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“A fun and poignant coming of age story declared Entertainment Weekly of the third novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series by Ann Brashares author of The Here and NowIt’s the summer before the sisterhood departs for college their last real summer together before they head off to start their grown up lives It’s the time when Lena Tibby Bridget and Carmen need their Pants the most “Readers of the other books won’t be disappointed” — Booklist Starred“A treat for anyone” — Los Angeles Times“These are friends worth having” — Chicago Tribune

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    Maybe 45 stars?I think this is my favorite book of the series so far It's hard to tell because the first book packs such a hard punch right off the bat But I didn't realize how little I liked book 2 until book 3 walked in and brought back that intensity It's made powerful because of all the history I now have with these girls and their livesI still just don't enjoy the format of this book and I keep getting stuck on that But I feel like the writing has vastly improved since book 1 I'm seeing of the character actions and reactions instead of just being told how they felt off page

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    Re Read 2019 Now high school graduates Lena Tibby Carmen and Bridget should have it all figured out but with changes on the horizon they face another summer of the world as they know it being changed Since the death of her grandfather Lena's father has been pretty strict and now he's not sure his daughter's art talents are a promising future Tibby feels guilty when a mishap at home has devasting conseuences for one of her siblings and threatens her relationship with Brian Carmen's thrown for a loop when she finds out her mother and stepfather's secretbut is she ready for her own romance? Then there is Bridget who comes face to face with her past at soccer camp Although I must confess that book 3 is a little bit of a letdown in terms of the first two books which had a lot of plot development I have to say that Carmen really redeemeed herself in this one I think I loved her storyline the best But admit to always having a soft spot for Tibby who really needs that heart to heart with her parentsGoodreads review published 251019

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    Reading Rush Read a book in one spotmy bedroom GOD I forgot how much I loved book 3 Girls In Pants This book just hit me in the feels In Girls In Pants we catch up with our girls Lena Carmen Tibby and Bridget the summer before college These girls aren't girls any they're adults even if they don't wanna be or act like it I think I've come to the conclusion that Lena is unnecessary I just don't find her all that interesting which is crazy because as a teenager I loved her but as an adult she's boring y'all As unlikeable as I find Carmen to be at least Carmen's interesting Lena's just blah I'm so happy I decided to reread this series during the summer I feared I wouldn't like them that maybe I had out grown them but no They're still just as great as when I originally read them Now I'm on to book 4

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    I enjoyed this book as much as the first two although I did have a few issues with it1 What kind of camp assigns a male and female councelor to do an overnight trip with 10 14 year old boys and has them share a tent without the campers in it? I don't care if they are both over 18 I just don't see a camp doing that It became unbelievable to me Now if they'd had different tents and one or the other snuck over to the other although that would go against what they were trying to accomplish trust so yeah Same problem with him helping her when she was sick Although it was super sweet I think someone would complain and they'd probably get fired for her sleeping in his bed Even if she was sick And especially cause he was there too they were both in nothing but underwear and he had his arms around her At a camp full of 10 14 year old MALE campers that seems like a no no to me I was very very proud of Bee for not having sex with the guy though2 Lena's scholarship It was just too perfect Her parents take away her chances of going to school her teacher pushes her to apply for a scholarship there are already 70 applications and only a few days to apply she pulls off a bunch of drawings of her family in a very short time with very little preparation and of course she gets the scholarship It just works out too perfectly for me I was almost hoping she wouldn't get it to shock us since everyone knew she would get it Or maybe she didn't get it but her parents saw how amazing her work was and changed their mind and saw she was really determined to go so they paid for it and it all worked out but for a while we were scared she wouldn't get to go you know?3 I must be a bad person but I was seriously hoping that David Carmen's mom's husband was having an affair Out of town for work all the time his cell phone is turned off I was seriously thinking that Carmen and Win would get to Trenton or wherever he was and find him with another woman But no of course these books are too good for that Once again predictablilty wins4 And finally something good I loved Tibby in this book In the first two she annoyed me But in this one she really came into her own and I really liked her character She was not predictable and she changed a lot as a person throughout the book Yay Tibby

