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A colorful portrait of the 1950s cheesecake model includes her popularity as a pinup girl her arrest for attempted murder and her commitment to a mental hospital Reissue A New Line Cinema film releasing March 2006 directed by Mary Harron starring Gretchen Mol Lili Taylor Biography

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    A well written biography I didn't know much about Bettie Page before reading A very smart young woman who I would have loved to have known She was unaware of her stardom until well after the pin up era Used and abused She started fresh after her 5 years modelling she found god and went schizophrenic turning into a recluse and getting mixed up in violence towards others I have a lot of respect for Bettie Page I love you Bettie

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    What a sad life For a lady who appeared to be so confident and comfortable her own inner demons completely destroyed her She also stabbed some people with a bread knife and spent years in mental institutions which is a sharp contrast to the mythos that she simply faded from the limelight to avoid damaging the illusion for her fans that she is eternally 20 years old Who knows what the truth about her life is really This entire book is based on a six or seven page letter Bettie Page wrote to the author I think Mr Foster has a pretty vivid imagination However the book is an interesting view into the repressive culture of the 50's and the history of women

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    So very sad My husband got this book from a donation made to his school and I had to read it out of curiosity It was a super easy read like reading a paperback version of People But in the end it was a very sad story and to me an interesting commentary on mental health and the way we have viewed it in this country

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    This was one of the most interesting biographies I have ever readall be it only one of maybe 5 I loved peering into the life of someone I have never known but wish I did and sometimes feel that I do

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    This book is based on a life that most would find very interesting I myself find Bettie to be a very interesting person However the way this book is written makes it very hard to focus let alone remember what it is you're reading about

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    It's fascinating; like many Bettie drew me in Now some of the mystery is dispelled Why not stars? Well this is an older book that I think contains healthy doses of speculation It also has a disjointed feeling when reading at times

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    This was a woman who wasn’t afraid to show and use her sexual power She had fun and was proud of what she was doing when she was doing it Unfortunately in the end her demons were stronger than her I couldn’t finish the read No need to ruin the fantasy

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    It was crazy to read about how Bettie Page actually was in life I wasn't prepared for some of the content that Foster delivered Truly a great read

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    Just enough information to keep me reading but so poorly written I cringed uite a bit and sensationalized to the point that I checked to see if this guy ended up writing for the tabloids If I could go back in time I'd leave it at the thrift store

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    Wow I've always been a Bettie Fan but little did I know Even through it's not authorized it reads like it was The authors research seems extensive and results in What must be the most accurate portrayal at the time of publishing