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Wow, this wasdifferent Very different.The artwork, no matter what you think about the book itself, it absolutely gorgeous It s shoujo to the max and so well done, with fine lines and a tone of sparkles.Anyway, to the story Kitty Pryde is about to start attending Xavier s School For Gifted Youngsters, but she s also the only girl there Bet you can t see where this is going, huh It s sort of X Men meets Host Club She s adopted by a group of the most popular boys, who basically do anything they want in the school They re all gorgeous, and can flaunt the rules to do outrageous things And somewhere in the story, there s some mutant vs human drama, but that s not important.The problem with the story is that it can t decide whether it s going to have an actual storyline, or whether it would rather have pretty sparkling fluff with hot boys who happen to have superpowers, and the end result is that it feels shallow and not engaging For those who like it, I would recommend the Host Club manga series unlike this, it can merge humor, fluff, and a story together well Also unlike this, it didn t get canceled after one volume. I never thought I d read pick this up Not because I m a X men purist or enthusiast the opposite really, I m rather indifferent to 95% of the Marvel universe s inhabitants , but because it just never made me Need have now It s pretty and I really like the artwork and I ve been a fan of Dave Roman s since Jax Epoch Flannel Sorceress, you know you want to read it now , but I have already so much I collect that I thought I d let it go until I had extra money.Oh well I make mistakes sometimes.Prompted by an urge to pick up Deader Still by Anton Strout, for him to sign at the upcoming Brooklyn Book Festival this weekend, I had a little time left over and decided to read a graphic novel or two But I ve caught up on all my series yes I spend that much time in the bookstore so I browsed and came upon Misfits Kitty Pryde is a character that I like only sometimes not in the movies, but in X Men Evolution and Wolverine the X Men I like her a lot In the comicsmeh.This is definitely a shoujo lover s dream reasonably attractive girl gets sent smack into the middle of a special school filled with ultra hot guys who fight to gain her attention They fight often too I wouldn t say that Kitty doesn t have some redeeming qualities she is smart, loyal, a good person who believes in helping people, but I think that if she had been transferred into a school with a even ratio of girls to guys, she wouldn t have been latched upon so quickly.Her admirers include Pyro, Angel, Forge, Quicksilver, Havok and Nightcrawler, with appearances from Gambit, Cyclops, and Iceman To be fair, really only Pyro and Angel make any sort of serious play for her with Pyro by far leading that charge , everyone else has varying degrees of friendship interest Except maybe Iceman But he plays things very close to the chest.The shoujo re imaginings of some of my favorite X men and not so favorite was interesting to say the least Um Xavier walks Magneto isamusing then menacing Storm is rocking a mohawk so anyone who remembers Storm from the 90 s X Men episodes in the future Yeah that s her , Jean is a professor but currently off looking for people to recruit, Cyclops is a STUDENT I liked how a lot of the re done character traits became shoujo hero like I think the fit was pretty good for the most part I m not as keen on Iceman s re imagining, because I don t remember him being soaloof and isolationist in the comics, but I ll forgive them They had Gambit And he was hot And he cooked I can t ask for nothing.Closer to the end Roman and Telgemeier work in a serious conflict, slowly percolating a romance that develops between Kitty and one of the other guys and then channeling that into the conflict at the end There isn t a lot of outside intrusion, since the story is set at the Xavier Institute, but when there is it goesBLAMMY Also some of the comic elements made a crossover Cyclops and Havok being brothers for instance, Havok s wonky sudden power surge, Magneto s fanaticism in regards to Mutant Rights and Xavier s Pacifist approach, Magneto s Hellfire Club though in this its of an elite clique at the school.I thoroughly enjoyed Misfits A lot I want an art print of Gambit now Please Anyway back on topic the end gives us a brief summary of what volume 2 will be like in light of some of thechanges at the end of volume 1 More girls please please please Rogue Please Pretty please And Jubilee Pretty pretty please , drama and angst abounds in volume 2with no actual tentative due date Ah well I ll be in line for it anyway I ve been an X Men fan since the early 80 s Although I stopped buying the books on a regular basis since the late 90 s, I m still very familiar with most of the characters I ve never really had a problem with how these characters get modified and changed when translated to other mediums ie animated cartoons, movies, etc so I wasn t bothered by any of the changes here for example, Jean Grey is a teacher at the school, whereas Scott Cyclops is a teen student return return What made this book not as enjoyable as I would have expected is the very large cast of characters used throughout It quickly got distracting and confusing trying to remember who was who Having Kitty as the main focus was great and probably the best way to pull in the target audience but all the peripheral drama became distracting return return I m going to let the book sit for a while and re read it again once enough time has passed at least until the release of the 2nd book