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In this delightful and dazzling erotic novel MaryJanice Davidson creates an alternate contemporary world nearly identical to ours in which Russia never sold the Alaskan territory to the United States Instead Alaska has won its independence and established itself as a constitutional monarchyand now the King of Alaska badly needs a bride for his son and heir The country of Alaska is as forbidding as it is beautiful And the royal family is as rough around the edges as they are coolly civilized Other royal families may find them shocking but after all in this wilderness kingdom being a crack shot and expert trapper is just as important as knowing your salad fork from your dessert fork Unfortunately when the rest of the royals find you mildly savage marrying off your royal brood can be a royal pain King Alexander II is desperate Why he'd settle for any girl A commoner An American even Stranded tourist Christina Krabbe is American and a commoner but she has zero interest in enduring a royal wedding producing royal heirs and becoming ueen of Alaskauntil she gets a good look at Prince David He may be a bit unruly actually the words untamed and slightly dangerous come to mind but Christina's no delicate flower herself And when His Highness discovers Christina can give as good as she gets he's Prince Charmed if not uite charming But can a wild man Prince and a modern American girl make a life together? And will the palace still be standing when the dust clears?

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    This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart Review copy was received from Publisher This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review35 HeartsIf you were looking for something with serious royal drama and intrigue The Royal Treatment is not for you But if you just need something light full of snark and sass this could be a great readThe Royal Treatment is the first book in the Alaskan Royal Family series In an alternate reality where most of the history is the same except Alaska was never sold to the US and it ended up its own monarchy; hilarity ensues when a headstrong American catches the eye of the king Thing is he isn’t interested in her for himself nope he’d rather play matchmaker and set her up with his sonChristina is crass snarky and unapologetically herself at all times When she meets a disguised king and gives him an earful he is sure she is the perfect match for his first in line to the throne son Since this is Alaska they do what they want and he is ready to make it happen David the aforementioned son and price doesn’t really care who he marries This should be easy to woo and marry Christinaright? Doesn’t every American girl dream of marrying a prince?This really was a light and fluffy funny story I enjoyed the snark and lightheartedness that was present throughout the book If there was one issue I had it would have been that it might have needed just a smidgen of a push into the dramatic but it isn’t really that kind of tale The book blurb mentions this is an erotic novel and there is sex in it but I really wouldn’t push it all the way over to be in the erotic genreThe Royal family was a bit of a hoot and the King was a crack up I really liked that Christina didn’t ever get flustered by being surrounded by royalty and was able to keep her sense of humor and stay so down to earthAfter your next deep and heart wrenching read this could be a good pallet cleanser to fluff up your happy feelings back upNarrationPiper Goodeve did a great job capturing the sass and snark of this book  She was able to give each character a voice and made Christina a girl I'd totally love to hang out with in the real world  I listened to this at my usual 15 speedListen to a clip  HERE

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    Hysterically funny read If you're looking for The Thornbirds or The Tudors don't stop here This is a book for those of us who worship at the altar of snarky dialogue And for those who love a heroine so far south of Cinderella that she wouldn't have gone to the ball unless she was really bored or wanted to check out the appetizers And a hero who's perfectly OK with marrying whoever Dad picked out and doing his best to produce an heir when he's not busy with his studies on penguins of course Is he surprised when she says no“Why won’t you marry me?” he blurted then smacked himself on the forehead“Whoa Easy on the self flagellation there dude”“I’m supposed to woo you” he explained“Well don’t waste the woo on me Not that it’s not a really nice offer Because it is”“So Why won’t you?”“Because frankly being ueen sounds like a gigantic pain in the ass”“I offer you a country and you tell me it’s a pain in the ass?”The basic setup is Alaska was never bought by the US so it seceded and set up its own monarchy Now several generations later the royal family continues to be made up of intelligent but eccentric characters such as the King who sneaks off to go fishing in disguise and Crown Prince David who knows that that he'll be king one day but is far interested in using his Marine Biology degree studying penguins Enter Christina newly fired from a cruise ship where she was a cook for objecting to the head chef's advances She is a no nonsense American with down to earth values who the King meets and decides she'll be just PERFECT for David As the first step he talks her into visiting them at the Sitka PalaceCut to parts 2 3 preparations and the royal weddingChristina's comment Getting married’s probably not so bad It’s all the screwing around beforehand that gives you a migraineOn the way to the wedding Christina proceeds to run roughshod over dress designers protocol officers catering staff wedding planners and various wedding traditions to finally achieve a royal wedding without frou frou a wedding dress she could breathe in shoes she could walk in and a Crisco free wedding cakeAnd lastly part 4 if this was Cinderella it would be fade to black behind the 'And they lived happily ever after' voiceover But it isn't and things happen and the action gets intenseAgain this is a funny book In fact it's a very funny book Fun characters intriguing setting and a plot that moves right along EnjoyAlaskan Royal Family1 The Royal Treatment2 The Royal Pain3 The Royal Mess

