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franco rejiminin bask s n s rt n zda hissettiren bir roman y zlerce karakteri ve ismiyle olduk a zorlasa da camilo jose cela ok erken d nem bir yetenekle kurgu harikas bir roman yazm.a l k, sefalet, verem, kuru a kendini satan k zlar, susmak zorunda kalm yazarlar hepsi boy g steriyor romanda ve t m bunlar n st nde ya ama sava , yer yer t m benli i ele ge iren bo vermi lik, arada bir kendini g steren umut neredeyse g z ya art c g khan aksay n muhte em evirisiyle I first learned about Camilo Jos Cela in my salad days, in Spain He was a towering figure complex and theatrical noted one biographer whose literary production works like La familia de Pascal Duarte and La colmena represented significant milestones in post war Spanish literature His membership in the Real Academia Espa ola and his involvement with the journal, Papeles de Son Armadans, which often featured authors not always sympathetic to the Franco dictatorship, only added to his stature among many La colmena The Hive was one of those novels that I had failed to read in its entirety during my time in Spain during the 1960s, in part because sections of the novel were filled with the colloquial speech of the mid XX Century a vocabulary quite difficult for a non native speaker Time passed, but the novel remained for me something that I felt compelled to return to read again After Cela received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1989, I tracked down an English translation of La colmena and shelved it on my bookcase with the full intention of re reading it as well as at least some of Cela s influential works.The novel is substantial and innovative Structurally, Cela organized his work into six chapters that cover two consecutive days and an epilogue covering a third Each chapter, in turn, consists of a number of interlinked vignettes some 215 in total that scroll through the actions of over 300 characters With La colmena, Cela initiated a novelistic style identified as objectivismo a written cinematic montage that, in essence, is a type of documentary realism In effect, the central personage of the novel is the city of Madrid the hive whose character or personality is forged by the collectivity that is, the over 300 people or bees who pass through the pages of the work Seen from that context, the biographies of the individuals are fragmented We see them in the moment but, in most cases, know little about them either before or after the three days framed by the novelist Most are left suspended by the end of the epilogue Even Mart n Marco, whom Cela considered an indispensable character of the novel , is left in limbo.An additional complexity to the work is the organization of the six chapters They are not sequential in regard to the documented time Chapters 1, 2 and 4 cover day one sequentially chapters 3, 5 and 6 cover the second day But the latter three are themselves not normally sequenced in regard to time Chapter 3 covers the afternoon of the second day, chapter 5 covers the evening of the second day and chapter 6 covers the morning of the second day The epilogue takes place two or three days after the end of time covered in chapter 5.Apart its structural or technical innovation, it is also a perceptive snapshot of Spanish society during three December days in Madrid in or around the year 1943, after the end of the Spanish Civil War That society is in clear crisis economically strained, desolate, malnourished and morally conflicted.The Spanish Civil War tore at the very roots of civil society from Galicia in the northwest of the peninsula through Castilla in the center, Catalu a in the northeast and into Andaluc a, in the south There was not a part of the Spains that remained at the margins And the Nationalists, in victory, did retaliate Particularly in its early years, the Franco dictatorship was vindictive and harsh The society that Cela creates in La colmena lives in the wake of that war and its aftermath, submerged in political suppression But if the hive is in crisis, it is not immobile, it is not stagnant, it is not without productive options.It is important to point out that Cela fought for the Nationalists and that he long remained supportive of the Franco regime In the post Franco years, Cela did not enjoy unconditional support from all segments of the social or intellectual spectrum An attempt to understand La colmena as an indictment of the Franco regime is off course That the novel was banned in Spain until its fifth edition in 1963 was, arguably, for what the conservative Roman Catholic Church saw as its sexual depravities and not primarily related to any implicit political commentary Prostitution, pre marital sex and marital infidelity engaged the bees in the hive and those activities were what most disturbed the deeply conservative Catholic