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Mi puntuaci n es de tres estrellitas y media Siendo la primera novela hist rica de Falcones, es la segunda que yo le leo, porque empec por su segunda, La mano de F tima Y todo eso en el espacio de un a o escaso La verdad es que cansan ya un poco las m s de 1600 p ginas que he le do de ese autor, y pasar bastante tiempo antes de que agarre su tercera novela A los autores hay que dejarlos en barbecho En la variedad est el gusto.La calidad literaria me parece flojita y simplemente comercial Los buenos son mu, pero que mu buenos , y los malos Chico, pues son mal simos.Lo que s le reconozco a Falcones es una excelente labor de divulgaci n hist rica entre los lectores profanos en la materia Su documentaci n es rigurosa y no resulta f cil pillarle los sangrantes anacronismos que existen entre la pl yade de autorzuelos que buscan como garimpeiros fortuna en este g nero. 14 Siglo XIV La Ciudad De Barcelona Se Encuentra En Su Momento De Mayor Prosperidad Ha Crecido Hacia La Ribera, El Humilde Barrio De Los Pescadores, Cuyos Habitantes Deciden Construir, Con El Dinero De Unos Y El Esfuerzo De Otros, El Mayor Templo Mariano Jam S Conocido Santa Mar A De La MarUna Construcci N Que Es Paralela A La Azarosa Historia De Arnau, Un Siervo De La Tierra Que Huye De Los Abusos De Su Se Or Feudal Y Se Refugia En Barcelona, Donde Se Convierte En Ciudadano Y, Con Ello, En Hombre LibreEl Joven Arnau Trabaja Como Palafrenero, Estibador, Soldado Y Cambista Una Vida Extenuante, Siempre Al Amparo De La Catedral De La Mar, Que Le Iba A Llevar De La Miseria Del Fugitivo A La Nobleza Y La Riqueza Pero Con Esta Posici N Privilegiada Tambi N Le Llega La Envidia De Sus Pares, Que Urden Una S Rdida Conjura Que Pone Su Vida En Manos De La Inquisici N La Catedral Del Mar Es Una Trama En La Que Se Entrecruzan Lealtad Y Venganza, Traici N Y Amor, Guerra Y Peste, En Un Mundo Marcado Por La Intolerancia Religiosa, La Ambici N Material Y La Segregaci N Social Todo Ello Convierte Esta Obra No S Lo En Una Novela Absorbente, Sino Tambi N En La M S Fascinante Y Ambiciosa Recreaci N De Las Luces Y Sombras De La Poca Feudal It is very important to know when you start this book that it is in fact based on the Chronica of King Pedro III Although historical fiction, it closely follows true events in Catalonia during the 1300s under King Pedro s reign There is tons of history incorporated into the novel At the same time it has an engaging and fast moving plot You will learn about Barcelona, the building of the cathedral Sant Maria de la Mar You will be impressed by the cathedral s history, its beauty and how it engaged the life of so many in Barcelona It was built for and by the people of Barcelona All its people It was built at the site of an older church and underneath it is an ancient Roman cemetery However the book and the plot covers many, many other actual events wars, the bubonic plague, the Inquisition, guild practices, treatment of women and Jews, in fact all aspects of life in Barcelona during the 1300s this book is a perfect example of how historical fiction can teach in a delightful, engrossing manner There is a author s note, that clearly explains what is fiction and what is fact The events that have been altered are pointed out What is amazing is that what seems fiction is fact I wish I had read it, in the middle of the novel rather than at the end So why only three stars I know that for me to say I like the book feels appropriate than to say I really liked it This is because I never really attached my self to the characters The book is concerned with the unrolling of the plot than character analysis Each character plays a significant role there are none that could have been eliminated Each character was rounded and well thought out, but maybe the fact that all was so well planned, that there were few bizarre elements, that it simply felt a bit boring I do not mean the plot was boring that was rolling along at full speed continually In fact it felt a bit cinematic.So this book provides great history in an engaging story, but without much sparkle I am very glad I read it I learned so very, very much Did you know that the Inquisition began very early in Catalonia Dis you know that people were trading and profiting from the buying and selling of different currencies in the 1300s Did you know that when two serfs were married, the master had the right to