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Pure Love StripYuuko Is In Her Third Year In Junior High Freshman In High School In US She Is A Glasses Wearingfour Eyed Nerd She S Suddenly Getting Tutoring From Perfect Ryuunosuke Kun, But That Is Not The Only Thing That Yuuko Is Getting Tutoring ForYuuko S Dangerous Summer Hoilday Is About To Begin Doting Love StripThe Continuing Story After Pure Love Strip After Their First Time He Has Started Wanting It Every Day Lavish Love StripThe Continuing Story After Pure Love Strip And Doting Love Strip Perhaps The Smuttiest Installment So Far Yagami Is Tutoring Yuuko So That They Can Be In The Same High School But Is His Need For A Wild Sex Life Going To Interfere With Yuuko S Studies

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    Disappointing is all this was.While I like the witty parts of their relationship and some of Yagami s statements are extremely funny, there weren t many positive plot elements to it The art itself was mediocre and bland, I didn t really like it The , I have some major issues with both protagonists Yagami is, in his entirety, extremely unpleasant to be around He is rude, manipulative and everything he does seems to be motivated by sex, be it tutoring his childhood friend or showing her around campus, his end goal is always clear, which bothered me a lot He also puts her virginity on such a high moral stand, it s just cringey and makes me uncomfortable Their relationship is abusive and it often comes close to sexual abuse It feels very forced and rushed, and she perfectly fills her role as the submissive naive girl.The , the classroom scene in which he lewdly touched her was absolutely unacceptable

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    Para qu mentir La mayor a de las obras de Mayu Shinjo me parecen una porquer a sin pies ni cabeza, una perorata machista violenta que les hace creer a las chicas v rgenes evidente target de sus mangas que mientras m s les pegue y las maltrate su novio, m s las quiere Bueno, este es una excepci n entre toda su mierda, ya que se trata de un manga gracioso y entretenido en el que al menos hasta donde yo recuerdo , en ning n momento le pegan o hacen sentir inferior a una chica s lo por su sexo Si me obligaran bajo punta de pistola a releer alg n manga de Mayu Shinjo, seguro ser a este.

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    This was decent for what it was a thinly disguised erotic manga There isn t much to the plot in this series, so if you re looking for detailed plot lines like in Ai Ore or Kaikan Phrase, you ll be disappointed This is sort of the epitome of the glad it was free manga that I read online As always, Shinjo does a wonderful job with her art but the story here just is lacking Since this was done during the time period where she was being used and abused by her former publishers, this was probably less the result of Shinjo s creative output and the result of her publisher trying to get her to mass produce Kaikan Phrase esque works.

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    Um, kinda sex crazed The entire manga Just the whole I ll help you if I get your body and all that Real original by the way Michelle says sarcastically.I didn t really think any of the characters were memorable either or anything The plot was done before and yeah I dunno why, this manga depressed meAnyway, 2 stars for not amazing me or anything

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    If there was a half star, I would give it 2 and a half stars It was OK, some funny moments, some romantic, espesially when he was whispering in her ear in english Other things, like she got acceptes, because he got on the posterreally pissed me, was she THAT stupid or what

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    ciri kas Mayu Shinjo.

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    3 stars bc funniest shitd dude hell rude tho but like llololololololololollol augh your..your breasts and then she scream af should have hit him thowould ve been funnier

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    what the heck

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    Hola Criaturas Cu nto tiempo hac a que no os tra a un nuevo libro Ayer le Amor al desnudo de Mayu Shinjo y me encant , es un manga distinto a los que he le do hasta ahora Este sigue manteniendo aires de romance pero subimos a un nivel m s picante, ya que tiene un mayor contenido er tico.Este manga contiene las siguientes historias Amor al Desnudo Amor Loco Amor Bueno Flor Venenosa.Para mi sorpresa, me han gustado todas las hitorias pero especialmente, las tres primeras.Este manga con toques de humor, amor y erotismo es perfecto para distraeros un rato y sumergiros en una lectura r pida y entretenida Os lo recomiendo D

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    Art was bad enough and it was rather too forced