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They loved They lost They livedIn the small Yorkshire town of Cottenly dominated by the steel works and surrounded by beautiful countryside Isaac Stanford lives with his wife Emily and their three lovely daughters known locally as the Stanford lasses Alice the eldest lives only for her work as a secretary and chapel on Sunday Fair and loving Lizzie is content with her job making umbrellas until she falls in love with George Crossman and all she desires is to be a wife and mother And headstrong Ruth the merry one is intent upon marrying handsome charmer Walter Wray despite warnings from friends and familyAlready emotionally damaged by a traumatic childhood Alice struggles to lead a normal life Poor but happy with her ever increasing family with the onset of war Lizzie faces the threat of losing all she holds dear And Ruth soon realises she has made a terrible mistake in her marriage as she becomes trapped in a life of poverty and violence As the years pass each sister is forced to confront her greatest challenge

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    Real life charactersFantastic read I couldn't stop turning the pages Heartbreak and happiness in an uncertain time Characters came to life and I felt myself getting uite caught up in the dramas that unfolded

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    Enjoyed it very muchYou did well with writing the way they probably soundedI think some words are important to try and get correct but I read once that it's not necessary to do so I like to though just as you didI try and get the sounds of southern plantation speakers just rightThanks for letting me meet your characters they were lovelyall except H H of course yuckToni Mariani Author

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    Great readAn enjoyable read would love to see a follow up The story was excellent of the same please

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    I didn't know if I wanted to finish this after I started it once I realized that Ruth's husband was going to be abusive and I had to skip the sex scene on Alice's wedding night When I skipped ahead to see what happened and found out that the evil husband dies I decided it was worth reading The abuse was hard and there weren't really graphic parts only the rape scene which I of course skipped Other than these hard things I liked what happened and the people There were a couple of near misses but nothing too horrible When the war started it was kind of sad to hear them talk about it not lasting long but knowing that it does The way it moved in time without giving you an idea of exactly how much time has passed kind of bugged me but not too much I also liked how when everything worked out it felt natural and not contrived The little tie ups at the end were great

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    The Stanford Lasses are three sisters that marry and begin their families between the world wars Ruth marries a good man but she is very strict with herself Lizzie also marries a good man They're not as well off as Ruth and Joe Alice is the youngest and she marries Walter an alcoholic he is also an abuser Walter drinks his salary and so his family lives in poverty in the company's housing Even his parents had warned her off When the war comes their family is affected like the rest of England Glenice Crossland reminded me of Maeve Binchy These are people you feel like you could actually meet Their lives and village seem so real Loved this book

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    this book really held my interest and I empathized and rooted for the characters The story of one family with three girls and their journeys through life during the anticipation of and carrying out of the second world war I loved imagining where and when they lived I could understand the emotions of most of the family and feel their dismay when bad things happened all of the girls endured heartache as well as triumph a really good read

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    I couln't get into this one