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Belly measures her life in summers Everything good everything magical happens between the months of June and August Winters are simply a time to count the weeks until the next summer a place away from the beach house away from Susannah and most importantly away from Jeremiah and Conrad They are the boys that Belly has known since her very first summer—they have been her brother figures her crushes and everything in between But one summer one terrible and wonderful summer the everything changes the it all ends up just the way it should have been all along

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    I nearly melted when Conrad was introduced That strong silent protective guy why he was even sexier than Edward Cullen And although he didn't sparkle he certainly made up for it by his sorrowful brooding which my heart soared out to I mean who DOESN'T understand when someone who is in pain turns to drinking and picking fights at parties?There is just something so alluring so captivating about Conrad because what he does not say or do in words is immediately engraved in my ever loving heart I totally completely 101% understand why Belly loved him her entire life As for Belly heavy burdens are hard to accept but World War 35 broke out the Summer She Turned Pretty I totally sympathized with her with all those choices she had to make As a famous poet once wrote Two roads diverged into a yellow wood And I I took the one less traveled by Like this Belly did just that Instead of romancing just one guy she made the unusual yet incredibly understandable choice to romance THREE GUYS And WOW Was this beautifully conflicting love SUARE intense nearly had a heart attack my heart beat so loud in my ears when THIS scene happenedGet out of my face Conrad growledNo Jeremiah stepped closer until their faces were inches apart just like ours had been not fifteen minutes before In a dangerous voice Conrad said I'm warning you JeremiahSo well spoken so uniue so original AMEN BROTHER No scene has truly ever frightened me so much to the point where I just had to wrench this book out of my own hands and go take ten minutes' breather in the bathroom But since this review isn't marked with SPOILER I'll just say that you will have to stop and re read a few times what has actually happened at this 90 degree climax I sympathize so well with Belly and again I praise Jenny Han for relating SO WELL SO WELL I SAY to teen girls Ms Han really brought this scene to life it was so intense and completely reasonably dramatic my heart literally skipped a beat and I almost had an asthma attackI stood by the fire alone and pretended to warm my hands even though they weren't cold That's when I saw him He was standing alone too drinking a bottle of water It didn't seem like he knew anybody either since he was standing all by himself Ah Ms Han you have such an elegant easy way of making contradicting words and plain sentences flow so naturally So barely noticeable Continuing on He looked like he was my age But there was something about him that seemed safe and comfortable like he was younger than me even though he wasn't Again what is this? A beautiful paradox? No paradox isn't even the word I was so dumbfoundedly awestruck by this sentence that I had to stop pause and wonder what was going to happen next? Really at this point in the book things really take a turn around the bendBUT I am truly amazed by the way Jenny Han has a talent with words and finally releasing reader's from their growing suspicion that something was going on between Belly Jeremiah and ConradThings had been weird with me and Conrad and also with me and Jeremiah an impossible thought crept its way into my head Was it possible they didn't want me with Came? Because THEY like had feelings for me? I love how Jenny Han seems to remember how teenagers act because by putting that single unnecessary like into the sentence truly legit won me over I had no idea how poetic daily teen slang could have been There are some things I absolutely ADORED about Belly She was so realistic in the sense that I felt she was RIGHT IN MY HEAD Like seriously like honestly like LEGITI didn't answer his uestion Instead I said I was really good I could have been dancing in a company by now I couldn't have I wasn't that good not by any stretch of the imagination You can tell by this simply put declaration that Belly has given how much she wants this guy to love her She has gone so far and given away her dignity to BOAST HOW GOOD SHE IS AT BALLET Maybe we can come back later I knew he didn't mean it Part of me was mad and part of me was relieved It was like craving a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich and then realizing two bites in that you didn't want it after all I snatched my sweatshirt from him and said Don't do me any favors Cam Then I walked away as fast as I could and sand kicked up behind me I thought he might follow me but he didn't This realistic intervention this sudden uirky show of personality really is truly realistic After all EVERY teen needs to have their mood swings but yet this has shown Belly's true twisting feelings for the guy she is talking to I am truly amazed I had no idea authors could get into my head so easilyI feel proud to be a whiny annoying teenager because by the ways things turned out in the end of THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY there is no doubt that I will Someday Find My Prince in the two hot guys I've obviously known all my life but who started expressing their feelings towards me the Summer I Turned Pretty

