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Este Libro Contiene De La Primera A La Ltima Tira Mafalda In Dita Al Fin Solos Y Digo Yo A D Nde Vamos A Parar Mafaldas Casi Privadas Mafaldas P Blicas Mafaldas Inedit Simas Toda, Pero Toda Toda Mafalda HASTA EL CIERRE DE ESTA EDICI N

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    Best Latin American comic strip La mejor tira c mica de Latinoam rica This review is bilingual You will find first the review in English and after that, you will find the review in Spanish. Esta cr tica es biling e Usted encontrar primero la cr tica en Ingl s y luego de esta, usted encontrar la cr tica en Espa ol. REVIEW IN ENGLISH Mafalda is undoubtedly the best comic strip in Latin America that it has been published in newspapers, where no other comic strip conceived in this geographical area is near of it, and taking into account that Mafalda stopped of being published in 1973, and even so, 44 years later 2017 , nothing has been created in Latin America to make even a small competition.And while there are obviously a lot of iconic comic strips around the world, such as Peanuts, Garfield, Beetle Bailey, H ggar the Horrible, Dennis the Menace, Blondie, Dilbert, etcin the field of political criticism mixed with smart humor, Mafalda is the best in its style and the most incredible thing although it puts a sad message about our supposed progress as a global society is that although has stopped publishing 44 years ago, the humor that exposes continues to impact the same, today, since the socio political problems it addresses, continue to exist in our current world society.The comic strip of Mafalda was published from 1964 to 1973, born in Argentina by the brilliant artist Quino, where initially it was simply the caricature of a family for an advertising campaign that never saw the light of day, butthat gave life to one of the best examples of socio political criticism that has been ever made.Mafalda, the main character who gives name to the comic strip, is a 6 year old girl, but is very aware of the socio political environment that affects not only her country, Argentina, but the whole world, and where she he never hesitates to express her frustration about it, with her parents, her friends and some unwary passer by.However, Quino, her creator, never forgot that she was still a 6 year old girl, so we never know what Mafalda is going to bring us, in every comic strip, since just as she worries about wars, world hunger, racial problems and corrupt politicians equally her attention may be focused on playing cowboys, listening to Beatles music or escaping for not eating the soup.Thank you, Mafalda, for making us laugh and think at the same time CRITICA EN ESPA OL Mafalda es sin ninguna duda la mejor tira c mica de Latinoam rica que se haya publicado en peri dicos, donde ninguna otra tira c mica concebida en dicha rea geogr fica se le acerca, y eso tomando en cuenta que Mafalda se dej de publicar en 1973, y a n as , 44 a os despu s 2017 , todav a no se ha creado nada en Latinoam rica que le haga siquiera una peque a competencia.Y aunque obviamente, a nivel mundial hay muchas tiras c micas ic nicas como Peanuts, Garfield, Beetle Bailey, H gar the Horrible, Dennis the Menace, Blondie, Dilbert, etcen el campo de cr tica pol tica mezclada con humor inteligente, Mafalda es la mejor en su estilo y lo m s incre ble aunque exponga un mensaje triste sobre nuestro supuesto progreso como sociedad mundial es que aunque se haya dejado de publicar hace 44 a os, el humor que expone sigue impactando igual, hoy en d a, ya que los problemas socio pol ticos que aborda, siguen existiendo en nuestra sociedad mundial.La tira c mica de Mafalda fu publicada desde 1964 hasta 1973, nacida en Argentina por el brillante artista Quino, donde inicialmente fu simplemente la caricatura de una familia para una campa a publicitaria que nunca vi la luz del d a, peroque di vida a uno de los mejores ejemplos de cr tica socio pol tica que se haya hecho en la historia.Mafalda, la personaje principal que d nombre a la tira c mica, es una ni a de 6 a os de edad, pero que est muy consciente del entorno socio pol tico que afecta no solo a su pa s, Argentina, sino al mundo entero, y donde ella nunca duda en expresar en voz alta su frustraci n al respecto, con sus padres, sus amigos y uno que otro transe nte incauto.Sin embargo, Quino, su creador, nunca olvid que ella segu a siendo una ni a de 6 a os de edad, por lo que nunca sabemos con qu nos va a salir Mafalda, en cada tira c mica, ya que as como se preocupa por las guerras, el hambre mundial, los problemas raciales y los pol ticos corruptos igualmente su atenci n puede estar enfocada en jugar a los vaqueros, escuchar m sica de Los Beatles o escaparse para no tomar la sopa Gracias, Mafalda, por hacernos re r y pensar al mismo tiempo