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    455 stars “You couldn't erase the past You couldn't even change it But sometimes life offered you the opportunity to put it right”I do not like young adult books much any especially contemporary young adult and especially young adult contemporary coming of age stories with romance whew that was a mouthful And The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants series is all of those things And somehow I really enjoy it Girls in Pants is the 3rd book in the series and so far my favorite one I lost some faith in the book 2 I didn't like it much but book 3 came back and definitely brought it home for me “She was still waiting for him to come back to her even though he wasn't going to She was still holding out for something that wasn't going to happen She was good at waiting That seemed like a sad thing to be good at”If I was a teenager reading these books right now they would be my holy grail of books I can say that with a 100 percent certainty But as I am not a teenager any I just appreciate these books for what they are a really good proper young adult coming of age story Young Adult genre while skyrocketing in popularity over the last couple of years definitely went downhill in uality of its content A lot of ya contemporaries are very mainstream hip or whatever they are trying to be and just not generally good in my humble opinion The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants is a classic of coming of age stories it's relatable it's real and it's very raw Nobody in these books is perfect adults or teens both are flawed both are guilty of doing wrong things And I really love that Nowadays it's teens vs parents or parents are very often absent I guess we have Disney to thank for a trend of poor unfortunate orphans that always somehow save the day “Why does he have to be my boyfriend? Are you inferior if you don't have a boyfriend? Why does everybody have to be in love with somebody?”​Girls in Pants is far from perfect not just character wise but plot wise too I admit that it is too easy too convenient too happy even But I ever the critic of cliches and tropes somehow am okay with it There was plenty of heavy emotions to offset the cheesy it was a pretty good balance Being on a third book in this journey my only fear right now is for the series not to become horrible with the last books because oh that is definitely a possibility But fingers crossed​I always try to say who was my favorite in each book and I always gravitate towards Lena I just really love her And her story arc in this book was so so good And happy to say that I finally didn't hate Carmen or Tibby both definitely evaluated themselves as characters in my eyes Bee is always a solid number 2 for me I love Bee “Sometimes when she thought of Eric and now powerfully when she saw him she felt some achy nostalgia for her old self For the dauntless daring soul she used to be There were certain ualities you possessed carelessly And you couldn't retrieve them when they were gone”My WEBSITEMy INSTAGRAMMy WORDPRESS BLOG

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    Loved rereading this book This is about the summer before college and we see Bridget Tibby Lena and Carmen grow up a lot and figure out what they want Loved loved loved

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    TISSUE ALERTWell I was told to have tissues on hand for this book than the other two That was good advice This definitely had heavy moments and earlier on than the first two booksThe author's writing was a bit poetic in this book as if her writing like The Septembers is growing up This book takes place during the summer after their senior year of high school and I actually got choked up when I read the second sentence in this section But if you're me you realize that life as we've known it is over Our shared childhood is ending To me that is awe inspiring but it is also the single scariest thought in the worldI'm trying to figure out how to describe how I felt about these girls I was pleased as they each became fully aware of others around them less selfish and caring I suppose that's something we all hope will happen as we grow up But of course it doesn't happen to everyone Carmen's change was the most obvious as she realized that Good Carmen was actually part of her not just an act to impress a nice guy But I loved what Bee did for one gangly soccer player Tibby's story was heart wrenching in multiple ways and Lena's experience with her art was beautifully touching The interaction with her dad at the end is wonderful I'm sure I found it touching because my dad isn't alive any but still it was great readingI don't think I can give much of a review without giving spoilers so I'll end with this I loved this book I really like this series and would recommend it to anyone but this last one especially is very good The first two were sort of fun YA that older people might enjoy too but this third one puts a lovely finish on the series and makes it a great book for all ages If I had a teenage daughter I'd want her to read these books and then discuss them with me There's a lot of life application within them and I think it would be an easy in to cover a lot of heavy subjects that parents might shy away from discussing in the first place

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    So frustrating I had some issues with Book #2 but really wanted to see what happened next so I moved on to Book #3 I seriously want to slap everybody in this book Brashares doesn't seem to realize that in order for characters to mature they should hopefully learn from their mistakes and their experiences No one has progressed one whit Carmen is still terribly upset when anybody has something going on in her life that doesn't revolve around her and proceeds to act like a very small child Lena and Tibby are moping eyeroll not very convincingly And Bee actually Bee was the only character I liked here Guess what? She's the only character who has grown and changed and isn't acting like an idiot any Go Bee For the rest of them UGHWill I read Book 4? possibly Maybe I'll just skim it I gotta see what Carmen thinks of Williams eyerolling

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    Yep still my favorite book in this series These characters have grown so much

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    Okay Brashares you should have uit while you were ahead The plot is thin The story is anti climactic I love the descriptive writing style but it doesn't make up for what's lacking It seems as if Brashares was forced to write this book in a limited amount of time There's very little development and frankly it's boring Relationships are built up and there's no follow through The characters get what they want with very little effort the events are predictable and too much is said instead of shown I could go onThe first book in this series is absolutely worth reading but the rest are not Really nothing so incredible happens to the characters that a reader is missing out by skipping the rest of the series