sleep with the woman first, on the night of their marriage You will not regret reading this book. I probably wouldn t have even heard of this beautiful story, had it not been for a review that I saw on Trip Advisor of all places I was looking at places to visit for our upcoming trip to Barcelona, deciding on whether or not to visit Santa Maria del Mar, a cathedral in Barcelona One of the reviewers highly recommended reading this book first I m a sucker for reading travel related books and I have to say that I ve been hard pressed to find much that truly interests me when it comes to books that are set in Spain I am becoming a bit selective and no longer want to read a travel related book just because we re headed there It has to be good also Anyway, I am so grateful to that reviewer and I wrote and told him so The story, set in 14th century Barcelona, is well written with some edge of the seat turns If you enjoy medieval fiction, such as Pillars of the Earth , you may like this one I enjoyed Pillars of the Earth , but this was lovely also The story was compelling Like most historical fiction, you love some of the characters and hate a few others also There were some parts that bored me, but those are easy to skim through One word of warning for those who may be a bit on the conservative side, it does get a bit graphic at times, but not too often Finally, the book is thoroughly researched I really enjoyed the final pages of the book, where the author explains the parts of the story that are true I hope that we have time to visit this fascinating cathedral during our short stay in Barcelona.Some of my favorite quotes The past does not exist There is nothing to be sorry for Today is when we start to live Look look at the sea The sea has not past It is just there It will never ask us to explain The stars, the moon are there to light our way, to shine for us What do they care what might have happened in the past They are accompanying us, and are happy with that Can you see them shine The stars are twinkling in the sky would they do that if the past mattered Would not there be a huge storm if God wanted to punish us We are alone, you and I, with no past, no memories, no guilt, nothing that can stand in the way of our love From the beginning, Santa Maria de la Mar church was built by and for the common people Santa Maria de la Mar is without doubt one of the most beautiful churches to be found anywhere It may lack the monumentality of others built at the same time or later, but its interior is filled with the spirit with which Berenguer de Montagut sought to infuse it the people s church, built by the people of Barcelona for Barcelona, is like an airy Catalan farmhouse It is austere, protected, and protecting, and the light of the Mediterranean sets it apart from any other church in the world According to the experts, the great virtue of Santa Maria is that it was built over an uninterrupted period of fifty five years This means it benefits from a unified architectural style, with few elements added on, making it the leading example of Catalan Gothic. Hefty historical novel set in fourteenth century Barcelona and revolving around the building of a cathedral yes there are similarities to Ken Follett s Pillars of the Earth Unlike Follett s novel this is very much woven around fact and an actual building and events and is based on a contemporary chronicle It is well plotted, but there is a certain predictability about it The topics you would expect to come across are there the inquisition, the plague, relationships with Jews and Moors, the guild system, money lending, serfdom and slavery, nobility, daily life, relationships between the sexes and so on It is a saga based on the main protagonist Arnau Estanyol, his parents, his adopted brother Joan and his subsequent life and relationships All the boxes are ticked and this makes for the predictability The novel is informative and as it is based on historical fact I did learn a good deal about the history of fourteenth century Barcelona Some of the characterisation was a little contrived In the first part of the book there were a few characters who were clearly in the way of where the plot was clearly headed and I thought to myself How is he going to dispose of them Along comes the plague, and of course, the characters in the way succumb, leaving the plot to roll along The ending was also a little too cosy and predictable,This