censors.Cela etched a society in crisis But many of the bees in the hive were, if anything, industrious In a war torn world, the society that passes before the reader over three days in December 1943 was populated with people of flesh and blood who had the capacity to survive and in that survival could begin to lay the foundations for the Spain of the late XX and the early XXI Centuries.Cela s La colmena is a snapshot of Madrid in a specific time and in a specific space It is a snapshot of the people who inhabited that time and that space who sowed the seeds of the hive s regeneration and redemption How else to understand the final paragraph of chapter 6 The morning unfolds slowly it creeps like a caterpillar over the hearts of the men and women in the city it beats, almost caressingly, agents the newly wakened eyes, eyes which never once discover new horizons, new landscapes, new settings And yet, this morning, this eternally repeated morning, has its little game changing the face of the city, of that tomb, that greased pole, that hive May God have mercy on us all One final thought Cela ends the novel with any number of unsolved histories Who murdered Do a Margot What will become of the Gonzalez family Will Victoria and Paco survive But perhaps the greater mystery seems to center on Mart n Marco We never do learn what his family and friends read in the newspaper about him We never do learn what seems to threaten his future Is it tied up with his lost identity card Does he have some connection to the murder of Do a Margot Is it related to his emotional instability Have his politics placed him at odds with the regime But I have come to suspect that we are focusing on the wrong issue if it is seeking an answer about Mart n s situation Rather, Mart n is the final confirmation of the hope that is rooted in the hive He ends his time with us energized, optimistic, confident And like Spanish society as a whole, that energy is confirmation of his eventual salvation That is Cela s message to us from the social crisis of December 1943. lgin bir roman 1943 y l nda Madrid te bir g n i inde ge en olaylar ve farkl ki ilerin ili kileri anlat larak toplumun durumu ortaya konulmaktad r Bir kafe roman n merkezinde yer al r ve burada bulunan ki ilerle ger ekten ar kovan gibi kalabal k bir insanlar toplulu uyla bir yerde yakla k 350 oldu unu okudum d nemin ruhu anlat l yor Asl nda bir milliyet idir yazar Cela ve Sava ta falanjist cephede yer alm t r Sava 1939 da biter ve bu kitab 1940 43 aras yazar Ancak Franco sans r nden kurtulamaz nk Cela fa izmin i y z n , Madrid in yoksulluk, i sizlik ve kirli ili kilerini anlat r kitab nda Franco ld kten sonra kitap spanya da bas labilir ancak Belki de bu roman yla g nah kartm t r Camilo Jose Cela Kalemi ok i lek, ok ak c ve kurgusu olduk a iyi bir roman Tek kusuru ar kovan ndaki insanlar birbirine kar t racak kadar ok say da ki i kullanm olmas d r. Um livro que mistura v rios enredos e personagens na sociedade espanhola Uma sociedade semelhante a portuguesa Pois tamb m s o bilhardeiros, mesquinhos e proconceitousos As personagens mais interessantes foram D.Rosa uma mulher de fibra e Martin homem intelectual.No geral n o corresponde um livro que queira voltar a ler Perde se a no o do espa o e tempo. A manh vai aclarando, pouco a pouco, penetrando, como um verme nos cora es dos homens e das mulheres da cidade dando golpes, quase com mimo, sobre os moradores rec m despertos, esses miradouros que jamais descobrem horizontes novos, paisagens novas, ou novas decora es um enxame de gente que aparece, desaparece e torna a aparecer na nossa leitura Tantas personagens, demasiadas, que no final do livro existe uma lista com o nome e excerto de apresenta o das mesmas Ajuda , mas desisti de consult la para n o transtornar a continuidade da leitura, o que, por isso, aqui e ali fiquei sem saber sobre quem que estava a ler Almas sem brilho percorrem as ruas de Madrid no p s guerra civil e, cruzam se principalmente nos caf s e casas de h spedes S o contadas em pequenos segmentos , como se de favos se tratassem..tantos fios de narrativa interrompidos e reatados muitas p ginas depois contribuiu para dificultar ainda mais leitura Que ideia Sr Cela Camilo Jose Cela once said, I m translated what can I do about it in every language, and I have never received an award Of course, he was being his usual self, witty and a bit arrogant, because he did receive awards Virtually every single award he was entitled to The Nobel Prize, Cervantes, Premio de Principe Asturias, and many.A very controversial figure, especially during his latter years, Cela has never been afraid to experiment with his stories The Hive, his masterpiece, introduces the reader to Spain during Franco s regime, to a world rendered with uncanny precision There are no heroes, no villains, nothing extraordinary happening It s just