Perhaps a 2nd read and a discussion about the book with my 12yr old daughter might give me a clearer picture or base of understanding why it didn t appeal to me as much as I expected. It s great that the X Men franchise has made its way into the manga world again after a brief brush in Wolverine Logan However, seeing it re packaged in such a cheap fashion leaves a sour taste in the mouth.Granted, re making any story from popular source material is a difficult task, especially when it s re tooling an action drama like X Men into a shojo drama No one can expect to get there without bumps along the way, but this X misses the spot X Men Misfits tells the story of the pre Wolverine X Men plot from Kitty Pryde s perspective What compelled me to read the manga in the first place was the fact that the under appreciated Kitty Pryde was at the center of the story, as opposed to popular characters like Wolverine or Professor Xavier Of course, other, notable characters like Iceman, Cyclops and Pyro make an appearance, but they are nothing than generic girly boys who are indistinguishable from one another Heck, I m a comic book buff and still couldn t recognize some of the side characters because they look just like Forge or Gambit or was that Gambit It doesn t help that they are shojofied with Ouran High School Host Club style uniforms, with the personalities to match As it is, they remain in a perpetual one dimensional purgatory of blandness.Though the manga was meant to be light and fluffy, the lighter toned story doesn t suit the X Men universe Recalling the original storyline of X Men, racism is the main theme Allegorically, mutants are treated as ethnic minorities and humans are seen as the privileged Caucasian While this underlining theme was given some token lip service, the struggle between humanity and mutants just doesn t come off as believable here Given this general environment of oppression, one would expect Kitty to be confused and perhaps angst ridden Her struggle with being herself and saying what s on her mind could have gone beyond a tiny square of text in a corner Alas, those ideas are dashed as soon as any given pretty boy jumps into the picture As much as I want to say that I appreciate Anzu s attempt at illustrating this new story, the end result is utterly incomprehensible For all the various skin tones, all of the boys look the same and the layout of certain pages throws off the flow of several scenes Beyond that, the backgrounds can get so busy that readers have to play Find Kitty while still needing to figure out whether the pretty boy next to her is Angel or Iceman.Good news, though The artwork is on the same level as the story telling Who needs top notch artwork when the story sucks The story is written by the husband wife team of Dave Roman and the distinguished Raina Telgemeier, who is perhaps best known for her work on the comic adaptations of The Babysitters Club This previous work, jokes aside, managed to capture the agony and joy of the loves and friendships that teenagers go through Surprisingly, Telgemeier could not transition her experiences of writing for angsty adolescents into manga, ironically the format of choice for angsty adolescents As a matter of fact, there were many things done by the characters that caused me to roll my eyes in incredulity Okay, we know that Kitty wants to fit in who doesn t but is it necessary to make her so reserved when she s got a million and one questions Don t teenagers shoot their mouths off when they get the urge I know I did They sass back, resort to violence to reclaim some sort of emotional or mental semblance, and get F s in math Here however, Kitty internalizes everything without unleashing it in the usual teenage ways Instead of lashing out whenever she gets angry, she just crosses her arms and huffs and puffs It feels like some idealized portrait of a teenager than the actual reality of a teenager Compound this with the whole idea that this is a world of people with literally world shaking powers and the mind boggles even further Just why is everyone so darn nice to each other here But there is another bright side to all of this X Men Misfits is a short read As sour as the taste it leaves, any of this misfit manga s residue won t stick for long on your mind Better yet, save yourself the trouble This cross marketing gimmick is one size fits none. THE X MEN GET A RADICAL NEW REMIX IN A STORY ABOUT TEEN ANGST, FIRST LOVE, AND WHAT IT S LIKE TO BE ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING INHigh School Student Kitty Pryde Has Always Been The Odd Girl Out A Mutant, She Was Born With Strange Superpowers, Magical Talents That Make Her The Class Freak But Kitty S World Is Changed When She S Invited To Study At Professor Xavier S School For Gifted Youngsters, A Special Home For Mutant Teens There S Just One Catch Kitty S The Only Girl At The All Boy School, And She Ends Up Just Feeling Like A Freak All Over AgainThen Kitty Meets Pyro And The Ultra Hot Bad Boys Of The Hellfire Club They Re The School S Elite Handsome, Rich, And Totally Above The Rules Now Kitty Seems To Have It All A Dreamy Boyfriend, Super Cool Friends, And The Chance To Develop Her Extraordinary Talents But Why Is Her Heart Telling Her That Something Is Wrong Will Kitty Ever Find The Place Where She Belongs, Or Is She Doomed To Be A Misfit Forever Well, I m not surprised that volume 2 never made it to the shelves.I was pretty excited about this growing up, X Men was my favorite We watched the cartoon constantly, I had a couple of the comic books, and tons of other X Men related things like video games, trading