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Born a half breed to an elven mother and human father Leesil was raised in the Warlands as assassin spy and slave to Lord Darmouth ruler to one of its independent provinces But Leesil's mother trained him too well and he used his skills to escape leaving his parents to suffer Darmouth's wrath for all such traitors and their kin Now with newfound purpose in the company of his beloved Magiere Leesil returns to confront the sins of his past and uncover his parents' fateUnable to turn him from this dangerous course Magiere follows Leesil into the darkness of his past in the Warlands Knowing what may happen should Darmouth learn of Leesil's return she is prepared to slaughter any who may try to take him from her But Magiere's own past may well pose a deadly threat Two creatures of unfathomable power continue to stalk her — one who believes she's the key to his salvation and one who seeks to destroy her and all those she lovesThis is one of those books for which the term 'dark fantasy' was definitely intended    — Chroniclethe Hendees' Saga of the Noble Dead features generous helpings of blood sucking horror and whodunit mystery elements Literally overflowing with nonstop action this cool amalgam of genres will appeal to readers — alive and undead — who enjoy taking that occasional literary walk on the wild side    —Paul Goat Allen Barnes Noble ReviewThe Hendees' bestselling Noble Dead series makes the leap from mass market to hardcover with this winning fourth novel Fans of the series are sure to be pleased while the novel stands well enough on its own to attract new readers    — Publishers WeeklyThe personal conflicts of the heroes mirror the larger struggles in their world and provide a solid foundation for this tale of love and loyalty in a world of betrayal    —Jackie Cassada SFFantasy column Library Journal

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    This fourth instalment of the Noble Dead series was a decent one The series is fantasy but it reads just like an UF in terms feel and style It works though as we get a good mix of action intrigue and even a bit of romance and none of it comes at the expense of developing the characters as people we should care about This book was similar in premise to the last book in the series Sister of the Dead had Magiere Leesil and the team Chap and Wynn on a trip to Magiere's home town to learn the secrets from her past With that out of the way the team decide to take a trip to Leesil's home town to learn about his mysterious past Welstiel and Chane were both trailing along after them for their own reasons It was a fun enough story Leesil's home city was ruled by the same Warlord he ran away from in his younger days which caused some tension and problems and before long the team were dragged into the intrigue and drama of the city Welstiel's manipulations made sure of that This was a weirdly uiet book for Magiere The focus of the story was mostly on Leesil Wynn and Chane were the other two characters who showed the most character development over the story Wynn got the chance to grow in confidence as her issues with Magiere prompted her to be a bit outspoken about her own opinions Chane was in a weird place after the big incident at the end of the last book and it definitely affected him mentally We also got the stories of a few of the other characters who got caught up in the intrigues of the city No one overly stood out but I still found the new characters to be an interesting bunch It always helps that the Hendees' develop the secondary characters well and that they always have their own distinct personalities hopes and ambitionsThis was not the best book in the series but it was still pretty decent I'll be interested to learn about the elves in the next book We learned a bit about them in this one I was also pretty happy with the character development of both Wynn and Chane Chane in particular is a fascinating character and I'm intrigued to see how his story arc plays out Rating 35 stars I'll round up to 4 starsAudio Note Tanya Eby was good with the audio

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    This book took me forever to read Once I passed page 200 though I didn't want to put it down It seems to be a trend for me with the last couple of books in this series They are Middle Ages fantasy based books about the travels of a damphir a half elf a fey hound and a human sage This book revolves around discovering what happened to the half elf Leesil's parents It involves a battle with a tyrannical warlord and the danger of elven assassins which happen to be in the same caste as Leesil's mother Not to mention the two vampires trailing Magiere The thing I love about these books are the jumps between story lines this way you get a taste of what everyone is thinking As usual this book has pushed the story even farther and we find that not only is Leesil's mother alive but she is being held captive by her own people Now the party will travel to try to save Leesil's mother

