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Somewhere there is a place for me There are people who understand me and can explain the mysteries of my pastI have traveled far in search of this placeBut instead of knowledge or understanding I have found only danger hostility and fear

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    Surprisingly I enjoyed this volume of the Wicca Sweep series a lot than I thought I would Alisa narrates this volume and is a fairly new character introduced only a few books ago yet I welcomed the change of perspectiveAlthough this is not the most action packed book of the series I really enjoyed taking a step back and going along of a personal discovery route much like the earlier books in the series that were some of my favourites The focus on Alisa's history and background and her newly discovered family were wonderful for me I got to enjoy her awakening to witchcraft much in the style of Morgan's awakening in previous books The self discovery aspect is something I really enjoySurprisingly I even got uite emotional at the end of this book and had a few tears in my eyes Maybe I was just tired I'm not sure but either way it got me than I expected it would For that I really enjoyed this and I'm dying to get onto book 14

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    this book was a side storyline from the main characters and personally I don't enjoy those as much Morgan and Hunter were barely in the book at all Alisa was the focus of this installment and we got to learn about her family It was a good story but with only two books left in the series I had hoped to have about Morgan and Hunter

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    Yasss this series manI disliked Alisa at first in this series but having this book through her perspective was awesome way better than the book through Hunter's perspective I love how all the stories are interwoven and I am exited to see how this series ends but dreading on finishing it and not having to read

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    Actual rating 25Another boring read I'm glad there's only two books left in the series