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    If I ever made a list on goodreads of kick ass little girls and left off Mafalda, I was seriously in the wrong and am deeply sorry for my grievous error in judgement and taste.Mafalda is the coolest six year old girl Mafalda is pretty much Bird Brian cool, if Bird Brian were a little girl in Argentina in the 1960s An enormous heart and brains for what really and truly matters in life Like keeping the torch alive and burning, or the bird call ringing true Something like that Touching on those things in hell, she s just touching as hell Mafalda is the coolest ever I ve been attempting to learn the Spanish language on and off for much of my life If it were on right now I d have written espa ol I m slipping that much I found it relaxing to study grammar rules Conjugating verbs was my favorite part I m a freak Vocabulary is also cool Spelling isn t so hard if you learn it at the same time as vocabulary It s the whole rest of it that gives me major panic attacks Making stuff out of all the tools of language I m not stretching the truth for the sake of dramatic effect Panic attacks Sweaty palms, the whole works I could have eaten habanero peppers It s like dyslexia for me to listen to someone speaking in Spanish and remember anything I learned Stuff goes where it shouldn t, means what it shouldn t I gave up I had a stuttering problem when young if I had to participate in any public speaking events um, or groups larger than two people It all comes back I hate that I have this anxiety I read once that dyslexia in English doesn t necessarily mean dyslexia in Chinese or Russian, for example I wish that anxiety went away in other languages too Not that I don t have anxiety about English If crimes against language were a crime, the Schoolhouse Rock characters will be my judge, jury and executioner All of that rambling and I ll finally get back to MafaldaI read Mafalda in Spanish Sorta I d forget what words meant and would berate myself for forgetting But I d have fun looking at the comics and it d make sense to me anyway That s the best way to immerse yourself in the world and politics, human rights Things that give me panic attacks Just say no to panic attacks, to quote the great humanist of the 1980s eye rolls.

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    Someone asked me for a joke recently and found myself stuck I did not think this person would appreciate the made up Knock, knocks I get treated to and enjoy daily via my 6 year old But the question made me think of this book The one with my all time favorite, life altering, very influential, funniest and deepest characters of my life I ve been reading and re reading and re reading these characters for as long as I can remember Since 6 or 7 years old I even used to save all of my money so when I visited the neighboring country where they sold them, I could get as many volumes of it as possible The day I got this copy, via my father, that compiles ALL of the comic strips ever published, was one of the happiest of my life As much as I have always loved it though, since I found myself with 3 small children in a row, I have not even looked at it I think it is time to reminecense and get reaquainted with those jokes I used to find rib hurting and personalities I used to find so compelling.

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    It is practically impossible to accurately review this work for many reasons to begin with you must contend with the natural but totally erroneous premise that we are dealing with just a cartoon, or even a great one There have of course been some really great comic strips Peanuts inevitably comes to mind but Mafalda is just in a class by itself, an amazing work of art in the unlikely and astonishing guise of a supposedly middlebrow genre Considering Mafalda just another cartoon is like thinking of Catch 22 as just another war novel But don t let the words above scare you away from it in fact it is extremely funny, lovely, humane, sensitive, accessible while simultaneously being unsparingly vivid and keenly observant in depicting the social conditions of the world around it which brings me to the second problem with reviewing it It is really so wonderful that you risk incredulity or sounding very silly if you try to do it justice by describing it with any degree of accuracy Let me just say that there is profound wisdom much deeper human, social, and political truth and compassion in it than you ll find in the vast majority of the serious treatises that deal with these subjects And it all overflows from a delightful, utterly captivating group of enchanting and unforgettable children.

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    i can t believe i had to wait for yet another shipment of old books to arrive before i d remember Mafalda seriously the best so called comic ever, even when calling it a comic strip or humor or anything at all always misses the point because, in reality, what it is, is a philosophical and socio political treatise of life itself something which, i guess, only a crazy argentine could come up with and the most amazing part of it all is that he chose to view this skewed up world thru the lens of a girl, not a boy a la idiotic Harry Potter for e.g and that s what makes all the differenceMafalda has been translated into almost every language in the world and one of the funniest and most telling aspects of this is that, i ve found, a lot of people who read it in their native language in their own countries sometimes HAVE NO IDEA that it s from Arg or that it takes place in 1960s pre dictatorship Buenos Aires and what can is say that pretty much sums up its greatnessthe other day i was walking thru my new frankfurt neighborhood when i discovered the loveliest artys little club just for girls for tough funny girls said the tagline and it was, appropriately enough, called Mafalda.this book manages to be feministic than 80% of feminist stuff without even trying to be

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    That was a truly treasure I found when I traveled to Buenos Aires.Toda Mafalda is a great paradox we see often books like The best of and not much The comple work of The paradox about Toda Mafalda is that at the same time it s The complete work of Quino on Mafalda and also The best of Quino Every page is brilliant mixing, Philosophy, Irony, Politics, Sociology, History, Human Relation Ships, Dreams and above all, lots of Humour A must read book for all ages and all kind of people

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    I discovered this book when I was six I already loved books at that age, so it was pretty obvious I would love this one too a huge red book with a little girl named Mafalda on the cover I was so young I didn t understand most of the book, of course Yet, I loved it I spent hours reading this book I ve read it so so many times that the cover is almost ripped of, and the pages are all bent and written all over by me But I love it just like that makes me feel like I ve grown up with this book next to me, which is kinda true

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    It s hard to say how much Mafalda means to me I used to read it as a child and while I probably didn t get all of it back then, I believe I have a better feel of the Latin American experience thanks to it This is a beautiful edition and I m grateful to Will for having bought it for me I probably wouldn t because I would have thought it too expensive.

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    Ah, I love Mafalda And this book has ALL OF MAFALDA perfect for an immense Mafalda marathon

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    Dear Quino and Mafalda followed me through all my childhood I have to thank my mother for it because in many ways I believe it s the things we do, read and watch as child that shapes us Everything else is the same, just with other name or form.If you have never read Mafalda by Quino , I recommend you do It s an Argentinean comic, yes, but Mafalda and her friends talk and comment on things beyond nation, race and time.Give it a try