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This is the explosive true story of the only man ever to infiltrate the Hells Angels organization as an FBI informant uncovering the truth about the notorious biker gang's netherworld of evil lust and violenceA chilling crime story that strips away the Hell's Angels's image to reveal a powerful and deadly organized crime syndicateThe author's acceptance into the highest ranks of the gang led to an unprecedented FBI sting operation and 42 arrests

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    Damn this is dark In fact Lavigne opens with an apt statement The darkness of crime lies not in its villainy or horror but in the souls of those who choose to live their lives in the abyss Ok tell that to the victims Whatever way you look at crime reading such a vivid account is a ride through hell And it's not because the writing is bad or boring although I did find it to be dry uite often facts upon facts; transcriptions of recorded dialog etc In short it was most often like reading a newspaper article for over 3o0 pages In his sparse commentary however you catch glimpses that Lavigne is indeed a crafty writer the opening sentence I mentioned is indicative He takes a highly critical tone of the HA and rightly so calling them for example cowards and middle aged snivelers I've been curious about biker gangs and particularly the HA since I was a teenager I even remember a group coming to a small town near mine and being excited to possibly catch a glimpse But there's nothing romantic about HA In fact I didn't realize they were so openly misogynist and racist essentially a group of a Neo Nazi rapist drug mongering child killing thugs Lavigne's book might be exciting if you're into undercover investigations and relish knowing the HA get taken down somewhat by the FBI infiltrating with high ranking informant Anthony Tait But this ain't like it is in the movies Be prepared for a slog through the mud of human depravity and true wickedness in addition to the long albeit realistic accounts of surveillance I was not prepared and frankly had to force myself to get through it

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    Star Rating Art 45 StarsStar Rating Story 5 StarsSelf purchase Kindle editionFirst Impression Starts with a bang And boy those Owls sure are creepyPlotStoryline Have I mentioned how much I���m loving the Batman Court of Owls series????ArtColors The court of Owls with the blank masks as faces are creepy as hellNot liking Alfred in the City of Owls for some reason He seems annoying and not particularly helpful I enjoyed Mr Freeze Still having issues with the way Bruce Wayne���s face is drawn it looks weird One of the chapters has a segment on Alfred���s father Jarvis I also enjoyed this part I found that the the end of volume 2 ended a bit confusingly and I wasn���t uite sure what had happened One thing that���s really annoying to me I can���t tell which volumes belong to which series Why do the comic books creators have to get so annoying with the numbering and naming and throw everyone off? I believe the next one is one coming out later this year but I got a copy from netgalley so will review it soon Anxiety Rating Issue 3 I think it���s called First Snow was a bit higher than the others because a young boy loses his mother Since I���ve become a mother of a boy things like this really bother me Recommended for anyone who likes Batman or has an Owl fetishuotes ��� You claim to act out of love But I don���t think you even understand the meaning of the emotion Love reuires Empathy Sympathy Compassion There���s Nothing inside of you but Ice and Hate��� Batman

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    Interesting story Poorly written Redundant Too much detail in irreverent places Too little in important places

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    Very graphic descriptions of crimes commented Follows Anthony Tait's life with the Hell's Angels and as an informant for the FBI

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    Hell's Angels Into the Abyss documents the years in the life of Hell's Angel motorcycle club member Anthony Tait when he went from being a member of the club to being an FBI informant He joined the club as a prospect in 1982 and over the next few years worked his way up the ranks to be one of the top 4 members on the west coast of the USA For years he worked within the club and as an FBI informant the only informant to ever penetrate the club fully With his help in 1987 the FBI did simultaneous raids through the west coast and made over 40 arrests for charges ranging from drug trafficking to conspiracy to commit murder Through this raid they were able to remove hundred of weapons millions of dollars of drugs and cash and many criminals off the streetsWhile I didn't find Tait to be a very trustworthy character the FBI obviously saw something in him that made him their perfect informant It's not often that you can find an informant in a motorcycle club that doesn't already have a criminal records or a history of drug useAlthough this book was a little difficult to get in to at first the beginning was slow while explaining police procedures it ended up being a very interesting topic It's amazing to realize the amount of drugs and weapons available to criminals and how hard it is for police to actually get them off the streets The violence in this book amazed me the way the HA could take someone's life without a thought just because they needed to pay back a rival club for a murder they committed Even worse is the knowledge that the crimes they committed in the 80's are still being committed today and they have become even sophisticated in hiding them Rivalries have become worse and the war between clubs has strengthened until things like the Bandido Massacre happen Worth a read if you have any interested in true crimel

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    A fun read about Tony Taits infiltration of the Angels but like the others Lavigne sensationalizes Tait his role in the Hells Angels and fails to mention any of Tait's misconduct

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    A typical example of the informer genre this is the story of Anthony Tait Alaskan HAMC member who turned informer resulting in charges against Sonny Barger and other Angels For biker book reviews visit

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    Bad but in a great way

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    Interesting what makes a man what to become an informant? I liked this book

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    A very inspirational memoir I would not trade places with Shoshana for anything