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    Read in 2004Read in 2015Read in 20172017 Review LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS BOOK TO DEATHAnother 5 star book I'm glad to see that 2015 me also agreed with that rating This book was a full blown Alisa Soto book and I absolutely loved it I read it front to back in two sessions this evening with only a half hour break in between that's how good it wasThis book is the origin story of Alisa in effect It's like when Morgan went off in pursuit of her own explorations into her past and found her mothers tools It's a great read and really makes you like Alisa all the This book is so rich in emotion So rich in character exploration romance discovery It's a pure joy to readSPOILERSAs usual here comes a massive summary followed by my thoughtsThe book begins with a prologue of Oona Alisa's great grand mother X5 going nuts and hexing Mairin her daughter which starts the whole telekinetic thing in the family First born females we find out laterWe have talks of ghosts in the journal Then the book begins with Alisa deciding to pursue her uncle Sam Curtis She emails him Receiving a reply from Charlie she tells Mary KWe have mermaid dreams and we have Sam email her back with his contact infoDuring a circle Alisa causes the pipes and everything to spew water Alisa tells Morgan she is telekinetic Alisa sense Morgan and Hunter cast their senses at her for the first time Later at home Alisa gets angry with Hillary for packing her things up She yells hurtful things and runs away at night She ends up seeing Morgan's car Alisa's got 6 cash and 300 in the bank Morgan gives her 12 puts a watch sigil on her and drops Alisa off at the bus stop Alisa arrives in Boston 3am Eventually she makes it to New York Sunday morningShe calls her dad tells him she's going to see her mothers family Her dad didn't even know that Sarah had a brother Sam In Gloucester Massachusetts the cab driver refuses to charge AlisaWhen Alisa meets her Uncle Sam he's 40's gay she can tell from the books and he says so Then we have a journal of Mairin's BOS going missing etc Sam had cast a spell which made the storm that killed sailors This is what caused Sarah Curtis among other things like her telekinesis to strip her own powers and run away Sarah also almost killed Sam during an argument in which a table and charges slammed into him telekinetically by accident and sent him down the stairs He could have diedSarah died in 1991 when Alisa was just 4 years old Alisa meets Evelyn Ruth Brigid A branch almost hits Sam but Alisa warns him There are fears this is Oona's ghostEvelyn is her grandmother but doesn't seem happy to meet her Brigid could have been killed Charlie saved her I forget the detailsAt a Diner with Brigid to escape Sam and Evelyn who were talking because Evelyn wasn't happy about Alisa being there Brigid introduces Charlie Brigid assumes Alisa has no power Awkward comments abound Brigid leaves and Alisa stays with Charlie She spills and tells him of her powers and hunters house flood Charlie tells her about how he made himself naked at 13 with a spell by accident She tells him of the Tath Meanma Brach with Hunter et al Evelyn has been ignoring Alisa Ruth gets injured and an arm broken Evelyn blames AlisaAlisa calls Morgan then Charlie calls Alisa They plan a day together the next day and find the library at Evelyn's house In it she discovers Mairin's book of shadows and they even kiss Brigid shows up and Charlie has to explain things but he does so after Alisa leavesAlisa gets attacked by Oona's ghost She deflects some dishes remarkably Tells Sam she has powers He is surprised They scry she sees a box of purpleIn Salem she tells Sam she ran away and all about the dark wave everythingShe calls Hillary then Hunter the former at Sam's silent insistenceHunter suggests first born females are telekinetic It explains everything It means Evelyn is also This explains the ghost There isn't one We then meet Charlie's father Alisa saves Charlie himself from fire by instinctively powerfully telekinetically hurling a cauldron of water Alisa had stolen Mairin's book of shadows and spilled water on it revealing hidden writing She bikes to Evelyn's leaves the book there and Evelyn has her visit They do a Tath Meanma and Evelyn learns the truth She now has a respect for Alisa realizing everythingSorcha in the chapter journals is Sarah There's no ghost Oona cast a hex on the family the commit suicide The purple cloth she scryed was her mothers tools calling to her Evelyn gives them to her Alisa draws her first circle Alisa and Brigid talk and Brigid says she doesn't like what happened but thanks her for saving CharlieCharlie it turns out broke up with Brigid He's fallen for Alisa Charlie and Alisa go to Hammond Castle and Norman's Woe the power sink and do a memory spell It's beautiful A happy memory of her mother when Alisa was 3 Alisa calls hunter Calls Charlie The story wraps up happily with Alisa having Hunter come get her he insists And while on the phone with Charlie he tells her he's fallen for her and it's wonderful Alisa who has been so lonely so very single and wishing to find a boy to share her life with has finally found one it seemsTHOUGHTS IN BRIEFI really like this book The writing has been taken to new higher levels There's almost no repetitive stuff now which is great The journals are actually typed into these Ebooks now rather than image files It makes for much uicker reading I probably shaved off half hour just because of thatIn reading this book all I want to do now is learn about Alisa I've almost all but forgotten about Morgan now The series is about Alisa What will happen I really can't even remember at this point 15 books is a lot of books and plots to remember after all even if this is my third time through the series It's almost like experiencing thing for the first time though they're predictable because I've read themThe book is so much stronger in character development than previous ones book 12 excluded as it was amazing also Alisa feels so real Her thoughts and feelings and experiences they all come alive in print The romance is even written far better than in the other books This book has clearly benefited from a maturing practiced authorial handThe scene with Hillary was incredibly dramatic The argument The running away Perfectly written Raw Emotive True Kids do this Kids run away Kids freak out and say hurtful things and run away This book is so full of expressive expansive moments like this I just loved it My eyes watered in response to what Alisa was going through I felt so bad for herAnother watering moment was when Evelyn did tath meanma When they linked minds and Evelyn finally accepted Alisa it was happy watery eye moment all the way The library scene where she kisses Charlie is so perfect So real It's just like how these things happen So sudden So passionate So unexpected yet so welcome Then the embarrassment and the realization of what they've done and how it'll affect Brigid But I don't feel too bad for Brigid She seems a bit of a dolt Nice But dolty and a tad snobby about her magickI would love to write about it but I'd just be rambling about how great it is at this point Read it 2015 reviewThis is definitely one of the better later books While i was very disappointed that Morgan who the entire series seemed about was not in this I uite enjoyed the character development of Alisa Soto In a way it harkens back to the beginning of the series with Alisa like Morgan discovering she is a Blood witch It is sad we don't see any Morgan development I know or suspect why the author did this as I have read the series before but it still comes as a big shock to switch character focuses after so many books being about just Morgan then to have the later ones about Alisa But for this series this was a 5 star for what it is It was interesting seeing her origin story her growth into her powers and her reconnecting with family she hadn't known of It was also interesting to see her teenage blowup I remember being a teenager These books really ring true of life in ones mid to late teens and the emotional turmoil one goes through

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    I'm glad that we finally get to know Alise we following her in this book On her journey to accept herself as an half witch with incredible powers and how she's going to get her grandmother to accept her into the family she never got to know Her mother was a witch that stripped herself from her powers and later died when Alise was 3ish years old and there for she never got to know her mom's family

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    Finally We finally hear Alisa’s story We meet Alisa’s family and everything comes full circle for her I love the side stories just as much as I do reading about Morgan It keeps the series from becoming too monotonous I can’t believe there’s only two books left Whatever will I do?