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    There was so much about this book that bothered me and I almost gave up on it several times I think the thing that bothered me most though was the protagonist Very often if I can't connect or feel compassion for the main character the book has slim to no chance of winning me over In my opinion Belly was such an immature self focused and petulant child Her actions and feelings about events and people really were annoying that I wanted to shake some sense into her I'll provide specifics in a few But first one of the biggest things that irk me and for those that know my reading style they will laugh because I've said this often times before I can't stand when an author doesn't tell you the name of the person narrating the story or who the story is about Very few maybe like one or two books The Gargoyle being one have been exempt from this number one rule of mine I want to know who is talking to me or who the story is about right away Belly doesn't cut it especially when I find belly buttons gross and cringe worthy Ewwww It's not until than half way through the book that we find out her real name is Isabel but by then it was too late I was calling her Bellatrix in my head and couldn't get it out Sorry but it just happened naturallyOverall it bothered me how selfish Bellatrix errr I mean Belly was to those in her life including family and friends For example her father tried so hard with her by buying her books a piano and fixing up a room in his new apartment in the hopes she'd come to enjoy spending some time with him but NOOOOO she didn't like the books he chose the piano was out of tune and she wanted the yellow sheets not the pink scratchy sheets Ugh Also she has no real heartfelt relationships with ANYONE She uses her best friend Taylor by inviting her to the beach house for the sole purpose that maybe she'll be able to fit in better with the crowd because of Taylor but it ends up backfiring so she ends up resenting her BF Her relationship with her brother is downright mean and shallow nothing heartfelt or aww worthy there Even her friendship with Jeremiah and Conrad left much to be desired It bothered me when Jeremiah and Belly overheard a convo between their mothers about Suzanne's breast cancer and Belly had no clue how to comfort him all she could think of saying was I hope your mom doesn't lose a boob Really? That's all you got?? Glad you kept that in your little air filled noggin and didn't say it out loud How about just give him a hug and ask him if he's okay or wants to talk?? There were so many opportunities for her to show some depth and growth but she just fell flat IMOBUT the thing that bothered me the most is that she crushes on two brothers That's just gross Pick one and stop with the I like Jeremiah no I like Conrad oh I shared a Twizzler with Jeremiah now I like him again Oh wait I like Conrad's dark and brooding side I change my mind I like him better That gets irritating right uick next to her feeling that life got better for her when she turned pretty No really she felt I'm pretty now life is like sooooo good now I love being sooooo pretty I was ugly before and an outsider but now I'm pretty Yay for me Whatevs shakes headLastly the writing was simple and the storyline wasn't very complex at all except for trying to figure out who this Belly girl really was The story did switch back from present to past in random ways but I don't consider that complex just slightly irksome The one thing the book did have going for it was the setting I like seaside beachfront boardwalk settings but that wasn't enough to hook me I'd much prefer a Dessen book to provide me that fix All in all there's better out there IMHOOkay this review feels sloppy and random I'll just blame it on the book DONE

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    Amazingthat's only thing i can say I recommend this book to everybody One of the best books I've ever read EDIT I keep getting notifications that people like this review and I wondered why then after seeing other reviews I understood Here is the thing I thought that if I read this book again now I wouldn't like it as much as me being mature and all that put into a box in my brain labeled lies I tell myself For that reason I didn't want to read To All the Boys I've Loved Before but then the movie came along and all that fuss As by nature I'm very curious person I gave it a try The result are three sleepless nights I spent reading that trilogy with tears in my eyes So yes you can say that these characters might be silly immature and both stories too dramatic However no one can't uestion Jenny's ability to put emotions into her words and that right there I consider magic For that reason alone I think I'll always read anything she writes Bottom line is read the first three sentences I wrote all those years ago PS Jenny you totally deserve all this popularity you're getting and I gotta say that the movie was actually really good If by any chance you see Noah soon can you say hi to him wishful thinking

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    I didn't like this bookThe thing that bother me the most was the girl Belly she was VERY annoying I also just couldn't connect with the story I mean all the book is about how much she loooooves Conrad one of her mom's best friend's sons and everything in her lifes revolves around ConradIt was bording on obsession actually she came across as pathetic And she complained about EVERYTHING that the boys wouldn't play with her that the boys weren't paying her attention that her bestfriend was getting attention than her yadda yaddait was ENDLESSPlus she was so mean to her mother and she kept thinking awful things about her mother and father She was so snotty and whiny and urgh just overall annoying I couldn't swallow herI wanted to like this the writing was well done the descrption of the setting was amazing and there were a lot of cute and funny scenes ALL OF THEM including Jeremiah the other son so I didn't get why Belly was so obsessed with Conrad anyway he wasn't even an interesting character at all |I dont need to be reading this I've had enough Bella Swan for a lifetime So I'm probably not reading the rest of the series God knows it was already a big achievement to have finished this one

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    This book made me want to cry tears of bloodBelly if someone is hurting and tells you to stop talking you don’t just kiss them Also if you and your friend overhear about his mother’s breast cancer you don’t think thoughts like ‘oh I hope she doesn’t loose a boob’No Just noMy husband does not approve of youLow Points in this book Belly Girl this is for being whiny and obnoxious Also for being a bitch to your mother and thinking that she would never ever do anything for you and for not appreciating her at all For confusing me every two seconds by saying “i dunt even lyk Conrad I lyk Jere And Cam but omg hes sexeh mmm” Conrad Are you sure you’re going to college next year boy? My eight year old cousin is mature than you Don't you worry though puberty will hit you soon enough Cam I liked you How could you do this to me? That is for letting Belly use you to make Conrad jealous If you hadn’t called her those two times at the end I would have saved you some of my respect but nope SorryHigh points in this book Jeremiah Since Cam is out of the picture you’re obviously going to magically turn evil and fuck shit up and hurt Belly so she can hate you and have babies with Conrad Even though you’ve been her rock and best friend and remembered her birthday You will feel like shit when the series ends for sticking up for her but guess what? Tough fucking luck Taylor You got slut shamed for kissing Belly’s brother and made her flip shit You're invited to party with meThat’s it Call me a masochist but I’ll read the next two books Why? Because I like to torture myself that’s why Or maybe because I’m hoping that Belly grows up and kicks Conrad once between the legs My life will be complete

