himself a conduit to describe events Without her the novel would have been difficult to write and would have been difficult for us to read We need vision and if we don t have it ourselves we certainly need someone to provide it for us There are lots of great themes in the novel, exploring the human condition and how we fail ourselves and yet, eventually overcome the most severe circumstances The text is a block of words with few paragraph breaks or markers to help us keep track of who is talking This certainly adds to the difficulty of reading the novel, but I must counsel you to persevere You will come away from the novel knowing you have experienced something, a grand vision of the disintegration of civilization and certainly you will reevaluate what is most important in your life This is a novel that does what a great novel is supposed to do it reveals what we keep hidden from ourselves To see all my latest book and movie reviews visit my blog at You can also like my Facebook page at Una Ceguera Blanca Se Expande De Manera Fulminante Internados 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