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    The Royal Treatment is the first book In MaryJanice Davidson's Royal Series I thought the book had it's moments but didn't find it laugh out loud funny It was cute and an easy read that was entertaining but it isn't a book I'll remember for longThis book centers around Christina who was a chef on a cruise liner that was stopped in Alaska When her boss groped her she kneed him in the groin and uit She takes her last 50 and goes fishing not sure why and meets the King of Alaska who is posing as the captain He finds out she is out of money no job or place to stay and invites her to stay at the palace since he thinks she would be a perfect match for his son Prince David The King lets David know that he wants him to marry Christina and so David basically agrees since he looks at marriage as his duty He meets Christina and is charmed by her and by the fact that she turns him down when he asks her to marry him Christina is charmed by the royal family and she likes David so she gives in and the two are engaged The couple then start to plan their wedding go to premarital counseling and sneak around to have sex since they are constantly interrupted when they are in her room But life is never that simple and David and Christina are faced with a big challenge as soon as they are marriedThe book did have its moments The royal family is truly charming and I thought the premise was interesting and cute Christina however was a little to rude to be funny for me I think she was supposed to be charmingly blunt but it just didn't work for me Everyone the royal family the press her ex boyfriend the staff all fell in love with Christina immediately and whenever she was rude it was just oh that's Christina I would have liked to see her in a few tender moments as well so we could see what everyone else saw in her Christina and David bonded but it was done behind the scenes The author told us that David and Christina had heart to heart discussions about David's worries and fears but we didn't get to read about them I would have liked to read these and see Christina supporting and encouraging instead of always snarky and sarcastic It would be nice to see both sides Overall I liked it It was a uick easy and entertaining read but not laugh out loud or even one I'll remember next month

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    My cheeks hurt from smiling the whole time I read this Hilariously ridiculous and funI adored our MCs attitudes They worked so well together the nerdy prince David and the tactless American Christina I think other authors have tried to do the brash American woman gives high society heart palpitations with her outrageous behavior plotline but I have never really gotten into it Mainly because I really do think Americans both present and past are fucking savages compared to the rest of the world so I don't really find it amusing However I think that this alternate reality Alaska is the one place in the world that Christina actually belongs She fits in perfectly David was adorable with his penguins and I liked how his sense of humor matched Christina's in wit though not volume And maybe not as laced with expletives I loved alternate reality Alaska and how the story was told with flashbacks from a diary The secondary characters were wonderful especially Edmund and Nicky I read this straight through and was laughing nonstopI really did love this book Unfortunately I'm not sure the rest of the series is for me I feel like Christina is one of a kind and David has a special uirkiness I'm digging so the two of them together is why I enjoyed the writing style I don't think I could handle the same writing style with different characters Like when I adore a secondary character but I know I wouldn't want to read the book in which they are the main character

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    I am really torn on how to rate this one This is the first book I have read by the author Interesting story commoner marries into the Royal family Alaska is a separate country and is ruled by a Royal family The characters were good I like the authors style of writing witty conversations one liners zingers What made this book score a lower rating was the use of swear words Now I can swear a blue streak with the best of them but I really felt the amount was way too much I get the point about Christina being a normal person and marrying into a Royal family and showing the differences in how commoners are compared to royals But seriously Calling someone a Fckface to his face in a conversation just wasnt warranted I just felt that there was too much and the timing was off For that reason I rated this book much lower than I felt it could have earnedNot sure I would ever rush out to get another one of her books Her Undead series is one I was always on the look out for but now might not consider reading it if I come across it

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    I thought this one was still funny even after I've re read it how many times The cast is eccentric and loveable and you uickly grow attached to them

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    I honestly want to give this five stars for sheer bonkersness and no stars at all for plot So it gets two stars for the penguins instead It is absolutely nuts I mean in the first chapter the heroine meets a king and agrees to shack up with his son pretty much sight unseen what the f? Ok yes you get to be a ueen eventually But c'mon Didn't we learn anything from Diana? The princessing gig in the modern world SUCKS and I can't see why on earth anyone would willingly go into it like Christina does here It's just such an illogical premise I kept expecting some ulterior motive or supernatural element she kept mentioning his cold fingers so I was all set to find out he was a vampire or something but no it's just this mad dash into marriage And bonkingAll that said I did enjoy it Having just finished the incredibly depressing and moving We Need To Talk About Kevin this was just the antidote I needed It is silly silly silly But it did make me laugh The writer has some good craft in her phrasing and how she writes dialogue but I do hope her plotting improvesPenguins Mmm

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    #50States50Romances #AlaskaI really enjoyed this one but there were some sub plots that either needed to be explored or cut entirely

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    DNF at 135% The characters were too over the top and unrealistic for my taste I felt like I was reading a kids book

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    Not as good as I remember it being but it was still exactly the right kind of trash that I needed in my life this week