cards, toys, posters, etc I haven t stayed with it as I grew older, but X Men will always be a pinnacle of my life, so I was excited to read this.But for X Men fans it s extremely annoying.I never was a big fan of Shadowcat I didn t hate her, she was just kind of there But putting her in this storyline was super obnoxious There were a lot of things I had an issue with First, this story is taking place in the present with cell phones and Nintendo Wiis yet Professor X still is walking and Magneto is a good guy I know at one point, he sort of became a good guy again, but I believe it was Kitty herself who made him change his ways after he almost killed her so they sort of tossed that storyline to the wayside Scott is a STUDENT at the school are you KIDDING me and Sabertooth is A SLAVE TO ANGEL What the bloody hell Now, I m fine with certain storylines being tweaked but this this is just a tad ridiculous.Second, the fact that Kitty is the ONLY girl at the school is ridiculous Had this been set in an earlier time period, I could totally dig and understand that But set in the 21st century, it s absurd.There were a couple things I liked Storm looked like a bad ass and Nightcrawler was sexy The only reason I m not giving this a one star rating is because even though I was annoyed by all the changes and stupid things, I wasn t miserable while reading it It kept my interest, but to this long time X Men fan, I just can t dig the changes. I m a huge long time fan of both X Men and shojo manga, so I was extremely excited when I heard this book was coming out I knew from the recent Wolverine manga that it would be a reimagining, so I wanted to go into it and not dwell too much on thoughts like, He wouldn t act like this or This is so wrong But I didn t even have those thoughts when I read this one It was remarkable how most of the characters seemed true to their mainstream selves to a point the changes that were evident were still really interesting and not too out of left field I m a bit worried that one classic couple won t end up together due to an age difference , but they re not together in the comics any, either And then there s Kitty and her classic comic love Not happening here My jaw kind of dropped when I saw him in his new form, btw The art was beautiful, unlike a lot of OEL manga I ve read Which usually have great stories but the manga art seems a little off And the art inside matched the gorgeous cover Shojo fans who don t even know about the X Men will like this and I think X Men fans who are willing to read it with an open mind may like it, too Like one of the authors said his sister kind of said, X Men has always been full of bishounen to me bout time someone treated the story that way I can t wait for the next volume I want to see what other X Men are joining the school. A couple of years ago I read Ender s Game, and it almost ruined the X Men for me I saw a lot of parallels between the way the adults in EG were training the kids and Xavier s Danger Room, and it left a bad taste in my mouth As much as I still loved the idea of a school filled with mutants learning to use their powers, molding them into superheroes didn t hold any interest for me Which is why I m glad I read this There isn t anything new in terms of the base story Kitty Pryde learns she has mutant powers and goes to Xavier s , but instead of being a superhero story it recasts everything as high school drama with interpersonal conflict between the students An interesting twist, and one that would have resulted in a much higher rating if I didn t absolutely hate the artwork I get that they were trying to go for a Japanese influenced story to appeal to the kids who don t read comics but do read manga, but it was just horrible, with Henry McCoy ending up looking like a giant ball of fur and Kitty suddenly gaining giant Pikachu ears whenever she got embarrassed. This is a retelling of the X Men starting with Kitty Pryde She comes to attend Xavier s School for Gifted Youngsters as the only girl in an all male class She is immediately adopted by the Hellfire Club as their mascot However the Hellfire club is mostly made up of Magneto fanboys who want nothing than to enslave humans and rule the world Kitty, being the nice girl she is, hangs out with them but feels like she doesn t quite fit in And although she is dating Pyro the hottest ha ha get it boy in school she can t help but be curious about the chilly Bobby Iceman who won t give her the time of day until she save his life on a school field trip.It was OK and I might read the rest of the the books just because I love X Men but there was one part that bugged me when one of the guys was rough housing with Kitty and she looked to her boyfriend and asked, aren t you going to do anything about this like she needed a defender Either Kitty finds the backbone that I know she has and soon or I find a new series to read. This is a lot of fun and what I guess would be called fanservice The X men have been turned into a shoujo manga by Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman It s a sweet story too I m not much into the X men but from what memory serves me, this story reimagines Kitty Prydes first semester at Xavier s School and introduces only a few other X men, with the climax being Xavier s crippling accident The book itself is from Del Rey s run at manga publishing, printed American style and the proposed series was cancelled due to Del Rey s abrupt closure of their manga printing house A cute shoujo for fans of the X men and a fun look at some early work by the authors who have both gone on to industry leading work in graphic novels.