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    Rating 4 12 stars Characters 5 stars Setting 5 starsPlot 4 Honourable Mention To Susannah For being the embodiment of summer and pretty much perfect OOH possible spoilers ahead guys watch outWell So that was I feel a lot like this Because I am sure of two things 1 I freaking love this series And Conrad I really freaking adore him than Jeremiah I am happy to say Ah to be young and fictionally in love2 This is my new favourite series And three because I'm just boss that way3 Reading this series takes my mind away from the horror that is snow all around and while I'm reading this all I imagine are rainbows the ocean and glorious warmth Basically by endeavouring to read the rest of the series I'd like to delude myself longer What I'm getting at here Is that this is a well rounded and great book I was so hesitant to try it because the other beachy novel on my CR shelf is stale and uite frankly irrelevant to me at the moment This however this was relevant It had so much heart and such soulI love Belly and Beck's boys You know at the back of books where the book blurb is all like A true tale of touching inspiration and growth? Well I feel just like that I feel like donning my creep glasses and jacket and writing something inspirational too You know what I will One step at a time my friends this book has touched me Severely Summary brief Belly is this awkward teenager I couldn't help relating to because at her age I was just as clueless if not She turns pretty one summer and everything changes her two life long friends begin to act differently and tensions rise as further complications threaten to ruin the tradition of Summer Let me start off by saying Cousin's beach is a place I most definitely have to goI started off reading this with a bit of a raised brow because I didn't know if the importance Belly and everyone held for this place would rub off unto me or not I knew that I really wanted it to and am all kinds of crazy mad glad it did Some authors can try to capture the idea of summer but what Han actually does is that she grabs a hold of the very definition transforms it and personifies it into a person And one Both Belly and Susannah were summer personified to me; summer at different stages Belly is at the beginning like a beach inexperienced or sand yet to be tread she's smooth canvas Susannah on the other hand is the shore at twilight and she symbolizes something we have yet to ever see the end of summer She doesn't get there in this book but the gradual decline taking place is made very evident and yet through it all she's this picture of dignity something to behold I kind of love this woman Women if you factor in Belly and Han the author because I adore them too This book was so good that I left thinking I would nick name my baby Belly somehow Yeah I knowIt was just this awesome ride and reading it was such a privilege I cannot begin to explain I have nowhere to begin because I am at a loss for words all I can say is that I have been thoroughly pleased And for once those of you who know me will know just how much of a breach from character this is I cannot focus solely on the men I just can't It would be an insult to do so because despite the fact that they were major and wonderful parts of this book they just didn't seem to matter than the overall story What mattered were Susannah and Belly and their growth because there was so much happening here So much character development took place that it was crazy and incredible at the same time This feeling of watching someone learn and transform into something better than what they once were is what drives me to read I hardly see enough of it in real life There were things I wished were better resolved say Cam and Mr Fisher I wanted to know the reason for the impending divorce and I also thought the adorable geek that is Cam deserved at least an explanation No fair Bells Other than that I am good So good that I already have the second book sitting around somewhere waiting I'll try reading a bit of Endless Summer again but if nothing comes of it I'm dropping it like a hot potato Because every book should be as good as this one

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    45? 5? I don't even know but this book read like a dream and I really enjoyed it Also I am terrified about what is going to happen in the later books

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    Hi so this book isn't technically a five star read It's a little cliche and a lot cheesy and centres around a love triangle and just is not a literary masterpiece I don't care about any of that though because this is the book I was reading before I was a reader This is the book that made me want to read This was the first book I read into the night The first book I couldn't put down This was the book of my preteen years and the nostalgia I feel for this book surpasses any reservations I have about the plot now that I'm not 12 any I've read this book upwards of fifteen times and no matter what stage of my life I'm at I love it These characters feel like family The beach house feels like my own vacation home and the words feel like they live in my brain So yeah it isn't a perfect book and is the exact opposite of what I tend to lean towards nowadays but forever and ever and ever it will be a symbol of my love of reading and I will always be fond

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    355I was in the mood for a YA contemporary romance and this was perfect for that I loved the story even if most of the characters were not super developed Just a good ol' YA contemporary romanceI liked Belly for the most part even though she was a little bratty at times LOVED Jeremiah liked Cam alright and didn't really love Conrad most of the time Overall pretty alright I'm excited to read the rest of the trilogy

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    Perfect book to get me into the summer mindset I started reading it this morning when I got to the beach and I didn't stop until I read the entire book This book is about than summer and romance but also family self and loss I enjoyed every single character and how they were complex than they first appeared I definitely want to read the rest of the series soon and also go to the beach a couple dozen times