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New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe's extraordinary novel celebrates life love and the power of sisterhood proving that friends like fine wine only get better with age Gorgeous successful executive Teri Stewart spends her days working for LA's hottest record company and her nights all alone Her best friend Nicole is determined to find Teri a man but she hasn't had much luckbecause Teri wants than Mr Maybe She's holding out for Mr Right and won't settle for anything less Just when Teri is ready to give up a man from her past returns to reignite their romance With his sultry smile and easy going charm radio DJ Harrison Starr is one of a kind and Teri can't deny she's fallen hard for him again With her life finally falling into place Teri thinks her dreams might come true after all But Harrison may have a secret that could change everything

10 thoughts on “The Company We Keep

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    OKAY All I have to say iswhat happened???? I am a huuuge fan of Mary Monroe but this one just did not do it for me The plot waswhat plot?????? A very boring dry read I got through the book in about four hours because I couldn't stop reading just WAITING and ANTICIPATING something anything to happen Nope never did The characters were dry and the main character was definitely overdeveloped left no room for even a halfway decent plot Thoroughly disappointed

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    Not one of Mary Monroe's better works I listened to this as a book on tape The narrator was good Story line characters predictable A light amusing read I am begining to realize that my amusement when readinglistening to Mary Monroe's books may not be for the same reasons as other folks To me her books are over the top but I like them just the same

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    Very disappointed I've read a few of her other books and this one was subpar I feel like I wasted my time

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    I enjoyed the book especially after reading heavier books I didn't really like the ending but I guess she made her point

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    Going going gone There was never a climax in this story Not certain why we needed to know about Victor Miguel or the grandparents That whole thing about blind date with the escort was rhetoric Perhaps there was to be a seuel to tie it all together and make it all meaningful Good storyline and writing bad middle and ending

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    First and last time reading this authorThe Company We Keep seemed somehow disjointed and the shameless name drops even of fictional celebrities grated on my nerves Truthfully even Teri wasn't very likable although I did like Nicole uite a bit better I wish I'd enjoyed this book

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    Good entertaining book

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    The book was good in the end But it took halfway through the book for it to get good I almost put the book down because it was taking forever to get interesting

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    I've read other reviews on this book and it seems a few didn't like the fact that she didn't have a lot of drama I on the other hand appreciated the fact that there wasn't a lot of drama Life is drama Sometimes I just want to escape and read something entertaining This book answered my craving I will admit that I've had this book for a while now however I finished it in two days

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    Enjoyed this book I believe there is something to be said about The Company We Keep We can be elevated or brought down by our company I'm a firm believer we should associate with people who are going somewhere and have something positive going on in their lives as Teri Stewart did and her best friend Nicole This was not one of her best books