life, and the realism, the mundane is shockingly powerful in this novel.There are 296 imaginary characters and 50 real characters in this novel, their stories interlocked through a series of vignettes The power of his novel is offered by the inexorable truth of life just happening people try to live their lives, to obtain what they desire most, and somewhere below this surface is the poignant message that Cela truly wished to deliver life under a dictatorship tends to reach a certain quixotic nature.The Hive is funny, sad, tragic, romantic, and violent The Hive tells the story of an entire array of unique characters, all of them struggling to find their meaning in a world filled with others doing the same. I love this book so much I ve read it three times I bought it by chance, as I was looking for quality Spanish prose in order to improve my knowledge of the language, and it was recommended to me It was just what I was looking for lovely classic prose, with a large serving of colloquial speech But it s than that, it takes you back into the world of post Civil War Madrid, with the fascists in power, and the outcome of WWII still uncertain But it s the world of ordinary Madriders that is explored here, from rural paupers who have moved to the big city in hope of making a living if not a life for themselves, to the moneyed haves who are empowered to prey upon them All observed from that central institution of the eponymous Hive, a caf run by a fearsome queen bee A caf through which all and sundry must pass at some time or another in Spain, regardless of what is happening in the wider world As such it is an important social document, a historical record by a seasoned people watcher but it is also a fascinating tale, as the multiple personal stories are pursued on their complex paths, sometimes tragic, sometimes comic A thousand individual dreams and aspirations, that together make up the mass of humanity that is every city. Community of bees and city of humans can there be anything in common The morning unfolds slowly it creeps like a caterpillar over the hearts of the men and women in the city it beats, almost caressingly, against the newly wakened eyes, eyes which never once discover new horizons, new landscapes, new settings And yet, this morning, this eternally repeated morning, has its little game changing the face of the city, of that tomb, that greased pole, that hive The city is the hive where its dwellers swarm similar to bees trying to survive, succeed, prosper The city is the tomb where its denizens suffocate helplessly trying to escape Brutal poverty and celestial poetry, pure love and scabrous lechery, crepuscular wishes and fiery desires the contrasts reign over human minds This is life Martin walks down the long lanes of the cemetery Sitting at the door of the chapel, the priest is immersed in a Wild West story The sparrows are chirping in the mild December sun, they hop from one cross to the next and swing on the bare branches of the trees A very young girl rides a bicycle down a path in her immature voice she sings a gay song hit Everything else is gentle silence, welcome silence Martin has an ineffable sense of well being.The human hive is overwhelmed with the anguish and hopes of the living And the anguish is thick like honey and hopes are sweet La Estructura Externa Est Compuesta De Seis Cap Tulos Y Un Ep Logo Cada Cap Tulo Consta De Un N Mero Variable De Secuencias De Corta Extensi N, Que Desarrollan Episodios Que Est N Mezclados Con Otros Que Ocurren Simult Neamente De Esta Manera El Argumento Se Rompe En Multitud De Peque As An Cdotas Lo Importante Es La Suma De Las Mismas, Que Conforma Un Conjunto De Vidas Cruzadas, Como Las Celdas De Una ColmenaEl Marco Espacio Temporal Es Muy Preciso Madrid En Unos D As Del A O , En Plena Posguerra La Historia Se Basa En Un Espacio Novelesco Reducido Pero Con Bastantes Personajes Que Intervienen Poco En El Transcurso De La Obra Y Dan Una Visi N Social Coral De Entre Los Trescientos Personajes Que Aparecen, Escasean Tanto Los De Las Clases M S Acomodadas Como Los De La Clase Obrera Y Sectores Marginados, Predominando La Clase Media Baja, La Peque A Burgues A Venida A Menos, Cuyas Ilusiones Y Proyectos De Futuro Son Enga Osos Y Cuyas Miradas Jam S Descubren Horizontes Nuevos , En Una Vida Relatada Como Una Ma Ana Eternamente Repetida La Novela Aparece Como Primera Parte De Una Serie Que Hab A De Llevar El T Tulo De Caminos InciertosLa Voluntad De Reflejar Con Exactitud La Realidad No Supone La Absoluta Neutralidad Del Autor, Que Interviene De Dos Formas Contradictorias En La Mayor A De Los Casos Utiliza La T Cnica Objetivista, Es Decir, Se Limita A Mostrar, A Describir Desde Fuera, Sin Penetrar En El Interior De Los Personajes Otras Veces, Sin Embargo, Adopta Una Actitud Omnisciente Y Comenta Con Iron A Las Actitudes De Los Personajes