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    Series Noble Dead #4Rating 3 stars it was goodAfter discovering her dark past Magiere must keep her promise to her half elf companion Leesil and travel to his homeland to find out what happened to his parents But returning to Leesil's nightmares might be than the man can handle especially with a ruthless warlord watching over the cityI was really excited to learn about Leesil in Traitor to the Blood and while I enjoyed the development of his history I didn't like this one as much as the first books A lot of that stems from the repetition of events that we've seen in each of the previous books Magiere and Leesil are still working to uncover their pasts Wynn is still butting heads with Magiere though they're better in this one Welstiel and Chane are still uietly following behind the group manipulating actions and Magiere is once again called on to kill a vampire ravaging the cityOutside of that I did enjoy a steady Magiere as she works to remain the rock for Leesil's troubled mind and emotions Being back in the Warlands is really taking a toll on Leesil as he's forced to confront his past as a Warlord's assassin He's also filled with guilt over running away as a teenager when he knew that it was essentially signing his parent's death warrant As his mental state deteriorates Magiere is there to try to offer comfort and understand the parts of Leesil that she's never really knownI'm curious to see how this series continues but I'm hesitant over the obvious increase in Wynn's role as a lead character and the possible development between her and Chane I'm not really invested in either of these characters and in Chane's case I actively dislike him so we'll see how things goReader Safety Graphic Violence

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    #4 Noble Dead series Dark FantasyLeesil and Magiere's adventures continue as they travel to the Warlands where Leesil grew up Trained from a young age as a spy and assassin Leesil finally flees his homeland as a young man The price for his freedom is the probably death of his parents by the savage Lord DarmouthLeesil is in search of the truth about the fate of his parents His dangerous return to the violent Warlands is fraught with peril and adventureI enjoy this dark fantasy series tho this book was a bit darker violent a bit depressing than previous books However those aspects did fit into the series as the Warlands is a violent and dangerous placeI did uite a bit of skimming and think trimming 100 of the 400 pages would have made for a better read But it is still good Will definitely continue this series

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    I haven't completely finished it yet but it is such a painful read I needed to review it already I feel like the authorauthors are trying to change to a different main character midway I loathe the character of Wynn she is horrendous pointless and really does not add anything to the story except black and white comments I find myself skimming through parts and I am only 100 pages in I am really trying to finish it but am getting close to giving up because it is hard to take any farther The I read well written books the less I can tolerate poorly written ones it seems

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    35 stars There was a lot revealed about Leesil's past in Traitor to the Blood I found it enjoyable than Sister of the Dead but Leesil and Magiere are becoming a bit unlikable in some ways They are too grumpy and never seem to see past their own noses Wynn has begun to grow on me even though she does do some foolish things

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    The story was fine about what it wanted to be but honestly all the deaths and the revelations felt rushed and incomplete Also I must concurr with other reviewers about the protagonists attitude They act because they must create drama and it feels forced specially when they have to save the tyrant life It changes so fast from avoid him kill him save him and Wynn proposition of avoid bloodshed by allowing a tyrant to continue is so well stupid Stupid not because its an ideological pacifism but because it works with so little information a lot of presumptions and it sigsag the idea that a ruler who is literally killing their subjects and destroying the country is better than any other alternative they never try to think about an alternative and the freedom fighter they find is immediately considered scum because he is not 100% wit them I guessHonestly there are many treads that seem like would make a good story but the authors seem to have forgotten to write them down in the book and since they know the backstory and future of the novel it means that readers should know it too and just jump from a to c with the idea that B must be common sense Its a mess of characterization and plot But it can be entertaining and honestly its foolish to exepct too much from this book So a 2 Didn't hate it but its barely above a draft

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    Traitor to the Blood is the fourth book in the Noble Dead series Not having read the first three books will perhaps slow you down but will not hinder the reader from understanding the story though the beginning just jumped right in and left one a bit confused It all sorted out by the end Plenty of action but mostly political sparring and intrigue Fairly entertaining Mildly course and perhaps a bit off putting to the sensitive crowd but the general public who enjoys this fantasy literature should have no problems For some reason this book read a lot slower then other books Not to say the pacing but as a reader I generally should be able to go cover to cover on this length book in under six hours But I spent considerably time then that and I don't know why

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    Not uite as good as the first three but still better than most other books of this type This is a very enjoyable series following the exploits of Magiere; a half vampire vampire hunter Leesil; her elvish companion and co vampire hunter Wynn the young female sage that is with them and Chap a mysterious dog that has accompanied Leesil for a large part of his life In these first four books Magiere and Leesil are trying to discover secrets of both of their pasts The series is at least 15 books long and so far should be read in order I have all the books and I can hardly wait to continue

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    Another entertaining addition to the Saga of the Noble Dead This time the main villain is a human who happens to be worse than the monsters our motley crew usually faces There is treachery and betrayals to be found in this new land we visit in the series Great job once again Hendees