sounds like I m being rather harsh the plot does move along at a good pace and there is certainly warmth to it that is endearing It isn t taxing and would make a good beach read If I was into beaches. I gave up on this book at page 252 of 600 The very beginning was pretty interesting, and I found the character of a young man essentially raising his baby alone with his remote wife as a successful medieval serf in pastoral Spain very compelling I liked the stuff through the pottery workshop, too, but after that It felt to me like the story dropped off for the sake of cramming a historical setting with stock characters to represent different aspects of life in 14th Century Barcelona There was little narrative suspense or tension, and the book rapidly turned into an episodic adventure For all that the novel is touted as portraying a time and a place, it does neither And when the characters are given a few lines of dialogue, it serves only to do the author s work for him They don t talk like anyone real.There are many places that the story could be developed the community of the bastaixos, the relationship of Joan and Arnau, regional warfare, restrictions on women The author just glosses over everything The sentences are written well enough, and the prose is readable enough, but there s no real reason to keep reading the book It lacks substance It s like Moll Flanders Arnau just goes from place to place, getting and successful but with very few insights into what he thinks or feels He s a puppet They re all puppets At least Moll Flanders makes some coy statements about her contemporary era, which are interesting to read in the modern era Cathedral lacks even that authenticity.I like my characters to do a little thinking and my authors to do a lot less spoonfeeding If you love Barcelona or the Santa Maria del Mar church, or have a particular interest in the period, you would probably like this book I think you d be better off reading a really good non fiction book on the topic, though Maybe there aren t any yet. I read the book in English and perhaps it was not that good in translation However, as a person who absolutely loved The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, I thought that this was just a poor copy of the epic novel Cathedral of the Sea is worth a read if you like historical fiction, but that s pretty much about it. Igreja de Santa Mar a del Mar Barcelona A Catedral do Mar 2006 primeiro romance do escritor catal o Ildefonso Falcones n 1959 tem uma cena de abertura que deixa antever o contexto hist rico da narrativa Bernat Estanyol est a festejar o seu casamento com Francesca Esteve inesperadamente, eis que se aproximam da celebra o, sem serem convidados, o seu senhor feudal e dois ginetes Estanyol gritou Lloren de Bellera, pondo se de p com Francesca agarrada pelo pulso Usando do direito que como teu senhor me assiste, decidi deitar me com a tua mulher na sua primeira noite P g 19 Passados nove meses Francesca d luz um rapaz apesar da viola o sofrida no dia do seu casamento, o beb revela uma marca que todos os Estanyol t m um sinal junto sobrancelha direita.Mais tarde, num contexto tr gico Bernat decide fugir para Barcelona com o seu filho Arnau sob o des gnio de se tornar um homem livre e de escapar s atitudes cru is e b rbaras do seu senhor feudal e da nobreza Nesta poca medieval s culo XIV Barcelona uma cidade pr spera que concede aos seus cidad os direitos especiais de cidadania Bernat e Arnau come am uma vida nova A imagem da Virgem Maria e a constru o da Igreja de Santa Maria del Mar acabam por exercer em Arnau uma influ ncia espiritual incomensur vel, com Ildefonso Falcones a desenvolver e unir a edifica o da catedral constru da pelo povo, pelos bastaixos s in meras personagens, homens, mulheres e crian as, numa excepcional recria o hist rica A Catedral do Mar um magn fico romance explanado entre 1320 e 1384 que mant m um not vel equil brio entre a componente hist rica e a trama narrativa existem v rias sub tramas , com uma escrita inteligente e cinematogr fica, preservando o ritmo e a intriga incorporando um suspense que vai enleando o leitor, no intuito de que acompanhando as personagens principais temos uma perspectiva minuciosa sobre in meras tem ticas como o amor e a trai o, a guerra e as pestes, numa Catalunha marcada pela intoler ncia religiosa, pela Inquisi o e pelas injusti as sociais e religiosas mas, igualmente, sobre a