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Castle Of Dreams Is A Shojo Anthology Series This One Volume Collects Together Two Comics Previously Released On In Japan By Masami, Castle Of Dreams And The Room Where An Angel Lives The First Half, Castle Of Dreams, Is A Series Of Three Stories With A Fairytale Theme, All Of The Stories, Are Linked By The Introduction Of A Sorcerer Who Will Grant A Single Wish, A Wish That Can Be A Blessing Or A Curse, To Help Someone Or Hurt Someone Of Course, Wishes Are Never Freely Given, And Magic Always Has Its Consequences The Next Book, The Room Where Angels Live, Has Five Stories Along Typical Themes Of Love And Romance, Of Loss And Redemption

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    Borrowed Castle of Dreams , an anthology of short manga stories by Masami Tsuda, written over the course of a couple of months in 1995.I was optimistic because Tsuda was the creator of the manga upon which His and Her Circumstances was based on, which has to be one of the best sh jo shows of all time Castle of Dreams didn t really live up, unfortunately The loosely connected stories are rather generic and definitely too saccharine Only the last main story Because I Have You felt like it had much in the way of emotional nuance Solid meh.

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    2.5 For some reason this collection starts with the worst storiesif you can get through them, it s overall pretty fun The fantastical stories are not the author s strong suit, so if you aren t getting into those, skip through to the contemporary ones Awkward Relationship is my favorite it s really adorable.

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    I will grant your wish Be it to hurt someone or help someone Be it a blessing or a curse I really enjoyed the first half of this manga, which consists of three short stories that revolve around a sorcerer who grants a single wish to those in need The second half of this manga consists of three miscellaneous short stories about romance, friendship, and school.

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    This was an uneven compilation The first half of the book was filled with quaint, but slight fairytales with an over reliance on deus ex machine endings The second half of modern day tales was much satisfying The art style was very rough as many of these stories are from early in Masami Tsuda s career In fact, there is an editorial cartoon at the end of the book where Tsuda draws herself ashamed over the crudeness of her earlier efforts However, we all have to start somewhere, therefor this compilation is invaluable for fans of her most renown series, Kare Kano Of the fantasy stories, Castle of Dreams was the best with better fleshed out characters, a deeper storyline, and a logical use of the wizard character Of the stories based in our world, I Won t Go with it s sophisticated story about a young girl who finds herself falling in love with another boy despite having a long distance boyfriend, seems like a romance at first blush, but instead is a story about the complicated choices we make in life and how those choices affect others There was also a theme about being true to oneself while being honest in relationships Of the lot, it was the best story A not so distant second place was The Room Where an Angel Lives It was told mostly as a first person narrative and was about a proud young man surviving in industrial England He found a young child abandoned by a river and even though orphaned and struggling, he took her in This act gave him purpose as he embraced the responsibility of raising her I found the heartwarming, though the story stumbled a bit towards the end .Fantasy doesn t seem to be the forte of Masami Tsuda There needs to be a logic to the fantasy tale even if there is magic Pulling endings out of hats is a cheat Fortunately, the stories based in our reality were better told Overall, this was a good collection, but not a strong one See

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    Kind of treading slowly into this shoujo genre, but I really enjoyed this book I loved the graphics.It reads from right to left, which took some getting used to Now and then, I still found myself wanting to read it the other way and I d get all the scenes mixed up Just something to get used to The author included little notes throughout the book, just kind of random things about when she wrote each story, how she writes them, etc Very cool Basically, each story is a love story They re all about different kinds of lovebrotherly love, romantic love, friendly love The first three stories were actually part of the Sorcerer Series, and I liked seeing how they were linked together The others were pretty random..just things she created here and there.I especially loved I Am The Mermaid and The Room Where An Angel Lives Very cool stories with endings that actually felt finished This book was a cool way to be introduced to Masami Tsuda, as I ve been interested in reading her Kare Kano series.

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    Brilliant insightful work, a must have for any fan of Kare Kano Through a handful of short standalone stories that feature exotic locales and time periods, Tsuda eloquently connects all of human history in a web of suffering Though her intentions were definitely not Buddhist in nature, most of these stories do focus on struggling to survive or die trying and making a name for oneself Of course, they all share the patented Masami Tsuda shoujo romance though not all the stories feature women ethic.The art is breathtaking it s obvious to me that Tsuda sensei really did her homework with on the locale and history that each story takes place in The characters may be fictional, but the stories are history and folk lore My only regret is a lack of color, but that s typical and sad for TokyoPop Trans was good amazingly , but it s always hard to tell how they ve managed to corrupt it if I don t have the original tankoubon in my hand.

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    This book is made up of various short stories ranging from fantasy to real life stories Some of the first stories that where about fantasy made me sad with the way they where going Just paging back through it since it has been awhile since I read them I still feel sad The first part of the book has 3 stories In the first story it has about a girl from a forest who is meant to be with the prince, but he doesn t love her and she tries to change who she is Should you really change who you are for anyone In the second part of the book has 5 different stories The first story The room where the angel lives also had me sad about a little boy that finds a little girl and is trying to help her But she is sick and he tries to get her help This story Shows them as younger then grown up It was a good story I did enjoy reading all of the stories in this.

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    I really enjoyed this one too I m a little sad that they veered away from the original cover, but it was still nice I loved the stories, but I was confused as to how a knife ended up in the plot in the first story I don t understand They weren t in the kitchen, armory, she didn t wear a knife for protection, how did it end up in her hands at that fateful moment These are short stories, so these things don t exactly have time to explain themselves But they are great stories, and I m glad I purchased the book

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    combines two anthologies of short stories one fantasy, the other high school based i liked them both but found the second set a bit stronger her resolutions for the school stories kept being surprisingly real there s certain tropes i thought she d take that she sidestepped in favour of reaching deeper into her characters 4 stars

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    This is a collection of short stories by Masami Tsuda The first half of the volume contains stories that are fantasy, while the second half is grounded in reality Each story was as poignant as volume 1 of Kare Kano I think that short stories might be Tsuda s strong point At any rate, I m glad that Tokyopop put out some of her work, so that we could see beyond Kare Kano.