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    PlotIf any of the books before Reckoning could be considered filler books they must now bow down to the actual filler book In all honesty Reckoning is a book that is almost completely useless to the series In actuality the series is over They’ve defeated Ciaran and know of a way to combat the dark waves Hunter found his parents Everything’s done What’s left is going to be a bunch of what seems like personal drama This book focuses on Alicia for some odd reason She wasn’t really even a side character until a few books ago Alisa heads out to visit her mother’s side of the family and they of course have some strange problem of their own I will admit that I thought the “poltergeist” storyline was interesting It takes forever and a year to actually get to it but it takes a few things from earlier books and wraps them up nicely Writing Reckoning is from exclusively from Alisa’s POV this time She’s less of a dull narrator than Morgan but there’s still times where the text borders on completely boring and absolutely boring I will admit that you can tell the differences in Morgan’s and Alisa’s voices; thank goodness for small blessing I will also say that there was actually a plot twist that I did not see coming and I was uite happy with it Besides that one thing everything else was just as cliché as with Morgan I could tell what was going to happen when the one boy in the entire book showed up Alisa would be attracted to him etc CharactersI can’t say that I really liked Alisa She’s got reasons to be an angry teenager sure enough but the way she took her anger out on people made me dislike her As the book progresses I don’t really feel one way or the other about here She’s just there I don’t dislike her as much as I did in the beginning of the book but I can’t say I like her either The rest of the characters especially the adults that knew of Alisa’s situation were very strange She literally ran away from home to another state to stay with a bunch of strangers and everybody is okay with that Her own father just gives up and lets her go because apparently she “isn’t going to back down” or something that no loving father would say Things I LikedI liked how Tiernan brought earlier elements from the story and incorporated them into this book I honestly hadn’t seen a thing coming and was pleasantly surprised Things I Didn't LikeThere was insta love in this installation I’m fine with reading about people who are immediately attracted to each other but not instant love It just doesn’t happen magick or not Love takes time and isn’t really a feeling that is just suddenly there Crushes infatuation lust; all those things can happen in an instant but apparently not in the Sweep series Nope only love even though these people don’t even know the first things about each other Another thing I don’t like is all of these age gapes between these young girls and older guys First it was with Mary K and Bakker and now with fifteen year old freshman Alisa and nearly eighteen year old college freshman Charlie Yes in both cases they’re all still teenagers but there’s such a big developmental difference between freshmansophos and juniorsseniors It’s really really creepy DiversityAlisa is half Latina As Latina is not a race but an ethnicity I assume her race is actually Mestiza So far Alisa is the only confirmed non white character with relevance to the plot in the span of thirteen books of a fifteen part series Very poor diversity indeed OverallIf you didn’t care for Alisa before you can just skip this book It absolutely is a filler book Nothing new is learned in Reckoning and I’m sure that Morgan will give a full recap in the next book Full Circle The plot was mildly interesting but the characters didn’t hold any of my interest It was a uicker read to me than the other books and it was slightly better Here is a link to my notes

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    Kat Mandu saysThis is another one in the Sweep series narrated by Alisa as she ventures to her deceased mother’s homeland to discover the truth about her mother’s family death and powersI sincerely do not want to give this book three stars just because I can’t stand the character who narrates it but she is too much I don’t know a single fourteen year old with the rationality or lack thereof that Alisa has Runaway? Sure I guess that’s normal for kids who are going through rough times But explaining to your dad why you ran away like Alisa does? I’m sorry but my parents would have said “I’m coming to get you no matter what and telling me you’re a silly little girl who can’t fess up to her problems is not an excuse” Seriously I know nine year olds who are mature than this girlI was hoping Evelyn would freak out after discovering that Alisa and Charlie were down in her private library Because they freaking BROKE IN WITHOUT PERMISSION I don’t know about you but if I were the strange woman whose house study and life so to speak were broken into I think I’d be a little ticked offGolly I do not remember being so angsty when I was fourteen Everything is so dramatic with Alisa She cries eighty billion times We get it you’re overwhelmed But damn do you have to moan and groan about EVERYTHING? I thought Alisa and Hilary were getting along in the last book but that totally changes in this one And then there’s the Charlie thing and before that “oh I’m lonely single Alisa” I feel like the romance is forced in this one just so Alisa has one less thing to bitch about I just can’t relate to her like I did with MorganThe story itself isn’t bad – I love the Book of Shadow entries especially I would have liked to have seen some magic but there is a lot to take in as the story unfolds The descriptions are nice and vivid; everything is very easy to visualizePoor Morgan and Hunter in the beginning having to deal with Alisa in a way that makes them seem like parents I like how Morgan can accept and understand Alisa’s longing to discover about her past and that she relates to Alisa’s innocent mind when it comes to the discovery of her powersI did like the mermaid idea and how it led to Alisa’s discovery of her mother’s athame and other witch tools The idea that everything in life has its own destiny and path is expressed continuously in this series and it’s fascinating to watch it unfoldStill I can only manage to give this a three rating

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    When I began to read this book it was not that interesting because it was not Morgan narrating the story but as I got deeper in the story it turned out that Alisa does really have a strong voice although I have to say I preferred the part when Alisa was in Gloucester rather than in Widow's ValeAnyways all and all I think this book was written pretty well and had many interesting aspects to itI am looking forward to reading the next book