primazia do genu no car cter her ico dos servos em rela o prepot ncia da nobreza.Nota A continua o de A Catedral do Mar intitula se Los Herederos de la Tierra uma obra publicada em 2016, ainda sem edi o portuguesa Update 1Igreja de Santa Mar a del Mar BarcelonaH alguns anos que n o lia nenhum romance hist rico ambientado entre os s c XII e XIV penso que o ltimo foi Os Pilares da Terra mas n o tenho a certeza.Este g nero de romances nos quais se inclui este A Catedral do Mar t m a vantagem de ser dois em um Isto , como s o excepcionalmente descritivos, visual e cinematograficamente, que ao l los estamos indirectamente a adquirir um bilhete de cinema em cran cinemascope S que t m um amplo problema pelo menos para mim deixam pouca margem para a minha imagina o gosto mais de fazer filmes do que ver filmes e mais margem para pensamento sociol gico pode n o parecer mas de tempo em tempos sempre exercito os meus neur nios.Numa cena em que a personagem principal pelo menos at ao momento Bernat Estanyol est a casar com Francesca aparece intempestivamente, sem ser convidado, um senhor feudal e pouco depois, surge a seguinte frase Estanyol gritou Lloren de Bellera, pondo se de p com Francesca agarrada pelo pulso Usando do direito que como teu senhor me assiste, decidi deitar me com a tua mulher na sua primeira noite P g 19 Numa perspectiva simplista, mais do que a evolu o tecnol gica e econ mica nessa poca e nas seguintes, foi a evolu o dos comportamentos e das atitudes entre homens de diferentes classes sociais e entre homens e mulheres que permitiu, apesar de tudo e, por vezes, de uma forma lenta que o nosso desenvolvimento civilizacional, n o sendo perfeito, incomensuravelmente melhor do que o existente entre os s c XII e XIV Empec esta novela esperando algo similar a Los Pilares de la Tierra de Ken Follet uno de mis grandes favoritos y mi decepci n no pudo ser mayor.Despu s de uno de los comienzos de libro m s desafortunados que le en mi vida que realmente no me pudo predisponer peor para con el protagonista y el autor lo segu leyendo s lo para ver si en alg n punto me empezaba a resultar interesante, pero eso no ocurri Claramente Ildefonso Falcones y yo no estamos hechos el uno para el otro.Me encantan las novelas hist ricas y me encanta la Historia, as que mi problema no fue que no estoy acostumbrada al g nero Mi problema fue con la narraci n y con los personajes Y, no lo voy a negar, con tal exceso de machismo que esta vez me hizo rechinar los dientes hasta a m.Estamos en el sigo XIV en Espa a, plena poca medieval, poca de leyes extremadamente r gidas que no favorec an a nadie salvo a los nobles y a la iglesia, donde las mujeres eran vistas como posesiones sirvientes y todo aquel que no abrazara la fe Cat lica se la iba a ver en figuritas.Esta es la historia de Bernat, un hombre que huye con su hijo Arnau de sus tierras, dejando todo atr s para comenzar de nuevo en Barcelona La narraci n recorrer su vida y la de su hijo, quienes van a sufrir pr cticamente todo lo que se podr a sufrir en esa poca y m s, mientras cerca de ellos se construye la Bas lica de Santa Mar a del Mar, que no es una catedral.Entiendo que el autor cuyo estilo me result comercial y gracias haya querido mostrar que era una epoca dura, pero para mi gusto realmente se le fue la mano Sinceramente, por el empe o que le puso a las descripciones de reiteradas violaciones y torturas, me hizo pensar que casi lo disfrutaba.He leido antes novelas donde hab a violaciones, y si bien son desagradables, siempre son cometidas por personajes que el autor espera que odies Uno de mis grandes problemas con este libro es que deja claro que en esta historia que intenta ser realista , pr cticamente cualquier hombre es un violador potencial que aprovechar la primer oportunidad que se le presenta para violentar a una mujer Y pongo como ejemplo al primer protagonista, Bernat, que en el primer cap tulo viola a su flamante y reci n violada por otro esposa para evitar recibir latigazos.Ya estaba odiando al protagonista s lo por eso, pero esto no termina ahi El se or feudal de la regi n y primer violador, porque la ley le permit a estrenar esposas ajenas se la lleva como ama de leche para su propio hijo, separ ndola de su beb , y viol ndola l y sus soldados, porque hay que saber compartir cada vez que la pobre chica intenta acercarse a su hijito Bernat entonces ir a rescatar a su hijo, y se fugar a Barcelona sin dedicar ni medio pensamiento a su esposa, y mucho menos se le pasar por la cabeza el tratar de rescatarla Si lo pens , el autor se olvid de contarlo.A partir de ah le empec a desear una muerte horrible, y no ayud para nada que m s adelante se nos quisiera convencer de que Bernat era un muy buen hombre Tarde, querido, hubieras empezado por no violar a una chica traumatizada.Afortunadamente pronto nos empezamos a centrar en Arnau, el beb , quien conforme pasan los a os empieza a crecer y convertirse en uno de los Gary Stu m s santurrones que he encontrado Para l, sufrimiento m s, sufrimiento menos, la vida se le va acomodando convenientemente y las oportunidades le caer n del cielo porque la gente se las da abiertamente No nos pasa a todos acaso Arnau va a pasar por mas profesiones que Forest Gump, y a sufrir distintos tipos de sufrientes sufrimientos, sobre los que, si soy 100% honesta no me interes ni un poco.Y esto me lleva a los otros problemas que tuve con el libro.Los personajes de La catedral del mar me resultaron m s planos que una hoja de papel reci n sacada de la resma Son o buenos o malos, no hay grises No hay desarrollo de ninguna personalidad, casi no se nos comparte lo que piensan, y nos tenemos que imaginar sus emociones de acuerdo a c mo reaccionar a una persona normal ante ciertas situaciones.Los di logos tampoco son gran cosa, y la verdad es que en una enorme parte del libro el argumento aparece intercalado entre p ginas y p ginas juntas de informaci n hist rica contada en forma de art culo de Wikipedia de los aburridos , dejando completamente de lado a los personajes.Cuando finalmente vuelve a la historia principal, much simas cosas importantes ocurren de forma totalmente abrupta Y por abrupta me refiero a Fulano est vivo Fulano muri al siguiente rengl n Eso s , despu s le dedica much simos p rrafos a describir c mo suben una piedra o c mo Arnau se recorre Barcelona llevando cosas pesadas en la espalda Por cierto, sobre la construcci n de la iglesia hay errores de falta de investigaci n, o de excesiva creatividad del autor Y lo curioso es que del principio al final del libro cambian de m todo y lo empiezan a hacer bien, pero jam s se menciona nada al respecto.Otra cosa notable era lo r pido que todo el mundo se enteraba de lo que ocurr a en otros pa ses O ten an internet o pasaba m s tiempo del que se notaba entre p rrafo y p rrafo.Pero hablemos de las mujeres Normalmente intento no prestarle atenci n al posible machismo de las historias, pero ac es tan aleboso que me hizo enojar.Mientras avanzan los cap tulos unas cuantas mujeres van a ser violadas y o torturadas con lujo de detalles porque parece que los hombres no pueden contenerse ante una chica linda, y lo que es peor, ellas se van a acostumbrar a ser violadas y lo van a tomar como algo casi natural.Adem s de las extensas parrafadas sobre c mo la mujer es b sicamente una basura que debe ser controlada, hay dos tipos de mujeres en este libro las sumisas y las malas De nuevo, no hay grises.Se vive dejando claro y al final del libro el autor aclar que no comparte esas ideas, pero las repitimuch simoque la mujer ha nacido para servir al hombre que no parece saber sacarse los zapatos solo y que debe ser obediente y sumisa en todo momento Ninguna va a mostrar realmente una personalidad hasta casi el final del libro, y para el autor no compartir esas ideas, a las nicas a las que muestra como buenas son aquellas que se comportan como un perrito educado.La verdad que este libro me aburri soberanamente, y culpo al estilo con que est escrito No sent inter s ni cari o por nadie, y cuando parec a que se iba a poner un poco interesante reaparec an esas extens simas parrafadas hist ricas que en su mayor a no afectaron en gran cosa al argumento y me marearon con tanto nombre que s lo sirvieron para cansarme con el modo mon tono en que fueron escritas Llegu incluso al extremo de saltar p rrafos, porque estaba tan desesperadamente aburrida que no ve a la hora de terminar Y, oh sorpresa, segu entendiendo perfectamente lo que pasaba, porque el autor alarga tanto ciertas situaciones que si la novela cuyo final fue bastante forzado y casi m gicamente acomodado hubiera tenido la mitad de las p ginas, no habr a habido diferencia argumental.S que mucha gente am este libro, pero yo claramente no fui una de ellas y no se lo recomendar a a nadie, especialmente si leyeron y disfrutaron de Los Pilares de la Tierra Rese a de Fantas a M gica